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Congrats Chile!

Day 2,369, 17:40 Published in Canada Canada by Booleus

Slow clap for you guys.

Good job taking on a tiny nation with your cowardly sloths the eUS.

Both nations proving they are full on retards!



tword pete Day 2,369, 17:42

Comment deleted

BOUD1CCA Day 2,369, 19:02

That is not fat you see - that is US muscle \o/

Dopes Day 2,370, 05:19

She's skinny by yank standards.

Doggstar Day 2,370, 22:37

It's amazing how priorities change when the 2X influence bonus goes away.

At least the Americans (probably) have an IQ equivalent to room temperature. It's a mystery how the Chileans remember to breath every few seconds. They likely followed the US in an effort to locate their lunchbox and helmet.

Dopes Day 2,371, 13:35

I took their lunch and pooped in the helmet. Don't tell anyone! shhhhhh.

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