Competition - 43k cc for no reason! #5

Day 4,945, 09:57 Published in Lithuania Sweden by LufaniS

Hello and welcome to competition #5!

First of all I want to say Huge THANK YOU to our major supporter:

Also a big THANKS goes to these lads for their support:

LTPower, TomasDM, AG. trimafadzi, Lam4na, HeroZx, Klounas, riyo86, VIRUSXAS, Lietuvos didysis kunigaikstis, our lovely Boruzele, Edmundas123, Black.Hole., EuroBasket2011, wittyprakash, Untanelis and resetas1.

Since Klounas is very kind, he donated all his prize to our competition and now we have 43k cc! THANK YOU!
With all our supporters and Klounas donation, #5 competition winning prize is - 43k cc!

So now let's take a look who won "Competition - 31670 cc for no reason! #4"!

Total comments: 24
Total participants: 24
Lucky number is 10!

Competition "For no reason #4" WINNER is Klounas!


Competition - 43k cc for no reason! #5 Starts now!

On day 4948 I'll give random player 43k cc using browser extension tool that I've created for this competition.

- This article is totally for no reason.
- I just want to give one random player some 43k cc.
- Only one rule to comment anything bellow.

If you can - Endorse to increase our next competition grand prize!