Competition - 100k cc for no reason! #21

Day 5,070, 12:47 Published in Lithuania Sweden by LufaniS


first of all I want to say a big THANKS to all of you for your support and activity in this competition.

A huge THANK YOU goes to all our major supporters - o7.

Because all of you, #21 competition winning prize is 100k cc!
(Competition with Grand jackpot currently has 40% of it's total value!)

So now let's take a look who won Competition - for no reason #20!

Total comments: 82
Total contestants: 82
Lucky number is 39!

Competition "For no reason #20" WINNER is jennifersds!


Competition - for no reason #21 Starts now!

On the day 5075-5076 I'll run our random comment picker to see who will be the winner!

Each new newspaper subscriber will receive 1gold!
NOTE: please write down subscription number or make a screenshot and you'll receive 1gold. Easy as that! (currently 584)


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