Comintern's 1st General-Secretary

Day 1,386, 22:20 Published in Belgium Switzerland by Monsieur Guillontine

My dear comrades,

Today you have elected me as Comintern's 1st General-Secretary. It is with my great pleasure to proudly hold triumphantly our new golden sickle and hammer in union, symbolizing our great international effort to spread our feelings of true strength through communism!

Now... although our new Comintern is still quite young, I know this time it will be different. Our activity and unity must be secured before all else. And so, I feel that we are doing okay as of now.

As General-Secretary, I hope to accomplish a few goals:

Increase the activity of ALL members, not just party delegates

Create more awareness about our organization and cause to attract more party-members

Organize our international military unit

Elect a Secretary of Recruitment and a Secretary of Military

As you can all see, there are a lot of tasks we must complete before finishing all our plans. However, I do feel that with the current amount of loyal members in Comintern, we will be able to achieve so much!

If you are interested in getting your party involved with Comintern, feel free to check out our forum, IRC channel, #e-International, or simply contact me through a private message.

Workers of the World - Unite!

Yours Truly,
Monsieur Guillontine