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Coming in for a landing... one last time

Day 1,758, 18:56 Published in USA USA by Roper 70



EmperorZahradkaII Day 1,758, 18:58


GLHalJordan Day 1,758, 19:00


eShades Day 1,758, 19:01


Ignas2526 Day 1,758, 19:04


Ann Lali
Ann Lali Day 1,758, 19:06


Allan Lynch
Allan Lynch Day 1,758, 19:06

awesome officers! hope to see y'all on battlefield soon! o7

Synesi Day 1,758, 19:09

So what happens to all the soldiers formerly under your command?

Avruch Day 1,758, 19:09

Sorry to see this happen. I expressed my disagreement with some of the decisions recently with Defense leadership, and can only say that I wish things had been handled differently. Good luck to you all in whatever you do next.

Roper 70
Roper 70 Day 1,758, 19:14


Ivan.Ivan Day 1,758, 19:23


Reximus Day 1,758, 19:31


Henry William French
Henry William French Day 1,758, 19:35

Well I have now officially resigned with my fellow officers for the same reasons stated. o7

pop George
pop George Day 1,758, 19:49

very interesting, wish anyone interested in fair play the best, but why is it so hard to come by in the eUS?

Ignas2526 Day 1,758, 19:50

@Synesi: Well Air Force is part of eUSAF, we are no longer part of eUSAF, so I guess we cannot answer to that question. Ask someone who is in eUSAF.

Gunnar Posey
Gunnar Posey Day 1,758, 19:53

Good luck.

Avruch Day 1,758, 19:54

Anyone in the AIr Force needing assistance can get it from me, and Ultramarines will help with any short-term difficulties in finding supplies etc. until the government can get the MU straightened out tomorrow and over the next few days.

emdoublegee Day 1,758, 20:09

I will remain in Air Force for the time being to aid in the transition. I will miss all of the officers who have resigned, however I hope to maintain relationships with you all! Good luck in your future ventures my brothers, and godspeed.

weasel2 Day 1,758, 20:44

My hiatus is coming to an end and I see this. The officers I know and respect have resigned from the Air Force. VMA-214 for me I guess.

Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Day 1,758, 20:52


u r the best Commander Roper

Hope Solo
Hope Solo Day 1,758, 21:10

One last time, Aim High! For me, it was a real privilege serving under Air Force command. I own a great lengh to eShades, Roper, Daz, JB, unna and all the officer's team.

shiloh13 Day 1,758, 21:13


George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 1,758, 21:44

sorry to see this. it's never a good thing.
good luck, soldiers.

Cholan II
Cholan II Day 1,758, 21:47

good luck and o7

robi2202 Day 1,758, 21:48


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,758, 22:52

Good luck, shame to see so many good officers leave AF

snake dr
snake dr Day 1,758, 22:54

sorry to see this, we in the eUS Military know how you feel.

Aim High Brothers!

TTi09 Day 1,758, 23:31

WTF GUYS!!1!! o7

jadiv Day 1,758, 23:52

well hot damn, imagine that!

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,759, 01:44


All of You are more then welcome in oldest and former official USMilitary ! We know how to appreciate good virtues.


Gravitas1555 Day 1,759, 03:45

Thanks to each of you for the help and advice given in my short elife. Sad to see you go. Much respect, and Aim High. o7

Blacksheep Counselor
Blacksheep Counselor Day 1,759, 04:48

Respect for the hard decisions made.

Thanks for all you've done!


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,759, 05:19

I'm sorry to see this as well, many of those officers were the ones who signed me in... promoted me into higher ranks and made my way into Delta Force. To all of you officers who are resigning, I thank you for all the work you did and I hope we can still fight together for the eUSA. I'm more a politician but I always respected Air Force and will always do, the same way I respect the great work done with it.

As for how the AF soldiers will be lead, new officers are being named.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,759, 05:22

(cont.) A new Leadership is to be presented soon. Air Force is not forgotten by the Government.

To all of you, resigning officers, my best of wishes to you.

To the soldiers who remain in Air Force, let's keep Air Force standarts and keep it one of the best MUs in the eUSA!!


Oblige Day 1,759, 05:22

Good luck, I hope you all continue to AIM HIGH!


Quiet Crazy
Quiet Crazy Day 1,759, 05:25


City20 Day 1,759, 06:24

Well this is not a happy thing... Good luck to all of our officers that left Air Force...

★ Aim High ★

oboj Day 1,759, 07:02


Andy Dufresne
Andy Dufresne Day 1,759, 07:27

Come on over to the eUS Mil

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,759, 07:47

sad stuff : /
I hope you all get sorted out soon.

beerman616 Day 1,759, 08:11

Good luck from the eUS Marines!

Semper Fi!


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,759, 08:23

respect and support !!!

Semper Fi o7

Unbias Day 1,759, 09:58

Thanks for everything guys, you will be missed.

Blue Holt
Blue Holt Day 1,759, 10:17

Sound like fine soldiers. Shame you were forced to resign. Much respect, though.


Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,759, 10:39


xy2set Day 1,759, 11:28


thus the formation of another non-gov't MU based off disagreement of ideals... eUS Mil first, then the Cannon Cockers (sorta), and now Black Sheep?

xy2set Day 1,759, 11:30

But yea, USAF = drama

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 1,759, 12:45

It takes serious balls to stand up to the government like this. You all have my respect.


Tiacha Day 1,759, 17:11


Astraeus II
Astraeus II Day 1,759, 18:59


Tiamati Day 1,759, 20:13

You all have my respect x2


Open you own coffer and stop siphoning tax revenue from the National Guard. Ligtreb is probably spinning in his eGrave over what the USAF and then later the UM caused within the JCS through wanton greed (aka 'infrastructure budget' in the weekly pilfering)

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