Collected Works and Selected Quotations and Comments of Phoenix Quinn

Day 1,363, 11:14 Published in USA USA by Silas Soule

The Collected Works and Selected Comments of Phoenix Quinn, with Pictures

Great news! No more hunting around through back editions of Spectacular Times!
Here, collected in one place, are the links to all of (well, nearly all of.. I am quite late for lunch), to nearly all of the great works of eRepublik's resident cantankerous windbag and lecturer in Bogdanovianism: Phoenix Quinn! (Hey, that's me!)

Enjoy and -- as always -- use it only for good!

***** The Longer Discourses *****

On Revolution

Day 938: Analysis of Classes in eRepublik V2
Three mistaken ideas commonly arise amongst the peoples' revolutionaries in eRepublik. Genuine far-leftists are always on the lookout for these poisonous weeds.
The virtual-economic character of the imperialist-capitalist class and their lackey-ghouls leads them to engage in intense competition amongst themselves, generally organized into alliances of various types, which in turn plays out in never-ending attempts to attack and destroy each others' regions and nations, sometimes -- in true zombie fashion -- pushing beyond the limits of sportsmanlike conduct to achieve these ends.
This is not, at its root, due to a choice on their part. And in this sense the revolutionaries should take some pity on the poor zombies and ghosts.
The revolutionary perspective in eRepublik logically becomes a criticism of the game designers themselves -- and of the game itself -- for promoting and modeling capitalist boredom, exploitation, alienation and ideology in the interest of private profit.

Day 999: The Coming Insurrection
Work is a perfect clinical illustration of hysteria. We love while hating, we hate while loving. When the hysteric loses his victim -- in this case, his employer -- stupor and confusion set in. More often than not, it is a terminal condition.
And in this respect, e-work is simply a camera obscura for RL-work. E-work, in its warped reflection of RL-work, actually pushes this alienation from not-work even further. We are literally cogs in the e-machine. We have been assimilated. There is no alternative.
To organize beyond and against work, to collectively desert the work-ordered regime of mobility and prostitution, to demonstrate the evidence of a vitality and a discipline precisely in demobilization is a crime for which a civilization on its knees (or a simulation of it) is unlikely to forgive us. In fact, though, it may be the only way to survive it.

Day 1125: Long Live the New World Revolution
Is it possible for weaker, smaller and less-developed e-countries to triumph over a stronger e-country in eRepublik?
The e-revolutionaries see through the Admin's game and seek a way to play a New Game in the New World.
The contradiction between the vast majority of players and the small nations of eRepublik on the one hand, and the oligarchical capitalist-imperialists and ultra-nationalists backed by Admin on the other, is the key strategic contradiction of eRepublik. The method for resolving this contradiction is Protracted Global Peoples' War. The outcome is New World-wide People's Revolution.

Day 1170: Seeing Red
In many ways, the nation had a new beginning. There was promise in the air. A sense that this conglomeration of players -- with so many different points of view, gathered around so many different camp fires -- could, through their creativity and collaboration, bring something truly new into the New World.
It is the promise and the spirit of the Great Resistance that needs to be our cause today.
We survivors of the Invasion, we veterans of the Resistance, we partisans of the fighting forces of a free nation, we call on the next generation of braves to be alive, to rise up, to learn from and to transmit the heritage of the Great Resistance War and its ideals. We say to you: find some balls and get indignant!
Sing your song. Don't let "history" happen to you. Write it.

Day 1179: Revolutionary Tool Kit
More important than anything else is utter self-confidence -- typically mis-placed -- in the idea that "this time it will be different". There is no gambit or technique that can take the place of daring. Revolution results from an act of will, not a carefully constructed plan.

On the Real

Day 751: Weather Report
I'm not much of a joiner. Big crowds of people and mob mentality kinda spook me. Even when out on parade with the Bear Cavalry, I'm always the one wearing a funny hat.

Day 759: Called by the Destiny of the Win
Is eRepublik essentially anti-human?
The revolutionary path can therefore not be just a matter of criticizing the fast life in the cogs of the win as "false living" by way of cultural critique, but of seeing that in the relentless totalization of this way of existing we are exposed to it blindly and thoughtlessly, without a prospect of gaining an insight into a greater, open dimension arriving from afar.

Day 782: Et tu, eRepublik?
Kant cried.
Tolerance is a paternalistic concept. It is an act of mercy, the granting of a favor; it contains an implied threat about "overstepping the bounds of tolerance"... When liberal-capitalism becomes hegemonic, however, it reverts to the old Axial style of tolerance and is thus a retrograde movement within the context of developing an internationally-accepted system of law based on truly cosmopolitan lines.

Day 800: State of Siege: Notes on Anti-Imperialism
It is my diagnosis that e-vertigo is epidemic with regards to the terms "imperialism" and "anti-imperialism".
I'm not going to make any kind of "moral" argument for or against Imperialism in the game because I don't think there's any real basis for it. Instead, I'd like to offer some possible strategies for Anti-Imperialist game play. I'll leave it up to the dear reader to decide if any of them make sense for you.

Day 833: Spectacular Discovery!!!
The e-world's problems are not limited by locale or government but are foundational, inscribed in the very makeup of the game.
In fact, bureaucratic property itself is concentrated in such a way that the individual e-bureaucrat relates to the ownership of the global economy only through an intermediary, the e-bureaucratic community, and only as a member of this community.
Unity and communication become the exclusive attribute of the system’s management. The success of the economic system of separation is the proletarianization of the e-world.
Salvation lies in the formless, in the literally unspeakable or inexpressible, that which cannot be commodified and sold to the masses.

Day 909: We Are All Individuals!
"If a Martian were asked to pick the most efficient and humane economic systems on earth, it would certainly not choose the countries which rely most on markets. The United States is a stagnant economy in which real wages have been constant for more than a decade and the real income of the bottom 40 percent of the population declined. It is an inhumane society in which 11.5 percent of the population, some 32 million people, including 20 percent of all children, live in absolute poverty. It is the oldest democracy on earth but also one with the lowest voting rates among democracies and the highest per capita prison population in the world. The fastest developing countries in the world today are among those where the state pursues active industrial and trade policies; the few countries in the world in which almost no one is poor today are those in which the state has been engaged in massive social welfare and labor market policies."

Day 1200: The Will to Disappearance
Morbid deathfreak nihilistic interpretations of revolutionary theory fail due to their over-fascination with Hegelian idealism. "Let's all suffer more today so that the future will be perfect and jolly." Bleh. It is more useful to mine modern Theory for strategies that serve the always-ongoing and never-ending Revolution of Everyday e-Life.
Your Autonomous Zone exists not only beyond Control, but beyond definition, beyond gazing, beyond naming, beyond the understanding of both Plato and the e-State. It exists in a time and place beyond their ability to see.

Day 1349: Patterns of Discontent and Their Antidotes
tl;dr version: Don't be a spineless sap.

On e-Ideology

Day 715: Can e-Americans be Anti-Imperialist?
Do Twinkies lead to imperialism?

Day 799: Devil's Dictionary of Political Terminology
Capitalism: Proclaimed in 1980 as the new state religion of the United States. This religion is very popular because it requires no moral grounding whatsoever, celebrating selfishness and greed as the supreme virtues. First proclaimed by the Prophetess Ayn Rand, it's since been vulgarized into a pop movement. Side effects include poverty, war, social strife, moronification and occasional vomiting due to lack of access to health care.

Day 1027: A Response to the Capitalist Weekly
By beginning his critique of criticism with such a claim, Mr. loser attempts to reify concepts which exist only in discussion, i.e. his bogeyman "collectivist society". This is the fallacy of misplaced concretion.

Day 1046: Mighty Mighty Bogdanovism
What is the nature of in-game Stalinism? This wooden and mechanical adoption of Hegel's theories is a very common and, frankly, rather annoying philosophical mistake.
Our dogmato-revisionist friends here in the New World have trouble resisting the urge to simply adopt whole-hog this type of a very mechanical story. So-called "Stalinism" is a variation of this tendency towards reductionism. Its roots are both esoteric, in the sense that it eerily mimics similar errors in that mysterious Other World, and obvious, in the sense that it is appealing, on a juvenile level, to think that the future development of society is easily predictable.

Day 1058: Red Star Hamlet, Part One
One of the younger bikkhus piped up, saying, "Philosophical idealism? Isn't that what you were blabbing on and on about during your last long boring lecture, with respect to the Stalin Entity and RL Fred Engels?"
It is said that Alexander Aleksandrovich Bogdanov planted saplings that grew into trees that would last for centuries, much like this forest. Meanwhile Lenin and his cohorts, like Trotsky and Stalin, planted many trees that seemed to be strong, but then blew over, due to internal structural weaknesses, after several strong windstorms.

Day 1148: Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?
I didn't have much of anything else to do tonight. I was contemplating the sometimes silly, sometimes tragic, results of overheated rhetoric, on the one hand, and, on the other, Zizek's "advice" on how sometimes doing nothing at all is the most violent response to a situation.
And I came up with this...
Socialism, Schmocialism

Day 1354: Long Live Lee-T-Ru-Katzism
Against all the odds, become incredibly fabulous

On War and Resistance

Day 672: Learning to Wage War: Lessons of the Bear Cavalry
The Bear Cavalry experience has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that a US citizen can be both patriotic and internationalist in their outlook on the game.

Day 1068: For a Kiwi Peoples Militia
"The contradiction between the vast majority of players and the small nations of eRepublik on the one hand, and the oligarchical capitalist-imperialists backed by Admin on the other, is the key strategic contradiction of eRepublik." -- PQ, from "Long Live the Victory of e-Peoples's War!"

On eRep-Fu

Day 698: Fortresses and Hospitals: A Guide for the Perplexed
As a defensive military strategy, the concept of strategic retreat can be jarring for real life Americans, who're accustomed to living in a superpower that has overwhelming military capabilities in nearly every area. But this is not real life, vatos!

Day 701: Two Magic Spells Everybody Should Know


Day 1283: We must dare, and dare again, and go on daring
This article deals with the history and policies of the Socialist Freedom Party in the months leading up to V2 and what happened afterwards.

Day 1289: Stir it up
Here's a recent history of the Socialist Freedom Party presented as a series of five modified classical poetic forms.

On Psychology

Day 1296: Oh, Mother!
Great and Terrible Admin is discovered to be a just another carny huckster who is not really all that evil after all.

Day 1305: Looking in the Mirror
The Real lies outside of language; it resists symbolization absolutely. It is "the impossible" because it is impossible to imagine, impossible to integrate into the Symbolic, and impossible to attain. The object of anxiety par excellence, our desire for the Real and how we manage our drives in pursuit of those desires, is, somewhat ironically, what promises to make us whole.

Day 1323: Notes on the Zombie Apocalypse
Please share your favorite zombie stories and let us all know how you think they are reflected in eRepublik.

Day 1329: eRepublik, What Is It Good For?
It's been fun in a strange, obsessive kinda way.

On Words

Day 711: Phoenix Quinn's Little Red Reading List
eRep Newspapers provide for full expression. Fact is that not all ideas can be shared meaningfully in short bursts. The eRep Newspapers provide a way to tell a story, to communicate information, or to make an argument that actually has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Day 1298: Insert Clever Title Here
We know the game is actually a bizarre witch's brew cooked up during an all-night Black Mass held on the desanctified altar in the abandoned ruins of Saxon church tower in a remote part of Transylvania at nine minutes after midnight on the ninth night after the ninth full moon.

Day 1307: Thedillpickl, Prince of Pickldom. Act I, Scene I.
Joe DaSmoe: Thou art a scholar; speak to it, Good Chutley.
Good Chutley: It fills me with fear and loathing. Is it a king, or.. or.. a Scrabman?

Day 1309: Thedillpickl, Prince of Pickldom. Act I, Scene II.
Benjamin Doverton: By the infernal Osmany Ramon, What is't with you Feds? You cannot speak of reason to the Big Pickl, And thence to loose your voice: what would thou beg, then, That shall be my offer, not thy asking?
As they say around yon water-cooler: The head is not more native to the heart, The hand more instrumental to the mouth, Than the throne of Pickldom is to Us. What wouldst thou hav'est at'est, Gnilraps?

Day 1313: Thunder on the Mountain
Resistance never dies.

On Phoenix Quinn

Day 814: Spectacular Animation
I'm a real animalistic shape-shifter, a woe-begone gypsy, a sullen servant, a wizard-like barmy squirrel, a log-carrying revolutionary icon, a picker, a grinner, a lover and a sinner.
I've seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked. Oh no. Wait. That was in real life. Never mind.
Oh sad day. Oh boredom. Where is our e-Franklin of the Fart Proudly tradition? Our e-Twain? Whither Flufferton?

Day 1074: Portrait of the Citizen as a Young Ostrich
Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was an emu coming down along the path in the bush and this emu that was coming down along the path met a nicens little ostrich chick named baby Phoenix...

Day 1099: Portrait of the Citizen as a Young Ostrich, Part Two
Next, the Great God Max went stark raving mad and started turning everything upside-down at home. First he made all the main political parties swap names, so nobody could tell the difference between them. Then he sponsored an insurgent group named SPLEEN, or something like that, to take over the country. The SPLEEN harassed everybody who didn't hop up and down six times and shout "Boy! Boy! Boy!" every half-hour. Although Phoenix was an expert hopper, he thought this was pretty stupid and refused to do it.

Day 1299: The Sorrows of Young Phoenix Quinn
I was taken aback by Cibàyìbàyì's endless deep well of kindness and wisdom. At his funeral, person after person after person -- most of whom I'd never met -- walked up to lectern to tell a story that sounded amazingly familiar to me. How he'd come into their lives and transformed them. How he'd become a real friend that not only took an interest in their lives, but helped them to overcome their sorrows and look with amusement and clarity on their character defects.

***** The Middle-Length Discourses *****

On the Real

Day 675: Make Your Own Music: Punk Rock and Alternative Country
When people make music just for the love of it, to celebrate, mourn and laugh about our real struggles, then that music belongs to the people and no one can take it away from us.

Day 866: Fanfare for the Common Man
Though I'm not one of the faithful, I am well aware that Dioism contains multiple strands of wisdom, including an appreciation for the type of e-socialism that favors the common man.
I would have to respectfully disagree with the characterization of S.E.E.S. as evil.

On e-Harmony

Day 603: Loosen Up, Have More Fun
Let's remember to calm the barbarians in our minds too.

Day 941: Big Gay Rant
"Sebastian Melmoth (professional gay wit): 'Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing. If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you. Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone elses opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation. Finally... always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.'"

On eRep-Fu

Day 992: Top Ten Delusions in the New World!!
Whether it is using racist language, engaging in internet bullying, or just generally acting like a drug-addled moron, there is something disingeneous, at best, in refusing to admit that real life has any influence whatsoever on the game world, and vice-versa.

Day 1249: The Idea Factory
Think of the eRepublik economic, military, political and media systems in toto as a kind of ecological system. Each of them has a role to play in making the New World what it is: to provide a satisfying spectacle for the players. When any one of them is out of balance, the whole system starts to teeter.

Day 1250: The Idea Factory: Military Units
What is leadership? And how is it exercised?

Free University Degrees

Day 1145: Free University Graduation Day!
Perhaps it was not entirely ethical of me to pull off such a long-running joke. But judging from the many comments, it seems to have brought pleasure to quite a few people. So I count that as a success. As one final lesson in the impermanence of all things, and in the spirit of Tibetan sand paintings, the entire set of articles has now been vaporized and heretofore exists only in your minds.

On e-Ideology

Day 626: Socialism is an American as Apple Pie
The combination of Freedom and Socialism is as American as apple pie -- and Mom wants you to try some!

Day 684: EXPOSED: Secrets of the Socialist Freedom Party
PQ: Sure. The SFP is one of the most respected socialist parties in the e-World.
OdW: Hey... you sure seem to know alot about them...
PQ: [looks at his watch] Oh hey. Look at the time. Damn. I think I'm gonna be late for that Enclave webinar on "Callipygian aesthetics and the fallout of desire".

Day 1013: Field Guide to Spotting Pizza-Republicans in the Wild
What to remember when spotting them:
Remember that they haven't the foggiest idea what they're talking about. They're just repeating phrases. They don't have a clue what the word "liberal" means and don't know the first thing about labor history or the history of freedom struggles. Try not to laugh out loud when they call you a sheep but then expect you to blindly believe everything you're told on Pizza Radio, without question.


Day 690: Interview with an Anarcho-Primitivist
"Like I was talking about with that feeling of connection and importance that is so much fun in small nations, the SFP is the answer for that in large nations like eUSA. The relationships I have formed with my fellow party members are so strong that I would love to meet and spend the day with any single one of them." -- Alex Lorre

Day 694: On Utopian and Scientific e-Socialism: An Interview with Fred Engels
"This game is really fun because it provides such a wide range of how to play the game and to try and decipher how the game works, and how to implement my own theories in the game, it's outstanding fun." -- Fredrick Engels

Day 708: Calculating Exploitation: An Interview with Osmany Ramon
"Exploitation is easily avoided in communes and profit share companies where there is joint ownership of the company by those who work for it. You cannot exploit yourself." -- Osmany Ramon

Day 732: International Solidarity FTW: An Interview with FallbackPants
PQ: What's been the most fun thing about eRep for you so far?
FP: The Bear Cavalry. Without a doubt. Organising wars with groups like SEAL Team 6, the Sons of Liberty, or even the much maligned Terrorists has been a blast. The times had organising with yourself, Ramon and Zhao especially were fantastic, then seeing a battle with the Bear Cav symbol flooding the fights list was great.

Day 958: Why Join the SFP? Reason #5...
rainy sunday: "Heh, e-life is only as Great as you make it.Personally, I'm looking forward to finding solutions to future challenges (especially since by the time I arrived in V1, most of the fun 'puzzles' were already solved and some misguided ideas were readily accepted as common knowledge.)"

Day 971: Interview with Civil Anarchy
Civ: "Getting new people to step up to the party is all luck my friend. Getting someone who is active enough to help out a small party is definitely a 1 in 100 sort of thing. Thankfully, the SFP has generally been luckier in that respect, prompting new players regularly to step up."

On War and Resistance

Day 636: What makes a man start a fire?
"I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." -- Thomas Jefferson

Day 637: Songs of Freedom
“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” -- Albert Camus

Day 637: No More Vulture Culture
"Freedom...yeeeaaahhh!" -- Rage Against the Machine

Day 640: We are the ones we've been waiting for
"It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader." -- The Hopi Elders

Day 652: It is good to be visiting but it is better at home
Now that Russia has shown its strength, don't waste it by turning into hated imperialist occupiers. Show the strength of your souls instead.

On Politics

Day 696: Dance as if no one's watching, sing as if no one's listening
Absoludicrous: Threatening other countries just because you can.

Day 952: Night of the Metamorphosis
Salfnitnac the Wise: "So the first thing I did was think about going to see PQ to ask him what was the point... But then I thought: Well, no! Because thinking about it, the truth is, he couldn't have picked a better person than me to solve the solution to the problem. Because, like I said, naturally, since he can't solve anything while saying a lot, the same happens to me and we'd never come to an agreement."

Day 994: Phoenix Quinn for SFP Dogcatcher!
"The e-world is the virtualized nightmare of atomized modern RL society which ultimately expresses nothing more than its desire to be medicated. The e-world is the guardian of drunkeness and dreamless sleep." -- Phoenix Quinn

Day 1153: Take a Leap of Faith
The eUSA needs the Socialist Freedom Party. And the Socialist Freedom Party needs you. All Rebels Welcome!

Day 1223: All For One and One For All
Avoid being a snob; nobody is really impressed.

Day 1229: Why I Support Emerick for President
Despite my friend Macht Geil's delightful observation that the poll shows that "PQ is 7.1 percent more awesome than emerick" (LOL), and despite brother Deniz Kabus' equally heart-warming statement that "SFP and PQ are lovable"...

Day 1257: Endorsement of Civil Anarchy for PoTUS
The man is machine.
Revolt with style! Civil Anarchy for President!

Day 1305: Monkey on My Back
Time for the good kind of revolt, know what I mean? Unity! Global Uprising, mon!

On Economics

Day 1160: Harmonic Iron Works: Co-op Charter
This is a great experiment in creating models for a more just economic system that empowers workers and creates community. Be free! Join us!

Day 1187: Dance Like Your e-Life Depends On it
Consider what you can do to reduce the "infinite realms" of affliction endured by other e-living creatures while you're at it. Join a team. See what you can accomplish together.


Day 727: A Gypsy Caravan and Day 730: A Gypsy Caravan VI
A few real-life humans started to stop by the enclosure. Eventually he began to understand some of their strange language. But whenever he would give a pleasant loud squawk in the beautiful Ostrich language to greet to them, they would start yelling gibberish like "You muss reedy you ess foroom", which didn't make any sense to poor, lost Noob.
Then the news had arrived about a crazy group of men and women who had risen up from behind the enemy's lines, riding into battle on bears, of all things, using weapons they'd forged with their own hands using resources they'd been mining from the enemy's own fields, and frightening the wits out of the occupiers with their bizarre war cries. It had been a turning point.

On Changes

Day 822: Embrace the Change!
Despite the quasi-religious devotion still occasionally expressed by some hardcore devotees of old-school "game mechanics", it is becoming increasingly clear to a whole generation of players that there's no one single "right" way to play the game.

Day 997: Make This Sucker Work
This situation is like a test for the party I've spent my whole e-life supporting: the Socialist Freedom Party. The SFP've always been about a community sticking together in times of adversity and helping to figure out how to make the game work for the working-class players. It's been about innovation, fair play, rising to meet the challenge, and having a critical attitude towards "the way things are supposed to be" in eRepublik.

In Defense Of...

Day 880: Volcano Blows, Tumult Erupts
It's also being reported that in places where Emerick was particularly well-loved, hysterically weeping assemblages of fans are gnashing their teeth and rhythmically chanting his well-known words over and over: "Fgt. Fgt. Fgt." Meanwhile, small groups of fanbois are fanatically poring over his famous works like Why eAmerica Needs Fascism and Douchebaggery for Dummies, hoping to find some solace in the Collected Works of the Dear Leader.

Day 929: An Injury to One is an Injury to All
First they come after the anarcho-commie radicals for making a silly joke. And the next thing you know, alien raptors with their army of anti-Jeezubs from the Draco Federation have possessed the President and are banning Monday-night football! Don't let this happen! Free CivilAnarchy!

Day 1163: In Defense of Samuel Seabury
I soon discovered something quite interesting. This guy was actually quite intelligent. And his attitude towards and the game -- though following an entirely different chain of causality than my own -- was remarkable similar in feeling to my perspective. Somewhat to my surprise, I became a Sam Seabury fan.

Words, Words, Words

Day 1196: Meditation on Nazım Hikmet
Nâzim Hikmet taught that art is an event. His life demonstrated that poetry is a matter of life and death. His prosecutors honored him by beieving that a book of poems could incite the military to revolt.

Day 1199: Let's Hang Togerther or Surely We Will All Hang Separately
A little respect goes a long way towards breaking down suspicions.

Day 1290: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Glove
May you live to be a hundred, and me a hundred minus a day, so I'll never know good people like you have passed away.

Day 1301: Wild Thing
Sure, eRepublik is going to hell in handbasket and the same old trrbl elitists run everything. Well, cry me a river because one thing I can tell you is you got to be free!

On Phoenix Quinn

Day 1029: Cantankerous Windbag Shuts Up
Generally tried to be helpful when I could. For a chronically cranky old misanthrope, have managed to reach out in a friendly way to a fairly wide variety of people.

On Not-Forgotten Friends

Day 1234: You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello
In short, the guy is a mensch. Our loss is the world's gain. Hey, I promised Vincent a Viking funeral, so here goes...

***** The Shorter Discources *****

On the Real

Day 586: Model or Mirror?
Are we the eCitizens that we've been waiting for?

Day 611: 10 Ways to Build Up Resilience
Visualize what you want rather than worrying about what you fear.

On Politics

Day 599: No Peace
Don't let democracy and freedom go down the drain while defending your country.

Day 625: Canada Lives Forever in Our Heats
Shame on UK.

Day 729: Step Up and Pitch In
I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to step up your game and spread your wings!

Day 738: PQ's Congressional Report
And, of course, war has broken out all over the place. To my official constituents in the wasteland of North Dakota, I strongly urge you to re-locate to Florida or California so you can use a Q5 hospital after fighting.

Day 745: PQ's Congressional Report #2
My homies over at the SFP sponsor the awesome Young Socialist program, which is directed by that absolutely awesome camarada who is quickly becoming a favorite of many around the e-halls of Congress, Rainy Sunday.

Day 954: Join the SFP! Reason #1...
Be bold! Be smart! And have a bit of fun! Join the SFP!

Day 955: Join the SFP! Reason #2...
Enjoy better e-living through socialist technology!

Day 956: Join the SFP! Reason #3...
PIE! Wonderful, tasty socialist PIE!...

Day 957: Why Join the SFP? Reason #4...
All power to the imagination!

Day 964: Play From Your Heart
The sad reality is that many American players tend to act like sheep half the time and like a pouty and potty-mouthed gang of entitled junior high school students the other half. Now, that may well be because so many are entitled junior high school students. But that doesn't mean we all have to act that way. Stand against the tide. Try something different. Ask not what your e-country can do for you...ask...Why should the eUSA be a pathetic replica of the real life USA anyway?

Day 1096: Old Bird Runs for Congress, Kiwis Rejoice
Phoenix Quinn: tilting at windmills since Day 581.

Day 1227: No President of Vice
The "Revolutionary Council for the Reform of Business-as-Usual" announces that iconoclastic socialist candidate for CP, Phoenix Quinn (PQ), will appoint the entire Revolutionary Committee of the Socialist Freedom Party to his team of Presidential Advisors and that he sees no need to perpetuate the bourgeois myth of a "President of Vice, who just sits around doin' nothin' anyway".

Words, Words, Words

Day 601: How to communicate with Hungarian vistors to North America
az apád faszát -- ummm, well, it means 'No'

Day 613: Pele, Goddess of Fire
Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono. (The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.)

Day 1057: Across the Pond
In the stillness of the night...

Day 1228: [Super-speed-dating version] Press Conference Summary
Mexico: WTF's up with their MPP with Poland and Spain?

Day 1335: Important Facts You Should Know
At long last, our special unit of scientists, funded by Nomos Laboratories and assisted by a team of crack researchers at Spectacular Times Daily, have published the results of our years-long, in-depth, under-cover expose on the Satanic butt-pirate web site known as "eRebupkis".

On Images

Day 696: Painting from Life: Revolutionary Artists
Perhaps it was a bit too Dada for eRep? Or maybe just plain stoopid. I dunno.

Day 904: Boredom is Counter-Revolutionary

On War and Resistance

Day 656: Colombian Socialist Leader Resists PEACE War Moves
"We will be used as cannon fodder in their war." -- juan pablo arboleda

Day 657: Kansas Liberated by a Unified Resistance
You are all resistance heroes.

Day 662: Operation Re-District Colombia
YOU are the Resistance.

On Not-Forgotten Friends

Day 982: El Dia de los e-Muertos
Lay down your e-arms, take a day off from e-work, forget about your e-enemies. Instead, post a comment in your paper or in someone else's paper, or in your favorite forum or chat channel celebrating, even if in some small way, those whose presence here in the New-ish World will not be forgotten.

***** The Commentaries and Log Rolling ******

Day 626 Phoenix Quinn: "I would suggest that (1) the evolution of the common law is inevitably influenced by subjective and biased 'knowledge' and (2) that markets in fact fail to provide equal opportunities for all players. Religious tradition is not 'owned' by the Right."

Day 672 sydiot: "Bear Cavalry and the SFP have done an excellent job organizing as an independent militia with a clear purpose and a common cause. Using the commune system to arm the workers is a clear example of how communism CAN be useful in eRep and frankly how we could have survived if Florida had fallen so many days ago."

Day 672 John A. Kelly: "That major eUS political parties like the AAP, USWP, LP, CP and UIP have been unable (or unwilling) to create militias similar to the Bear Cavalry is an indication that their free market/libertarian ideologies are essentially statist/centralist in military application and, frankly, a sign of their failure to demonstrate leadership and logistical competence."

Day 675 Plugson: "Interesting shit."

Day 684 mpadams: "Do not anger well-armed socialists with bears."

Day 696 John A. Kelly: "Phoenix Quinn is a true American hero and an inspiration to citizens seeking freedom and liberation around the world."

Day 698 Drake Koeth: "I almost cried. Reading this was such a relief after all the articles complaining about Hospitals, etc. Bravo, man. Bravo."

Day 698 jorgejorge97: "This article is so long and infomartive that even the comments are reaking with brillance."

Day 729 rainy sunday: "Phoenix Quinn is insightful, intelligent and dedicated. He also has a great sense of humor, which I deem quite necessary."

Day 733 comandantedavid: "Ursa Fi, man. Good times, good times.."

Day 751 Zoli: "This is the best article I read in the last month and one of the best overall. It was a pleasure to read it."

Day 782 TemujinBC: "Wow. This is a fantastic work."

Day 785 Vincent Nolan: "Phoenix, thank you for writing that. I truly enjoyed reading it. Only you could quote David Hume and Immanuel Kant in an eRepublik article and have it be in context."

Day 799 Exalted: "BWAHAHA! Loved it. If I weren't already subscribing to your rag I would have for this article. Excellent!"

Day 802 Johnobrow Dadds: "Only dead fish go with the flow."

Day 803 Samuel Seabury: "Brilliant article. What has me puzzled is not the Marxist analysis, which is pretty much what one would expect, but the evocation of mimetic theory qua Rene Girard...or is it just a pastiche of mimetic theory at work here? What I don't see is Girard's concept of the role of the scapegoat here. Nor do you discuss the role of mimetic desire conceived in Girard's earlier work, which really does situate the phenomenon of hero worship in a way that would not be unrecognizable to eRepublik players."

Day 814 Osmany Ramon: "Yeah, blame it all on me."

Day 816 Jude Connors: "I am still a mere cooing hippie pan-handling electronic love-philters in the back alleys. I miss talking to you, man."

Day 822 Buck Roger: "Articles in this newspaper are great! I am going to have to unsubscribe from a thousand run-of-the-mill vanity presses so that I am sure to see more of these articles.."

Day 833 ssomo: "I'm speechless."

Day 833 Pope Cali: "Please excuse me while my brain explodes."

Day 942 Kazeal: "I wasn't in this! Why wasn't I in this!?!"

Day 952 Phoenix Quinn: "It was the dawn of a wordy age."

Day 965 Mark Valshannar: "Cantankerous windbag has a point. Voted."

Day 992 rainy sunday: "I ♥ your narcissism and ironic articulations. Reading your writings makes me happy."

Day 1013 Ballman: "you mean the UIP ISN'T a sado-masochism cult?!?!?"

Day 1027 Samuel Seabury: I think Mr. Quinn has acquitted himself well, as always, but something about this leaves me wanting. As someone else stated, if it is the proper education of the young we seek - and PQ's protagonist managed to eek out a reference to the persecution of Socrates by the demos - then using low principles to assail high principle is a questionable method. One can indeed smirk at such a clumsy attempt to create an unassailable logical position, and there is nothing here that a more focused acquaintance with the classics of political science, specifically the Republic of Plato and Cicero and Aristotle's Politika cannot solve. I would put to all of you the notion that eRepublik is a kind of refutation of Hayek's notion that a just society can emerge through spontaneous order this side of the much for the idea that the state can just 'wither away'."

Day 1056 MaryamQ: "You have said a mouthful, Mr. Quinn!"

Day 1060 Sir Robert Dudley: "My brain hurts."

Day 1075 Shaos_13: "best article ever read"

Day 1148 Emerick: "I like this article a lot. very voted"

Day 1149 Grainne ni Mhaille: "I'm lovin' your mellow mood, of late 🙂 'The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.'"

Day 1149 ssomo: "PQ = philosopher king of eRep"

Day 1163 Phoenix Quinn: "I won!"

Day 1164 PigInZen: "Buddha loves you Phoenix Quinn, for you write tremendous articles."

Day 1164 BeDva: "I fckn luvvvvv you PQ"

Day 1196 MaryamQ: "Beautiful and profound."

Day 1201 Lysander Spooner II: "Wow! Heavy! Voted (and saved to my hard drive)."

Day 1252 Alex Lorre: "We were all just a bunch of reckless young hippies... with guns..."

Day 1289 Samuel Seabury: "For once, I'm speechless."

Day 1291 Glove: "Always love your writing."

Day 1298 irishbhoy1967: "Great writer."

Day 1305 weasel2: "I am shattered and without words."

Day 1305 Josh Whitehead: "MY BRAIN HURTS! ARGH! good article though,very very good, Its like a college essay"

Day 1305 Chutley: "I love you. I've never eDisagreed with anyone as I do with the above poster. This is nothing like a college essay, it is a professionally written, infinitely insightful, academic wonder. PQ we would have some seriously great RL conversations."

Day 1330 Dell Fargus: "This is so ridiculously true."

Day 1349 Josh Whitehead: "holy hell, you've done it again. You should keep all of these and publish a book. Pretty good stuff"

The End?