Cloudy with a Chance of… Wrecking Balls

Day 4,001, 14:20 Published in Greece Croatia by apostol1322

Do you ever get the feeling that virtually the only way to move forward is to shake things up so vehemently that you are not sure there’ll be anything left to move forward into afterwards? It’s a strange feeling indeed. A burning desire to remain creative arms your hand with a destructive sledgehammer ready to be swung indiscriminately at everyone and everything. This is where I figure the game is heading. Someday down the line, certain players in here will eventually be tempted to reduce everything down to rubble in a deranged attempt to restore a long lost capacity to entertain new ideas and put in the effort to see them through.

Don’t you ever say, I just walked away

It’s an oxymoronic ‘I don’t care because I care too much’ attitude that only true visionaries get. One that, unfortunately, a horde of authentically uninterested troublemakers can effortlessly piggyback off of. And while an inspired swing on its own can be well calculated enough so as to attain the jerk reaction needed to kickstart a community back into gear without damaging its core, once the tricksters get onboard, it would most definitely spiral out of control. At this juncture, getting from there to a domino effect of spasmodic responses to irrational triggers sweeping the entire map many times over is not a far-fetched scenario.

Once it begins, a magnificent trainwreck of blatant sabotage, unintuitive countermeasures and all around madhattery will unfold; a wild, nostalgia-fueled hopscotch back to square one. More ‘because I can’ dictatorships. More runaway country presidents. More YOLO Airstrikes. More undebated law proposals. More unwarranted cs approvals. More marketplace prices rollercoasters. More single-handed epics at random campaigns. More one-man nations. More accounts for hire. More distrust in international relations due to quarrels over trivial matters. Less honest MPPs. Less strategic planning. Less opportunity to reliably design long-term solutions to current issues. Less communication among individuals. Less of a feeling of belonging.

No dad, drag it across the desktop

Belonging is key. Lose that and much of what has made this game so great to brazen the ruthless test of time goes poof. But, hey, we’ve come this far. We claimed the New World as our home. We’ve shaped it and it shaped us back. It’s only natural we’d ultimately succumb to the Ikea nesting instinct. After all, it’s been four thousand days already. How come we haven’t confronted our Tylers yet? Not sure, but most likely, not that big of a deal anyway. Hopefully, there will be at least one thousand more days to do so. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise and I approve this message.

You met me at a very strange time in my life

This article is written as a submission to the Day 4000 Media Contest, Category 1: ‘Best Forecast for Next 1000 Days’ by the Plato Foundation