Day 3,368, 08:40 Published in Estonia Estonia by Dodo Moron

Few days ago Erepublik admins introduced a new update. They decided to touch the only module what wasn’t completely f***ed. So the new article list order thing was implemented. And it’s cancerous.

It’s not a bad idea at all. To list articles not only by votes but also by amount of endorsements and comments. But due to poor execution and improper calibration it all backfired. It is nearly impossible to access new articles as they are way down the order. Hence many content creators do not see the point in writing new articles anymore as noone will read them. Old and aged stuff will stay up the order for too long and that makes the situation even worse.

What can be done to fix this mess?

Firstly make the age of the article more important factor in your algorythm. That would make the aged stuff to disappear faster from the top. They should not stay there for ages.

Then make the comments less important factor, that would reduce (or end) the endless spamming to get the article anywhere near the position people would actually see it.

As both new and old articles are in the same list we also need some kind of spotlight for new ones. Ideal solution would be “Unread articles” section in which all new articles stay for 48 hours. They should also dissappear after you opened it.

Another useful function would be pinning articles into “Pinned articles” section. Only members of government should have a right to do it, and an article could stay pinned up to 7 days. Also there should amount of maximum pinned articles, I suggest 3. Pinning would be great for spreading important information what must reach out to all players of a country. Quickly.

I also made a visual represantation, to give a visual overview how the thing should look like.

Or if that is too much roll back to old and much loved system.

You should also definitely check out my fan art about current situation.

And to end the article I’m using the phrase I’ve used many times before.

The Baobab Tree’s International Cloud Paper, 2017