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Clan Wolf Party President Primary Election Winner results

Day 1,913, 13:54 Published in Canada Canada by Foxfire

Oinyo has won this month's Party President Primary with 84.2% of the vote.

Congratulations Oinyo!

Complete election results were as follows:

Oinyo 84.2%
Blood Hearon 2.6%
Quentin Carlson 2.6%
Cozza 10.5%
ohntremblay77 0%
fooly47 0%

Congratulations also go to ogudari13 who has won the random draw from those who participated. 5 gold has been sent you your account.



Edmond.D Day 1,913, 14:29

Been waiting forever to use this-

Edmond.D Day 1,913, 14:30

Gratz Oinyo~

Oinyo Day 1,913, 21:02

lol 😃 Extremely cute and thank you! 🙂

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