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Cheetah Congress Diaries - Entry 2

Day 1,961, 02:27 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by CheetahCurtis

Hi, I'm CheetahCurtis, a Congressman in the eUK. I am also a member of the Great British Democratic Party. You might have seen my first Congress update, and that may be the reason you are reading this one. Congress has been doing more work, so here is my latest update.

Previous Finished Laws
Laws from my last article which have now finished.

No Natural Enemy
Voted Yes
Passed at 31-4
After having a discussion with my fellow Congressmen, I had decided to vote Yes for no natural enemy. Even though I want to eUK to have a real or training war in the near future, it would be best to leave Ireland for now before we damage any relations. We also need to continue to help our allies such as Thailand who are fighting off Croatia. For those interested in an eUK war, its looking hopefully in the next week or two.

Proposed Laws
This is the bit where you get to see which laws I voted on and why.

MPP with Macedonia
Voted Yes
Passed at 32-7
As well as being a strong ally and member of a friendly alliance CoT, Macedonia has helped our country on the battlefield many times while I have been playing the game and we still continue our good relations.

Peace Treaty with Ireland
Voted Yes
Passed at 24-0
This is similar to the no natural enemy proposal. We need to stop fighting wars with Ireland while our allies Thailand and Poland are fighting in bigger wars which mean more to TWO. If we help our allies now, they will help us in the future.

MPP with Argentina
Voted No
Rejected at 9-30
They want war so let's give it to them. They can't trick us by proposing an MPP on april fools day.

MPP with Ireland
Voted No
Rejected at 3-35
Ireland has also just declared us as their Natural Enemy, so why should we have an MPP with them? They are teaming up with Argentina to conquer the eUK so we must fight them.

MPP with Paraguay
Voted Yes
Voting Unfinished
Paraguay are a member of CoT and I believe we should be staying friends with the alliance. We will also need all the help we can get to fight off Argentina.

MPP with Brazil
Voted Yes
Voting Unfinished
Like Paraguay, we are going to need all the help we can get from Brazil. They have also been friendly with us for a while now, and if they plan on attacking Argentina we can help them.

MPP with Mexico
Voted Yes
Voting Unfinished

Ireland as Natural Enemy
Voted No
Voting Unfinished
Ireland may be attacking us but the fight with Argentina will be more important. When we remove Argentina from our lands they cannot come back, unlike Ireland. This means it is more important to get rid of Argentina at the moment.

Congress News
Instead of just telling you how I voted, I am hoping to inform you of anything that is going on inside of Congress in this section of my articles. I will stick to the rules and not post any sensitive information here, but if there is something I can share with you guys I hope to post it.

Anahi Harrison resigned from Congress in the eUK, and then got citizenship in eParaguay.
All Congressmen will soon be assigned to work in ministries or departments, Mr Woldy is currently working on the list as far as I know. I will keep you guys updated with that when I find out more.

This article was written by CheetahCurtis on the 3rd of April 2013. Please subscribe for more great tips and info.


Huey George
Huey George Day 1,961, 11:46

Voted, a good update from Congress once again.

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