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Cheaters in eBelgium

Day 1,789, 06:21 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero

There are quite a few people in this country who are engaging in Multi activity, including surprisingly one very prominent individual. I have a list, and will be submitting it to the Admins for punishment. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO LOSE YOUR PROFILE AND BE SHAMED BY THE COMMUNITY, PLEASE CONTACT ME AND LET'S CORRECT THIS.

That is all.

Certified Multi-Hunter



A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,789, 06:53

Voted first!

BrunoCND Day 1,789, 07:21

Kill these multies

2.D.G Day 1,789, 08:55

It seems that this guy does not fully grasp how the admins actually work.

myurek Day 1,789, 09:29

kill em all

Viridi Day 1,789, 12:39

Kill the buggers! 😃

MaryamQ Day 1,789, 13:32

Thanks for your vigilance, as always, Kylero!

Kylero Day 1,789, 13:34

Enlighten me 2.D.G.

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,789, 13:45

multi is cheating, I have no respect for that

Cotarius Day 1,789, 13:57

get them Kylero

kristof von
kristof von Day 1,789, 14:13

Kill em with eRaid!

MaartenW Day 1,789, 16:02

I like the fact you want to stop multies, but please you're not a certified Multi-Hunter

Hoso Day 1,790, 09:16

Hahaha, MaartenW +1

If Kylero is certified multi-hunter then I'm the obly one and real certified duke of eMonaco.

Ely.nea Day 1,790, 11:26

multies are bad

MaartenW Day 1,790, 15:12

You know MH or Multihunter is an official rank within the erepublik staff? -.-

Kylero Day 1,790, 19:48

I did not know that. Perhaps I should receive that rank...

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,791, 01:23


Kaad Day 1,791, 03:39

I had this problem in my party some days ago, a man that created 6 account to come in my party and be elected...

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