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CH4PM (Goose Step 4 PM) - Will the USA knife it's best friend Australia?

Day 1,138, 21:42 Published in Australia Australia by Goose Step

Good Afternoon eRepublik,

With the break-up of Phoenix and EDEN possibly on it's last legs, all attention has now been focused on the new alliance emerging... PANAM.

In theory many believed that PANAM would be a bigger Brolliance, but as you see by this article two Brolliance countries are missing from the original charter.

Brolliance country Ireland might be able to survive without the alliance by working with European based EDEN - but the question is where does this leave Australia?

Crazy Kangaroo giving you the death stare

Currently Australia is a member of the European based EDEN. Questions have been raised lately if EDEN is supporting Australia enough as it struggles to fend off Indonesia.

There where concerns that only the USA, China and Greece were supporting Australia in recent battles.

So more and more likely it seems Australia will leave EDEN at some stage... whether by it's own decision or EDEN breaking apart... so where to for Australia?

What are friends for?

Naturally you would think that with PANAM containing Australia's good friends like Canada and the USA you would think the Aussies would be welcomed with open arms.

Australians speak the same language as the North Americans, enjoy the same love of sport and TV and recently Australia has filled a hole in the USA army by being able to fight in battles when the Americans are asleep.

So you would think the North American countries would be pushing for Australia to be a founding member of PANAM?

Discovered Emerick was not wearing pants

Brazil was a former member of the Phoenix alliance, who turned neutral and is now a member of PANAM.

Though Brazil (with Indonesian tanks) attacked Australia around a year ago, you would assume their attitude to Australia would have changed now that they are friends with the USA.

Well... you've guessed WRONG!

Brazil has used it's veto power to deny Australia membership. Naturally, Australia talked with the USA to ask them to place a little pressure on Brazil.

Sadly, that has proven unsuccessful... and now even worse... Brazil is pushing for INDONESIA to be part of PANAM... and the USA is open to that idea!!!!!!

To top it all off, the USA has suggested that Australia make some kind of Peace deal with the Indonesians.

The Flag of Multinesia

This is the same Indonesia that has not upheld any deal with Australia in over 18 months.

This is the same Indonesia that last tricked Australia into a peace deal but stealing Western Australia at the last moment in the infamous bugged battle...

This is the same Indonesia that was behind the dubious PTO of Australia during 2010.

Seriously USA, what's the odds of Australia getting a fair deal there?

Would the citizens of the USA agree to their President approving an alliance deal that would see them fighting for the dishonourable Indonesia in a war against Australia.

How do The Crimson Order feel? They have fighting forces based in Canada and Australia... with both countries the chance of being on a different side of a fight against each other, where does it leave the TCO?

This move by the USA to be part of an alliance with countries that are have invaded and screwed over their best friend Australia does not make any sense.

For if this was to go head, just a matter of hours into the New Year, the USA might have already epically claimed the...

CrowdedHouse (Goose Step)
Candidate for Australian Prime Minister



Goose Step
Goose Step Day 1,138, 21:44

CH4PM (Goose Step 4 PM) - You know it makes sense!

Dio Aldo
Dio Aldo Day 1,138, 21:45

oh noes

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,138, 21:46

oh noes x2

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,138, 21:52


MachoDeath Day 1,138, 22:00

\o/ CH for president (or PM) \o/

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,138, 22:32

Yet another article where CH clearly proves he has no idea what is going on....

DocterDry Day 1,138, 22:33

Lol i love how people still have the delusion that countries like the U.S care about us.

Savonrepus Day 1,138, 22:49

Actually i think this is the best article that CH has done for a while - the question is who is right CH or Larni? My money is on CH in this instance. Hope we can elect a good negotiator for CP and Larni either takes a reality check or comes clean on what Larni knows

DocterDry Day 1,138, 22:59

^^^ The words of a prophet

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,139, 23:00

Coming clean on what I know is not my responsibility.

That is up to the Government to release the information when and if they decide to.

What I do know is that eUS are presently fighting in NSW. If you watched the battle you could see that. Also I know that eIndo's are fighting for us in the present resistance wars.

Connect the dots, its not hard to see what is going on.

Maegalodonus Day 1,139, 23:08

Ireland's not in EDEN. Likely to become US shield to the west.

Also, the USA handed SA in a pretty lace to Brazil -or Brozil, as they like to refer now to Spain's #1 enemy- as a colony/puppet-state present for them, so, no, it wouldn't be extremely shocking if they sell you out to Indonesia, ya know and call it peace-agreement or whatever other fancy names. It's not like the world would read those news and be astonished. Just another one coming from them. They got a long and hard-earned reputation, ya know...

infin Day 1,139, 23:29

Larni knows all the super sekret stuff.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,139, 23:39

not really, I know about as much as everyone else.

I do know who's idea it all was to start with and seeing the end result it all just slots into place.

DocterDry Day 1,139, 23:49

"Larni knows all the super sekret stuff."

She is on team awesome, so of course he would.

Sunardi Day 1,139, 00:50

eUSA is sick of babysitting

cRiSiLo Day 1,139, 01:51

Know that our eye is looking at australia too and that we have not forgotten you. but there is little we can do with the continued wars all over the globe and specifically in our neighborhood

Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,139, 02:36

I'll point out that the USA knew about this, and the Us army intend to go on strike if they are allied with Indonesia. A little secret for you there.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,139, 03:12

We know we are not forgotten. This entire article is just a pr trip for his attempt at gaining the CP spot in the eAus election.

You should see his last article, its very amusing.

Matressbank Day 1,139, 03:13

Lol, babysit?

Australia have been babysitting sleeping USA at their nighttime.
No need to take the "world police" role.

FLAMES56 Day 1,139, 03:45

lol i like the face palm picture of picard

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,139, 04:11

I really wish you didn't make this article ch, you need to ask the people that know whats going on. All this does, is make small situations worse. : /

Sunardi Day 1,139, 05:37

@matressbank: eIndonesia is a better night fighter for eUSA, eAustralia is in trouble

James Rellori
James Rellori Day 1,139, 07:11

"eIndonesia is a better night fighter for eUSA, eAustralia is in trouble"

Because you use thousands of multis?

RasputinX Day 1,139, 07:16

The Greek citizens always fire rounds in your battles, but we are in constant fights as well.

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 1,139, 07:53

The best way for eAus is to make somekind of a long term deal with eIndo. As you see help isn't coming as often as you would like even though eUS currently doesnt have big wars. You need to make it happen on your own cause everybody looking for their own interests now, expecially eUS.

tazman224 Day 1,139, 07:58

buying votes ftw!

chewytaz Day 1,139, 08:10

yay my article is mentioned

c224 Day 1,139, 08:13

Indonesia has already made a peace deal with Australia. Why do you think the indos where fighing for you?

With Ireland: There best option isnt to join Panam, but to join a possible WEA(western european alliance). That they have good relations with USA, and Canada. And also have the protection of WEA.

I hope Australia can join Panam, or at least have peace with Indonesia.

Sossu Day 1,139, 09:00

Could you do your fellow journalists a favor and buy enough votes just to get to the #1 spot of the Australian media, not the entire worlds? We won't vote you in the elections, so we can hardly be interested of your uneducated and bitter ramblings about USA's foreign policy, and I'm not even talking as a pro-American here, but as a casual reader of the global media. Other than showing that your opinions don't matter enough for the reader base to be interested of, buying votes, especially on this scale, takes a valuable slot from a much, much better article in the top-5 voted articles.

Thank you and good luck to your campaign.

Zarmael Day 1,139, 09:26

eAustralia sign MPP with New Zealand

Gaius Marcus
Gaius Marcus Day 1,139, 09:34

Hehe, so that Australia can't help real eKiwis wipe NZ to give us open citizenship and free us from PTOers?

Hydroloc Day 1,139, 10:45

Ever wonder if they are going to trick you again?

Hinokai Day 1,139, 11:40

Comment deleted

pseudo Day 1,139, 12:06

I wonder: 1140votes 35comments.

Trent Lawrence
Trent Lawrence Day 1,139, 14:18

Yeah I wouldn't fight alongside Indonesia if it meant that Australia would lose out in the end.
Or maybe I would. Eh I don't really care I just want more US territory

Genius Dude
Genius Dude Day 1,139, 15:18

why not then australia and indonesia join panam together?
then and brazil and usa and kanada will be happy
and inodesia-austalia wa would be finished and bouth would be in their orginal regions?
isn't that what you want?

Vincent Sarius
Vincent Sarius Day 1,139, 15:35

Doubted. PANAM isn't intended to be bloated. It will probably only have the necessary amount of members to be functional. To that point, while it may feel dickish to say. Australia can't pull it's weight.

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,139, 19:02

Curious...yet familiar 🙂

Imperator Major Domus
Imperator Major Domus Day 1,139, 19:09

USA - I am disappoint. ;_;

orchel Day 1,139, 19:35

didn't read

LuftRAF Day 1,139, 21:36

Hey, stop lying, please.
Brazil is more than ally of eArg and eindo, an alliance called BIA. If eAustralia enter in PANAM, Brazil will have to attack e eindo, and we don't accept that. The same happens to eusa and eaus. Then, while the war between eindoxeaus exist neither of these 2 countries will enter in PANAM.

St Krems
St Krems Day 1,139, 22:12

Your ignorance and lack of actualy sources pains me.

Callumh123 Day 1,139, 22:16

Comment deleted

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,139, 22:24

Have to go with Krems on this one.. hope you don't actually elect this guy. I like trophies and all, but....

Sunardi Day 1,140, 00:06

@colin lantrip: you gotta love this clown, NOT

Bastien2 Day 1,140, 00:27

Another CH troll article, at least it was better then the last one! Didn't know Phoenix had broken up o.O

Jimback Day 1,140, 00:28


Anno1777World Day 1,140, 01:08

Comment deleted

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