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Day 1,899, 03:34 Published in Finland Finland by nutty fox

“BATTLE STATIONS” “PINK ALERT” “THIS IS NOT A DRILL” “PINK ALERT” commands poured from the camp loud speakers…

This is it the pink Polish bullies are on our borders . Backstabbing Estonians cant handle the pressure they are getting so they need to go and cry to the pink monster which demanded Finland to do peace with Estonia. We are not France we are Asgaard Vikings with a beating heart and battle filled soul. Most importantly we have pride some you know nothing about.
Example of our attitudes towards the invaders.
Example on Polish "Bullimacy" since cant call it diplomacy
[url=] [/url]

The Polish comments on us (Finland) having a war on a smaller country and threatning to wipe us out because we don’t sign a peace treaty with them is a complete joke coming from the worst eworld bully. Maybe the Polish should take a closer look who they invaded and what kind off rip off deals they make with smaller countries. Well there will be a time in ehistory which will see the light of a brave multi front assault on pink bullies im sure.
Besides the Polish keep forgetting the fact that last time Finland made peace with Estonia it wasn’t us who attacked it was them. What happens when they get their lands invaded and nose bleed from the fights they run to their pet lapdog called Poland and cry for help. The Estonians are just a pawn in Polish empire and their use to them is only get the hits from enemies and not into Poland it self. Maybe the Estonians will realize this some day. They have their “independency” for a reason as a puppet front line for the pink big brother.
As you can read from the link [url=] [/url]they try to push bad deals around just so they would get an easier path to wipe out Finland (the evil threat of world stability) they are arrogant enough to propose a walk thru deal with our Asgaard ally Sweden. This shows exactly how they try to manipulate the easiest victory possible (not of course a bad idea but the execution is an epic FAIL). Its not a secret that Poland can wipe out Sweden and Finland but the real question here is at what cost are they doing that. Well that remains to be seen and might even open up back doors for other countries to get their RW wars going and split up the Polish troops all over the place.
“The good thing about this is that it will show smaller countries that you can say NO and keep your pride even getting wiped.”
Here is my present for the Polish invaders and notice food not included but im sure the Estonians will be happy to feed it.

The forces are ready for a brave fight against the pink monster and history will tell what happened next.


Thank you for reading and hopefully I get some amusing drunk Polish to comment as well 😃 remember we are still laughing at you even you don’t understand..!

Nutty fox


JeguljaM Day 1,899, 03:58


hailuotolainen Day 1,899, 06:43


Obelix96 Day 1,899, 06:57

I'll renew my offer here:

I bet 10g in favor of Estonia starting the war again after Poland gets kicked out of Scandinavia.

If you think this war will actually end right after this war: please do say so here and send me a PM saying that you accept the bet.

Torppo Typerys
Torppo Typerys Day 1,899, 07:28

Laadukasta propagandaa o7
Hail Asgard! o/

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,899, 07:45

ideana oli osittain kertoa suoraan oma mielipide ja osittain rivien välissä kettuilla. muutama artikkeli jotka jutussa linkkeinä ja varsinkin muutaman puolalaisen kommentointi sai tekemään vasta vedon.

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,899, 07:46

@Obelix its like putting money in the bank 😃

Lejman Day 1,899, 11:30



nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,899, 11:38

Tack 😃 !

Harald von Uleaborgir
Harald von Uleaborgir Day 1,899, 13:12


Golpel Day 1,899, 21:30

suomea kiitos, emme asu usassa (vielä)

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,900, 02:59

@Golpel palkkaa tulkki 🙂

bakerinho Day 1,900, 09:54

"but the real question here is at what cost are they doing that" - Cost? Don't make me laugh, our civilians can keep you wiped by themselves...

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,900, 12:35

@bakerinho thank you for reading

Golpel Day 1,901, 23:01

Osaan englantia mutta PLIIIS puhu suomea tai exile

Fosite Day 1,909, 16:44

The pinkies commenting on a nation that has 1500 pop for attacking one that has 500.
The same Pinkies that went with 10500 against eNL 500. And than making a NAP and breaking it cause RW keept happening mostly cause of there own and eSerbian BH hunters and blaming eNL for it, so they could wipe it. And now trying to "rente" eNL for 10.000 CC a mouhnt 1 of there own regions.
Can you spell
H y p o c r i t e s

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