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CFN: Missing lear jet and its mystical flights PART 1

Day 1,917, 08:38 Published in Netherlands Finland by nutty fox

This is a story about a missing lear jet and rumours around it. This story needs to be told to cut off the false rumors surrounding it.

This whole episode begun some weeks ago when I got an surprising invitation from Netherlands to join as an advisory member to a presidential team. When the election was over I found my self in this team and first meeting date was set up.
Now I had a problem, how to get there? Since I had no official status in Finland as part of government I couldn’t use the MoFA lear jet. I had the pilots sorted out and gave them a call on my satellite phone (sorry cant tell where I picked up this from) since couldn’t risk use a regular easily hacked mobile phone.
So got my self into the airport using my diplomatic passport (yes I have one and presented it later on to the internal security officers in Netherlands and after almost 2 days they verified it to be genuine).

My pilots where on their way to the airport so had to move fast to get hands on a lear jet! I saw the Finnish MoFA lear jet parked close to the VIP section of the airport. I had absolutely no other choice than “lend” this plane.
Just before the pilots arrived I had time to spray paint with pink colour new identity numbers on it since this was part of my plan to get a easy lift off. When the plain started and taxied towards the runway the air traffic control woke up and wanted to know what was going on. Since was an a rogue mission at this point couldn’t get official clearance so used the only trick I came up with . “This is a Polish plane and we will take off when and where we want to”. Even the controller screamed commands to stop the plane we just took off.

When in air once again made few calls and sorted out a pick up in Netherlands. Coming into Dutch air space decided not to use the Polish plan since my pilots told they will do a mayday with technical issues on board and needed an emergency landing. Since it was night I thought that they wont notice right away the pink markings on the plane and had a back up plan on this as well. Since I would be gone when the officials get a closer look at the markings it could be explained as “some one trolled the paint on the plane”.

The plane landed and taxied off the runway. At the same moment a black car in high speed came beside the plain and the pilots opened the front door while in movement. Got my backpack (don’t use a briefcase) and exited the plain almost falling on the tarmac. The car stopped and got in. The car took off with tires screaming and left the airport.

I was now on my way to first ever government meeting…

When I arrived in the meeting I was harassing the MoFA to give me green light on my ambassador position in Netherlands since I wanted to make this official. Calls went back and forth and while the meting already started I finally got the green light and could officially tell my position.

Now I was back on my way to Finland and had to come clean on “lending” the plane.
To my mistake I actually told in unsecured IRC channel that have returned the plain and all hell broke loose. Maybe I was tired after the meeting which lasted for several hours and the adrenaline rush combined make me do it.
The aftermath of this was that I still this day hear about the plane and a certain character wants me to lend this plane to him for flights to see girls all over the Erepublik. He also told me it has been involved with some activity I cant disclose here (bodily fluids involved). I saw no evidence of this kind of activity!!!
I got away with this “lending” with a slap on my hands and surely learned to hush up (failed once more what comes up later on) about the flights I make with the plain.

Later on I used the plain only once more to fly over to Netherlands and ended up to China but that’s in part 2…



Cendorr Day 1,917, 08:51

Yes yes! I have evidence that one former MoFA has brought several Singaporean girls to Finland. Im afraid I have to publish these pictures if I cant lend that plane for couple days.. just couple days and I can forget those ugly pictures...

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,917, 09:17

Please do that since I know nothing of such activity 😃

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,917, 14:31

Keep this up! Great read can't wait for part 2....

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,918, 07:14

Part 2 is a fact and maybe a part 3 but that depends on my adventures in here. Second part possible gonna test humours of some but cant please them all.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,918, 05:16

nicely written!

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,918, 07:12

I need to keep them short since I know many have short attention spans. Thank you and good if you enjoy.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker Day 1,918, 07:58

add a tl;dr on the bottom for people with short attention-spans ;p

nutty fox
nutty fox Day 1,918, 08:13

wanted to do some "light reading" before I return to patriotism or other issues. of course putting some hints on my stand in these as well. wanted to do an interview with Ellen Hoog but neither she or her manager will answer me back ;P wonder why?

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,918, 12:52

I lolled, looking forward to the next part!

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