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Cesko: vstavat, vstavat a cvicit [CZ/EN]

Day 1,576, 05:03 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic by Flamendr

Dobre poledne, pratele,

Vlastne se divim, ze jsme vubec jeste na mape... Probudme se, a pomozme zemim ktery nam pomohli, Belgie a Izrael. My jednou jim, a oni zas jednou nam... 🙂
Pro Belgii:
Pro Izrael:
Skoda, ze neslysim prezidenta, posledni dobou...

The Prague Times
Good midday, friends,

I'm surprised, that we are still on the world map... Let's wake up, and help the countries who helped us, Belgium and Izrael. We help them now, and the next time, they'll help us... 🙂
For Belgium:
For Izrael:
It's pity that I didn't see our president yet...

The Prague Times
Pro nase Slovaky: doufam ze nebudete mit zase blby keci, jako ze vypadame jako Bobek, atd...
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DEN 007
DEN 007 Day 1,576, 07:38


conta.srdr Day 1,576, 08:31

A je to z tej rozpravky? Uz som ju dlho nevidel 😉

xDammx Day 1,576, 12:16

myslim ze uz sa nemusis divit, cesko na mape nie je...podobne ako my

Red Duck
Red Duck Day 1,577, 01:02


Flamendr Day 1,577, 09:20

xDammx a conta.srdr: 'Jestli mate zajimave komentare, klidne je sem napiste.' rekl jsem ZAJIMAVE

Kaileene Day 1,577, 10:52

nezacinaj burku : ) komentare si napisat moze kazdy : ) nieco co nieje zaujimave pre teba moze byt zaujimave pre inych, sto ludi sti chuti : ) tak... tak

Karakoran Day 1,577, 17:11

How nice of the Czechs to help us. eBelgium has a long memory, we wont forget any support you lend us in our time of need.

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