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Centrelink - Updates and Competition.

Day 2,106, 12:36 Published in Australia Australia by Joey Development Scheme

Well another day another election for the people of eRepublik and it has been a wonderful week of tranquility within our community recently and for that we thank all involved.
Today's article will be the last before our end of term article which will have a full listing of every penny donated and by whom, as well as a full breakdown of the amount of tanks and food that as been sent out. We also will include figures of how much Centrelink has in surplus as well as details on how many players have become inactive or have been banned for being multiple accounts.
This article however will have urgent updates on changes to our tasks, a new competition for all players that were on the Centrelink scheme between July 2013 and August 2013 and latest news from within let's get on with it shall we?

Well the 25th was our Senate elections and you can view the full results here. At Centrelink we have to regularly send messages to new players, as well as check the egov4you website that provides us with a list of those new players that have registered within the game who we have missed. We had noticed 30+ new accounts which were all very similar and we were deeply concerned, but thankfully no PTO threat has arisen so far. Please be vigil though and congratulations to all those elected into Senate.

We have currently suspended one of the tasks - Task 6, which was to sign up to the ADF (Australian Defence Force) section on our national community forums. We regret to do this but as the ADF has had to halt its open door policy and become Invite only due to supplies running out. As soon as we know what the future situation is with regard to funding and supplies then we will either return or replace the task.

Yep, it is another chance for the eYouth of eAustralia to win 5 gold...and all you have to do is send a PM to Claire-Louise saying ''I DEMAND YOU ENTER ME NOW FOR A REWARD'', one person will be drawn at random and will be the lucky winner of the gold. That is it, no catch 22 situation...oh, but you must have been on the Centrelink scheme between July - August 2013. If only life was as easy as our competitions eh?

Again can we note that competition prizes do not come from the Centrelinks budget or donations and is donated out of the pockets of the Directors.

The below tasks are designed to help new players to eAustralia and if you complete any of these tasks then PM the Directors (listed below) and you will receive 200 Q4 food and 5 Q7 tanks for each task completed. These have been updated to include new tasks, but please...PLEASE...remember that we can only currently reward you when you have signed up to the eAustralian Forums . Posting on the forums is down to you but while we are under a PTO threat we want to make sure the supplies we send go to legal and worthy accounts. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Task 1 - Join the Australian Defence Force or any Military Unit - There are many benefits from joining a MU including doing your daily orders set by the MU. These reward you with a 100energy health bar and a bazooka to be used when you are a higher strength but for now they will be stockpiled in your storage.

Task 2 - Join a political party. Playing a part in the political side is an option open to you but if you wish to represent your country in eAustralian senate then you have to be a part of a political party. It also will open up doors to parts of our community you may miss otherwise. Parties can be found HERE

Task 3 - Reach level 15, once you've reached level 15, contact Director of Centrelink Dr Hugh Jardon or Claire-Louise and we will send you your rewards each time you inform us you have completed another task.

Task 4 - Reach level 20, again PM the people above (Task 3) for rewards.

Task 5 - Register on the eAustralian Forums and play a part in our growing community and you will meet many friendly people who are always willing to help you.

Task 6 - Once registered on the eAustralian Forums join the Australian Defence Force section. This way you can receive even more supplies and better get to know your fellow Aussies, just ask on the forums for access and it shall be granted. You might prefer to click the sexy graphic right here instead -

Task 7 - Complete 10 forum posts and include a link or a screenshot of your profile to either Centrelink Directors. The threads you post in are down to your discretion.

Task 8 - Get on IRC and speak with current Country President Flatty or Minister for Education Saiwun...don't worry they don't bite and were new players once as well.

Task 9 - Earn your first True Patriot medal. You get these by completing a certain amount of damage for your country of citizenship - eAustralia and the game will also reward you with 5 gold automatically for achieving this. With us liberating our homeland this is the perfect time to fight for eAustralia.

Task 10 - Earn 100 strength points through training each day. Remember to check your profile occasionally so you can receive your deserved reward for reaching this milestone.

Task 11 - Reach the in-game rank of Sergeant. By fighting in your Military Unit you will soon reach this rank and reap the rewards.

Task 12 - Upgrade your free training ground at least once. Strength equals damage, which leads to XP...and it is free to train. Every experienced player will tell you this is the best way to spend and invest your gold.

Task 13 - Achieve your first hard worker medal, you get a hard worker medal for working 30 days and the game mechanics itself notifies you when you have done this as well as rewards you with 5 it is win/win.

Now we know that as a new player you won't have an avatar yet, you can usually acquire one from your political party or Military Unit. In the meantime if you so wish we will be happy to provide you with one just so you can rid yourself of the horrid standard new player one that eRepublik gives all new players.

We provide a choice of three colours and you can whatever picture or design you like, and there are three examples below. So if you want one just comment below...we regularly check the comments anyway so you won't be ignored.

The below are links to valuable sources of information for eAustralians young and old, so please feel free to use them as they are there to help you.

Please subscribe to the Government Department Newspapers, Join the eAustralian Forums, and take a look at our National Library run by the Department of Human Services to aid our New Players.



Joey Development Scheme
Joey Development Scheme Day 2,106, 12:37

I believe the children are our future...etc etc etc

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,106, 12:43

BOOM SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE THE ROOM...voted in a very sexy manner.

Claire Louise
Claire Louise Day 2,106, 13:09


Awesome, as usual Hugh 😃

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Lord Calimus
Lord Calimus Day 2,106, 13:25

Hola 🙂

Riyusaky Day 2,107, 03:08

Hello there...
How you doin' ( joey's voice )

Fidel Castro died
Fidel Castro died Day 2,106, 13:26

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garpito Day 2,106, 14:39

linda iniciativa, nice firts kick dude!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,106, 15:55

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