Celebrating my 25th Anniversary.

Day 4,539, 12:43 Published in Norway Norway by Xibbard

Hello eWorld,

Today (24th April 2020, eDay 4539) I turned 25 Years old.
As such, Today i celebrate my 25th Anniversary of my Birth.

As RL Dutchie (In eNorway), We have a saying when you turn 50: ''Abraham''.
Thus from today on, I am ''Half-Abraham'' (Self-Proclaimed) (What half exactly, I am yet to figure out).

There is no Norwegian counterpart unfortunately.
However, In Norway when you turn 30 you are named a ''Peppersvenn'' (English: Pepper-Friend). Translated Norwegian Wikipedia on it: ''Pepper friend is a term for an unmarried man over 30 years.'' (Full translated Wiki: Norwegian Pepper-Friend It actually originated from Denmark!) That means, I have to hang on for 5 more Years!. (Edit: If the link does not work, Click ''Search'' Again!)

Thanks to our RL Gov's ''Stay at Home'' Campaign, I cannot receive relatives, Or any Guests to celebrate, As such, I celebrated alone today, On the phone a lot.
So i invite you all!, Here is the Cake/Pie:


What i am currently eating:


If you want a Drink, I have that as well:





(No Beer, You all still have to drive home!).

Hope you all will enjoy the party, Music can be left in the Comment-Section.
No presents needed!, Not even a Endorsement!.

If you are eNorwegian, I have a gift of you for showing up:
- 2000 Q2 Food.
- 2000 CC.

Leave a Comment, That is all you need to do to claim your Gift!.

Also Celebrating my 5th Anniversary this Month of being the eNorwegian MoI (Minister of Immigration).

Wherever you are from, I hope you have a good day!.