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Carpe diem

Day 1,974, 09:29 Published in Australia Chile by Lotheridon

I have little to say today. Incase you don't know, carpe diem translates to: "sieze the day". Exactly what this nation needs to do. Unity is strength, right? Life wasn't meant to be easy, I'll grant you that but really, it's time. Moving forward is easier said than done; we're all at different stages in our eLife.

Okay, some of us are more privileged than others - so what?

Exactly. We underestimate the power of simply being 'classed' depending on general knowledge, social prowess or damn fine grammar with bang on spelling. People get excited when they see a guy with these qualities and a little "Woah, who's this guy? when we see the opposite of those 'qualities'. There's potential in everyone - no one can deny that.

Carpe diem?

Ah, yes. Well, that all relates to 'carpe diem'. If we create a far more unified nation with parties extending an olive branch to eachother - we might be able to step up our game. I mean, really step it all up. We can take a step forward together and do something great.

Nuff with the chithat.

I want you to meet John "The Hat".

He's a nice hat and he's damn fine at co-operating, putting his mind to something, respecting others and, most importantly, doing something. Yes, he does something. He's a hat - but he can do something. Be like John "The Hat" and take a step forward.

Final notes.





Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,975, 07:42

This was tried many times, most recently under the Coalition of eAustralian Political Parties. Going by the end result it has impetus on a legislative branch level but it has been ineffective in CP races. As most of the campaign logistics and investiture in the political domain surrounds this one office (unbeknown to logic but being realistic here) this suggests by and large the country seemed to have rejected it.

Why? There's no one reason, but if there was a Top 10 list, towards the top would be the realisation that, like most things, a campaign to unite the country requires a standard bearer, at least under game mechanics if for nothing else. Unfortunately for a true unity form of government, there is a formal process of say.

Under game mechanics, touched on as above, the CP can F off the entirety of the process and be a dictator. Therefore, parties are hesitant to be active, stay active and play a central role for an act they'd likely end up being deprived of for all of their hard work. This doesn't happen to just one party - it effectively happens to all but the infectious disease that eventually plagues all who are elected to the constituency of one - the Prime Minister.

As the ancient Egyptians said .. it's cursed!

Hendaro Reo
Hendaro Reo Day 1,975, 08:37

Did you know that Winston Churchill was a white supremacist who actually was for a lot of the fascist ideals?


Mickskitz Day 1,975, 08:51

best of a bad bunch at that time though. Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini. Churchill. Who would be your pick? He was a good war time leader, and didn't let his personal ideals dictate his leadership IMO

Hendaro Reo
Hendaro Reo Day 1,975, 09:23

Adolf Hitler.
His ideas were good.
His implementations and the way he put them out weren't.

Mickskitz Day 1,975, 20:54

Not going to be able to agree with you on that for 2 main points, Aryan race and "all Jews are evil". His decision to want to reclaim former German lands because an over restrictive treaty of Versailles is understandable. That is the root of WW2 IMO as the treaty of Versailles was running Germany into the ground. Not saying they didn't deserve it at the time (because of WW1), however if you corner a rabid dog, don't be shocked if it bites you.

Hendaro Reo
Hendaro Reo Day 1,976, 02:03

His "Jews are evil" stuff was influenced by a book that someone else wrote.

He believed that Germany was mistreated in the treaty of Versailles, which was true, as a lot of the Empire's land was taken away from it after WWI. The treaty of Versailles benefited to the extreme inflation in the economy, which he fixed after he came into power.

A lot of the terrible things that he did were influenced by the people around him, even if he was a solitary person who made his own decisions in his bedroom.

Mickskitz Day 1,976, 03:35

I don't doubt that much of his actions were due to to other's influence. On a side note, I think it is impressive that I can have this rational conversation without everyone being blindsided to the traditional view that Hitler is the most evil person to have lived. There are always 2 sides to a coin, and this one is rarely talked about. However, even with the things that he was influenced by, he did try and implement some pretty dangerous concepts

Hendaro Reo
Hendaro Reo Day 1,976, 06:50

Yes. He had a plan that was never implemented due to killing himself, where he wanted to completely remodel the capitol of Germany into a super road layout like Washington D.C.'s, where his office was in the centre and all the roads ended in the centre. On the other end of each road was another government building.

He also wanted to make all the buildings into an ancient Roman-Greek architecture, which the entire plan would have costed billions of dollars.

Mickskitz Day 1,975, 20:54

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