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Captain Quark to ILP leaders: Vote The Psych0?

Day 1,812, 03:56 Published in Ireland Ireland by Comrade Lovely

Since Conway unilaterally accepted his CS request from eUSA, Captain Quark aka Chickenguys (he had to name change such was his reputation) has been the subject of articles by eIrish citizens (see here and here) highlighting his attempts to buy influence by distributing free food. This is the same person who gave SAWC his CS pass to eUSA after he robbed us of 3 million CC.

Well, this morning we had another reminder of what Quark is about. Logging into eRepublik, myself, Liam the other ILP vPP and WHS the ILP/IFP CP candidate received the following, presumably sent to all eIrish citizens:

“Greetings Comrade Lovely,

The reason I am writing to you is to ask for your support on election day! The Psych0 is running for President and we need him to win. His skills are the skills we need to get Ireland back on track to prosperity. Obviously this is a very difficult time for Ireland so we need great leadership!

Please Read his latest article!

Thank you

With Love,
-Captain Qwark”

Shuddering aside at the 'With Love' sign-off: there is something worth remarking here. The relative merits of WHS and The Psych0 notwithstanding, how can Quark be taken seriously and lobby on behalf of one candidate and not another when he doesn't even know who's running in the election?! As Ian Coleman has said elsewhere, this is an election and everybody has a right to campaign irrespective of which side they belong to. I agree. But I think Quark's fundamental ignorance of who even the main candidates are and yet mass PMs all of eIreland is indicative of a person who has a formulaic strategy of self-promotion: latch on to an influential player, peddle influence and buy popularity to further their own agenda.

Of course, it's up to the Psych0 whether he wants to pal around with Captain Quark, but for the rest of us, I think it's pretty obvious that whatever Quark's agenda is, it's not in our collective eIrish interests.



Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,812, 03:57


irishbhoy1967 Day 1,812, 04:14

joseph fritzl messaged me last night asking me to vote WHS

moomoohead Day 1,812, 04:41

Everyone in IFP got this measage too, instead of helping MUFC it hurts him. No one questions MUFC ability, energy, or commitment. What some IFP members question is can we trust him, he sometimes assosiates himself with shaddy citizens. I am not saying MUFC is shaddy himself. Having some one with a checkerd past who is in the country less then a week plays into peoples miss trust. He hurt MUFC, does not help him in the IFP.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,812, 05:47

Ye we all got that.

You shouldn't assume Quark doesn't know the candidates well. As you pointed out: the guy has been around forever under different incarnations. He could very well know about our candidates as well as anyone. Why should your 40day eIrish knowledge/xp be more credible than that of someone with years of international knowledge/xp?

I'm not a Quark booster, like I said in a previous article everything should be scrutinized.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,812, 06:07

*lobby on behalf of one candidate and not another when he doesn't even know*
[their performance histories]

"fundamental ignorance"
[of erep mechanics and candidates' behaviour, due to lacking xp]

"latch on to an influential player"
[like the head of Ireland's largest political party]

How easily your own phrases might reflect urself also, to seem "indicative of a person who has a formulaic strategy of self-promotion".

Think your intention here was good, but not your approach.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,812, 06:10

Haha very good point Sweet..

"latch on to an influential player"
[like the head of Ireland's largest political party]" - Lold caz it's the whole of ILP

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,812, 06:21

You're aware that comments like that aren't doing your point of view any favours aren't you OJ?

chickensguys Day 1,812, 06:32

Or I supported someone who I thought would do a better a job. I have talked to both candidates on many different occasions and it was clear that one person had substantially more experience than the other. Since Ireland is in a great need of help, I simply doing my part as a Citizen.

Nice conspiracy theory though

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,812, 06:41

ILP have been messaging all citizens of Ireland numerous times and noone ever said a thing cept that's a good way to promote ur ideas. Why are you pissed now?

I even remember whs messaged me twice in one day to vote for ILP candidate.

That's a script to PM all citizens of Ireland, nothing more.

MrConway Day 1,812, 07:46

ILP messages new players to join them.

Whats your problem?

I enjoy your pick pick pieces of information.

If you want to learn good propaganda I'm sure I can teach you.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,812, 11:43

Conway you are the only one who has been proved to be a thief of country treasury since you addmited.

You took 200 000 iep and some fence sitter claim you returned 100 000...

Where is the rest thief?

Fcking traitor...

Seamus Kellie
Seamus Kellie Day 1,812, 14:20


Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,813, 00:44

Yeah. I think consensus is that Quark's message massively pissed people off. There's a difference between political parties mass-PMing people and a known troublemaker who has been parachuted into eIreland who asks a CP candidate to vote for his opponent.

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,813, 01:20

No, it just massively pissed off people who support WHS, or at least that's the party line on this one.

This is nothing and is not even worthy of an article. Yet you somehow try to turn it into some shit to throw. Then claim it's not an election article when it so clearly is.

Focus on how you're gonna improve Ireland. You have a lot to prove with all this talk you been doin' for a noob. You have done nothing of note so far. This article is certainly one to forget.

Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,813, 02:05

Ibhoy - you mad bro?

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,813, 03:21

"Yeah. I think consensus is that Quark's message massively pissed people off. There's a difference between political parties mass-PMing people and a known troublemaker who has been parachuted into eIreland who asks a CP candidate to vote for his opponent."

You piss people off aswell, you're annoying to 60% of people here, you're also parachuted into Ireland and ur publishing articles about CP elections.

Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,813, 03:35

The Psych0 - don't be butthurt just because you got into bed with the wrong person. As moo commented above, you're known for getting too close to the wrong people. Don't take it out on me when your new boyfriend tries to buy people's love with a few Q4 food handouts and a mis-directed mass PM that backfires because he claims to know what's best for Ireland but can't even identify who the CP candidates are, let alone the leadership of the opposition parties.

New Zertaxia
New Zertaxia Day 1,813, 07:33

lol, Uropa, you used 'butthurt' in a (semi-serious) argument. I think you have to turn in your Very Smart Person Card...

Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,813, 08:36

I am communicating in the idiom to which they are accustomed.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,813, 08:42

You are aware your (now elected) CP candidate got into bed with SAWC, helped make him a CP candidate. Helped get him access to the national treasury... which he stole...

Do we really want to go the 'guilt by association' route?

Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,813, 08:52

Sure Sweet, let's have that conversation. Not wanting to speak for WHS, but as I understand it he supported SAWC until a time when his nefariousness became apparent upon which he dropped him as the ILP CP candidate and subsquently denounced him. SAWC then robbed the treasury. ILP ppl were wrong to initially trust him, but did so ignorant of his previous misdeeds.

Quark is a known bad egg who since coming here has only tried to buy people's influence. Do you see the difference?

MrConway Day 1,813, 09:35

Sawc came here as a known bad egg.
Sawc bought peoples influence
Got kicked out of the ICA.
Got cosy with the ILP.
Became CP candidate and robbed Ireland.

Since you've come here you have accused Saoirse as multi's.
Try to influence people into joining ILP.

Quark knows who the candidates where, there is a thing known as a script which messages all citizens. Anyone outside of Ireland, outside of your little ILP circle knows MUFC was best for Ireland.

MrConway Day 1,813, 09:38


all part of this ILP/IFP group that runs for President to stop Saoirse/old ICA getting into power. Its a known fact if you follow Irish politics. The presidents above have been some of the worst we have ever had. Yes they are all nice guys and put on a "unity" and "lets rebuild" face but what have they done to back this up.

This month alone WHS showed he didn't want Saoirse in power by refusing to accept TP for CP as of the number of Saoirse in his cabinet.

MrConway Day 1,813, 09:41

WHS was never planning on running for CP. Nogin was running but if she didn't pull out WHS never would have run, the ILP would have voted for IFP and that is fact.

The Irish public need to wake up and see the hypocrisy that you guys have, you claim to represent unity and equality but its far from it. WHS only got into office because people said Ireland needed change. Well Ireland needs change now. Previous administrations have failed us.

So tell me what have they done worth your vote?

MrConway Day 1,813, 09:42

Your going to say that this is all butthurt. But it is more just rage that yet again, the majority of the population has decided to vote not for the better candidate, simply because of who he has association with.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,813, 13:06

Ignorance is not a virtue nor an excuse.
The manner in which that government handled security wouldn't be acceptable, regardless of who was in the cabinet.

Apparently the entire ILP was the last ppl to know about SAWC's past.
Such poor knowledge of international affairs in your own hemisphere is shocking.
Such poor knowledge of affairs in your own party is mind blowing.

The reason nobody warned ILP about SAWC is nobody considered such a level of ignorance possible.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,813, 13:17

After the event, the party response has been:
"we were tricked"
"we won't let it happen again"
"if you guys knew you shoulda told us"

Being easily tricked isn't acceptable in leadership
It's leaderships job to prevent it from happenning the first time
We now feel like we have to babysit your party's affairs if you can't monitor it yourself.

This is why for the first time in all my years here, I've become an opponent of a political party.
Your system needs to change

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Day 1,813, 14:38

shame on u!!!

Mufc just published an article why he's a better candidate and u didn't find anything better and published this shit. it's called dirty election tricks.


sorry for caps

Tibulus Day 1,813, 15:59

"mass PMs all of eIreland is indicative of a person who has a formulaic strategy of self-promotion"

You say that like it's a bad thing, and yet WHS is the only person who sends me generic messages at every election.....

Comrade Lovely
Comrade Lovely Day 1,813, 16:44

Dirty election tricks... Saoirse multis vent your faux rage at the coalface of my little read article.

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