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In recent times there has been a lot of talk about this games 'desire for Gold'. I've been following the worldwide campaign to bring this to the admins attension. This is quite a long article so if you make it to the bottom well done sir!

Who let the Gold out?

Desire for Gold


Players want to buy Gold. At the moment there is a massive desire for this. You only have to look at the monetary market to see that you will have to pay more currency to get Gold, than Gold to get currency. This is because there is far more currency floating around than Gold.

Why is this? Well I'll get on to that later.


The game designers have designed a system that makes it possible to take Gold out of the game through purchasing perks. The admins have recently increased these options that help you to spend your Gold in a non-reversable way (Gold goes out of the cycle of money/erepublik system) and there have been ongoing options that have helped drain stocks over time. However with people tanking heavily (and many people tanking too) or training with Lana using Gold - Gold reserves get depleated.

Currency used to be purchased using Gold, then Gold purchased for currency, but recently the balance between the demand for Gold and currency was upset.

What is the effect of a lack of Gold?

In short, it means the value of currency drops. Gold is the 'resource' that provides worth to currencies so when Gold stocks drop, so does the worth of currency.

What is causing this?

Well the balance of value has been upset by heavy tanking and strength training (money going out), without Gold coming into the game. So there are two potential causes:

1. To much Gold being spent.
2. Not enough Gold being made.

What can be done to help the situation?

I'll break this down into two sections, input and output (of Gold).


- Invite friends to the game (a bit of a catch 22 situation I know as why would people want to join a failing game? well to some extent yes, but if people help make babies then much needed Gold is brought into the game).

- Work 30 days in a row.

- Get that media mogal award.

- Buy Gold for Euros.

- Level up when you can by fighting many times daily rather than with weapons (aimed at lower leveled players).

- Whatever else I've not mentioned that creates Gold.

If we work together we can fix this.


This can be done quicker and more easily than changing input.

- Put any unused or unprofitable companies on sale at a reasonable price, this will stop people making a new company and helping make the situation worse.

- Avoid making companies, buy existing ones off the market.

- Avoid strength training where possible, as I said above: invite friends. I have and it helps my training bonus so I don't need to pay to get strength at a more rapid rate.

- Don't make military units - join one instead.

- Take over an unused political party or join an existing one and work your way up instead of making a new one.

- Make sure you don't donate to parties - they can't use the Gold.

- DON'T TANK - instead take that Gold, change it to currency, buy weapons and food and distribute it to young players. This will keep young players interested, support the economy, increase damage on the battlefield and make you feel pretty damn good inside.

Admins and what they can do

I recognise admins have taken steps to potentially limit the decline of currency with moves like:

- MPP's costing currency
- Some companies costing currency
- Storage available in both currency and Gold
- Land costing currency (I'm not sure if this money goes to the government)

I appologise if I have missed any.

However I feel there are further steps admins should consider taking such as:

- Limmiting the number of wellness boxes available per day
- Making training available in currency rather than Gold
- Making it possible to sell companies for less than 90% of the original cost
- Make it possible to disolve companies at the cost of creation
- Refund newspapers (if requested)
- Go back to the system of receiving 5 Gold when you level up rather than 1 Gold

Feel free to add to the list I suggested.

To conclude

There are actions that both players and admins can take to help insure the long term prosperity of this game. This game is both about the community and the profitablity of the game for the owners. Admin team if there is a place on your team for a person who wants to make a difference drop me a message.

Support and Translation

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