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Canada, Poland, EDEN, and the US

Day 870, 21:18 Published in Poland Canada by Jacobi

I'm not Polish, but I did think this mug rocked.

I read Cerber’s article today, where I discovered that apparently I have the ability to cause a world spanning alliance to cater to my whims. Let me assure you, I do not. Beyond boosting my ego, the article was another shot across the bow in the war of words that have characterized the relationship of the United States with the rest of EDEN. Unfortunately the problem with all of this is that everyone thinks they have a grievance with the other party and in a situation where everyone believes they are right everyone usually loses.

Cerber has every right to be unhappy as a person who has contributed immensely to the foundation of the EDEN and as a soldier who fought for the freedom of the United States. I can’t say I was happy with the US decision to pull out and I think it spoke to the relative maturity that recriminating withdrawal was taken as the path of least resistance. It would have been harder to overcome our differences but it would have prevented. It’s a testament as to how the bad things in a relationship can overcome the monumental good we did as an alliance in the summer.

But I cannot say that Canada is exactly a happy country with EDEN either. Cerber mentioned in his article that I forced EDEN to attack the United Kingdom against his wishes. I am sad that it has not been mentioned that Canada pushed so strongly for that because we had activated MPPs from the entirety of Phoenix in order to save the French campaign. Canada put itself out for Poland and Spain under the assumption that our allies would help us with our situation, since we rescued theirs. When it became evident that we could not count on our allies for support when it came to things we wanted to do it was an extremely disappointing day. However, we moved on. Ultimately we knew that if push came to shove Spain and Poland would defend us if the worst did happen.

This is the one thing that has saddened me throughout what we’ve seen in the media and with the US withdrawal is a loss of confidence in the ability of EDEN to hold itself together. As has been said eventually even the most glorious of Empires fall, but for us to participate in the division of this alliance on the eve of V2 with all the strategic implications that are at play. We could have resolved this behind closed doors, as adults, and moved on. For whatever reason we did not and we are paying the price for it. After all, what truly has Poland gained from losing the US as an ally? What has the US gained by losing you?

Maybe that’s the way that alliances go when they start becoming offensive alliances instead of purely defensive. It is always harder to convince nations to help another country invade rather than defend. But standing united now, more than any other point in our history these last 8 months, is critical to every EDEN country’s future.

In V2 Canada will be one of the very few countries with Titanium, and as such will become an important strategic holding for the alliance. And unfortunately there has been some speculation that Canada will leave EDEN entirely and join the US led alliance monogamously. Yes, Canada has a special relationship, a brolliance, with the United States. Under fire together, we fought and bled for our homelands side by side, its an experience that won’t be taken away. We will always stand with the America, but let me say this unequivocally:

Poland and Canada will remain allies as long as Poland wishes to be so.

Poland will have access to Canadian titanium, as long as Canada controls titanium.

Canada will not leave EDEN for another alliance.

Canada has not forgot the sacrifices made by Poland and the very fact that we owe our liberation to many EDEN countries. Beyond current differences between friends, it is easy for me as the President during WWIII to remember how supportive Poland was for us and what your true friendship means. You did not have to help us, but you did.

And my ideal scenario would be for us to sit down, and even if EDEN cannot welcome back the United States into the alliance, that we continue and remain as an alliance to have military relationships with the United States. Whatever the personal differences, we must work together to resolve them maturely and quickly. Going into V2 as a team, all of us, is in every countries best interest, Poland, the US, and Canada.

We have common history, mutual interests and shared goals. And for what its worth, Poland and the United States have common history, mutual interests and shared goals. Whatever happens in the future, believe me when I say that Canada will remain at your side and I know you’ll stand by our side too.

6 time President of Canada
Former EDEN Distinguished Advisor


Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 870, 21:19

EDEN nations wanted to invade us; would you want to stick around in an alliance like that?

Spencer Magee
Spencer Magee Day 870, 21:19

Talk about being let down by your allies. Help them out and they leave you in the dust.

decisiv Day 870, 21:22

nice article Jacobi !

GLaDOS Day 870, 21:23

I knew it was you, you wombat you!!!

Ace_Blazer Day 870, 21:25

Contrary to some peoples beliefs, we CAN stay in EDEN and remain bros with the US, and we WILL be stronger for it. We must not forget who our real enemies are.

Collin Roche
Collin Roche Day 870, 21:27

Voted for truth.

NXNW Day 870, 21:32

Nice article Jacobi.

And the US withdrawal from EDEN in no way impacts the ability of other countries to do as they wish. For the record the US has stated we will honor MPPs and send mobile forces. I again mention how the US was the #1 damage contributor in the effort to get Finland back on the map. People don't have to believe what is written but those numbers don't lie.

At any rate I look forward to a productive relationship with anyone who is willing to meet the US 1/2 way, that is all we ask.

Dr_Revenue Day 870, 21:34

Euros see it as sitting on two chairs at the same time.

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 870, 21:35

>At any rate I look forward to a productive relationship with anyone who is willing to meet the US 1/2 way, that is all we ask.


Chocolate McSkittles
Chocolate McSkittles Day 870, 21:35

The reason americas so pissed at poland at the moment is very much tied into the half-truths and propaganda being spread by the polish government at the moment (like the fact that you pushed to invade, but failing to mention the reason).

Afanasiy Drago
Afanasiy Drago Day 870, 21:36

more like jabrobi

Buck Roger
Buck Roger Day 870, 21:55


Gofarman Day 870, 22:12

Nicely written, sums up my opinion must neater then I could have.

Carr De Vaux
Carr De Vaux Day 870, 22:13

jacobi - try as you may - sometimes you can't have the best of both worlds. simply put - if both ePoland and eUSA wants to rent out your titanium - who would get it?

Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen Day 870, 22:38

How about they just keep their titanium? Makes things much more simple 🙂

Chamrajnagar Day 870, 22:43


Muhamad Giri
Muhamad Giri Day 870, 22:57

i doubt US will let canada keep their titanium alone, you guys definitely want to taste some of their titanium too 😃

TaiwanPanda Day 870, 23:03

Hear Hear! o7

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 870, 23:48

@Carr: you're assuming Canada wants to rent one of its' regions.

Bad assumption.

If Canada doesn't want to rent any of its' regions, any true ally of Canada will respect that.

Maximilian Day 871, 00:13

Carr De Vaux: Start a company -> Buy market license to X country.

Easy as that.

eStriko Day 871, 00:27

Penix propaganda!

erauntsi Day 871, 00:37

I´ve already seen too much blabla about this BS. in an alliance you can't please all the people all of the time but Phoenix will run over all our countries if we don´t stick together..

by a strange coincidence there are always the big countries the ones moaning. is this because they feel special and more important than the others..?

follow the example of our faithful scandinavian countries, they are playing their role, having fun and doing a fantastic game..

Arato Day 871, 01:29

Guys, do as you said, sit down, talk and get to something.

silgur Day 871, 01:34

Well said, voted

Adelante88 Day 871, 02:16


Your propaganda wont work, try to find eUSA here: <a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

Raw784 Day 871, 04:29


Tankred Day 871, 04:30


Dr.Pain Day 871, 04:44


nekhomanta Day 871, 05:40

Thanks for explanations. Let's keep our alliance and friends like USA together. Kill the Trolls!

Haptoh Day 871, 05:46

&quot;Astra Kat G
9 hours ago

EDEN nations wanted to invade us; would you want to stick around in an alliance like that?&quot;
holy sht you are still thinking about the april fools joke? 😐

Aurelius Ambrosius
Aurelius Ambrosius Day 871, 06:04

Carr comes from the initial position that the eUS is inherently evil. From that position it is easy to assume that the eUS is not a good ally and would take titanium from its ally no matter its wishes.

However, I respectfully hold a different opinion of my country. We support national integrity. Though we would be willing to rent it if it were offered; the eUS would always respect Canada's desire for national integrity. Canada's titanium will go to--or not go to--anyone Canada desires.

triplzero Day 871, 07:34

Great article, Jacobi. As always, your perspective is very insightful. It is too bad that the US left Eden (my personal opinion), though I do not think that the US is entirely to blame. But the simple truth is, if we're going to fend off Phoenix, we all still need each other.

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 871, 13:46

&gt;holy sht you are still thinking about the april fools joke? 😐

It's not an April Fool's joke. It went to EDEN leadership first, who didn't do anything, and then was publicly published; only at that point did EDEN start to argue about it.

Rosso Day 871, 18:13

I support Canada
great hockey team 😃

Michal Paluszkiewicz
Michal Paluszkiewicz Day 872, 02:00

Nice article

Zelja Day 872, 03:41

lol @ bad propaganda by some people, poland/spain or any other eden country would never invade USA, some people go around and use every dumb thing someone posts as their proof of some huge conspiracy , afc they only pick dumb posts which suits their agenda/theory...

stop with that bs you are boring us to death

lee-oon Day 872, 07:11


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