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Canada's crumbling infrastructure

Day 1,964, 17:33 Published in Canada Spain by SSPoseidon


Date Published: April 6, 2013 Day 1 964

As you all know, Canada has infrastructure that is currently crumbling. This is mainly because it was built cheaply and hasn't been improved since. But things will get worse because now that we aren't true Canadians, our contacts with the asphalt and concrete companies have been cut off. And Spain doesn't seem interested in helping the land it took over, so we must really fight them off because they are all lazy.

I mean, if your'e going to take over a big territory, you really want to have a plan to help that new territory or else there will be revolts. And that is what is happening, so we should prepare ourselves to say "GOODBYE SPAIN"!

And Spain really shouldn't have taken us over because we don't even have the same currency. So too many things are different between the two.
(I know that all countries have different currencies but we are two countries across oceans, so there are a lot of differences)

Anyway, once Canada becomes a country once more, we can get our contacts again and we can start fixing all of those potholes again.

I know that we cant really fix the infrastructure in the game, but it would be cool if we could.

Keep on joining the Quebec resistance.
1000 CAD dollars is all you need.

Thank you for reading



Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,964, 18:21

"because we don't even have the same currency"

currency? what currency? CAD is identical to ESP, which is identical to USD, and so on

Nolan Pitler
Nolan Pitler Day 1,965, 04:42


Lucan Day 1,965, 05:25

I read and reread this about 4 times and still can't learn anything useful


Plugson Day 1,965, 09:42

Fritzhill fills potholes with dead Spaniards.
Problem solved on two fronts.

Venerable One Day 1,966, 06:39

Comment deleted

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,966, 07:51

The infrastructure is fine, it never decays. It's the energy, or economic bonuses, that are below par and they can be fixed by regaining regions.

J.Canuck Day 1,966, 09:43

I've fallen into a pothole and can't get up!

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