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Calling All Patriots!

Day 1,828, 12:12 Published in North Korea Nigeria by Bob Wu

All patriots who actually want a shot at congress join this party:
Alan Wong has taken over The Commoner's Revolution, and surely won't give us seats there.
We can come back to our party when we are done.



Shyran Day 1,828, 12:19

Voted Hard!!
As a old founder of the WPK in 2010,I call all the eNorth Korean communists and patriots to join the Korean Patriotic Front against the chinese occupation!!
We need to regroup ALL for defend the independence of our motherland in the next congress!


Natan Ne
Natan Ne Day 1,828, 13:29

Boa sorte.

SocratesGroucho II
SocratesGroucho II Day 1,828, 15:07


Alan Wong
Alan Wong Day 1,828, 15:40

Well did I said I won't give you seats? You never asked. Don't blame me.

Shyran Day 1,828, 16:25

Nobody wants your seats,we want a free eNorth Korea!

Kim jong Pak
Kim jong Pak Day 1,828, 18:07

V & S

Alan Wong
Alan Wong Day 1,828, 19:08

Shut the f*** up. You are not even North Korean.

Kinjiro Tachibana
Kinjiro Tachibana Day 1,828, 19:31

Ohaa eNorth Korea! You guys are like having a civil war over here, too bad some people can't understand whats a game and whats not, for a reason Alan Wong he wrote "e" "eNorth Korea" common sense you know? obviously he aint North Korean in real life, common sense is what every human being has, unless you lost it 🙂

Well good luck eNorth Koreans with the Chinese, hope you succeed :3

KevinYu Day 1,829, 23:13

Hi, Bob, I am here, Could you add me to the candidate list? Thanks in advance. You know who am I.

KevinYu Day 1,829, 23:15

Let beat Heishoumei Down to earth, we worth their respect~! xxxddd

Shyran Day 1,829, 04:06

Alan Wong Shut the f*** up YOU,I was eNorth Korean along time ago before you:

Since september of 2009 as u can see,if I dont have the citizenship actually is because YOU and YOUR friends are a f*** PTOers and a lot of people go out from eNK cause that!

Alan Wong
Alan Wong Day 1,829, 04:38

Lol u are proving that u throw enk away when enk is weak. Bye Betrayer.

Shyran Day 1,829, 04:44

me betrayer??? jajaja shut up chinese and respect the other people who pay for found a political party,like Bob wu,u are only a PTOer,u are a trully traitor,so shut up.

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,829, 07:40

KevinYu, candidacy for what?

Alan Wong
Alan Wong Day 1,829, 08:29

Calling all multis?! lol

Shyran Day 1,829, 09:06

I dont know who is this guy,I dont use multi-accounts.

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,829, 16:00

Yeah... A R A G O R N was just a political opportunist from the start.

KevinYu Day 1,829, 18:56

@Bob, congressman, president, anyone is acceptable.

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,830, 06:28

Congress, sure, but you have to listen to what we tell you to do.

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,830, 06:30

And also, why should we let you be in congress?

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