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Call for Chile and Australian Non-Aggression Pact dispute Mediation

Day 1,897, 02:47 Published in Australia Australia by Australian Foreign Affairs

Australia formally declare dispute in the Chile and Australian Non-Aggression Pact.

Australia formally requests a meeting between the treaty parties (Chile and Australia) and counter signatories (CoT, Brazil and USA) to make an arbitration ruling on the Chile-Australian disputes.

We invoke Clause IV. and call CoT, Brazil and USA to arbitrate as counter signatories and monitors.

Both nations agree that CoT, USA and Brazil will monitor and counter sign this agreement ensuring that both Chile and Australia continue to abide by the terms of this agreement. Both countries understand that it is impossible to ensure that all Citizens of their nation meet the terms and conditions of this agreement, but will ensure that their own Defence Forces Personnel are ordered to fight correctly under the terms of this agreement.

To date, wild accusations have been flying around in the media inflamed by Argentine RW actions. Both nations have taken regrettable unilateral actions in response. There has been no formal meeting involving all parties to resolve them.

It is not up to any one party to decide the validity of points of grievance.

We are both obviously are biased to our own position. This is why the treaty has mediators and counter-signatories.

You do not play a fair game of football without a referee.

Let us resolve these matters as intended by the treaty instead of carving out our own flawed vigilante justice. We are both civilised nations ruled by law. Allow justice to prevail.

Your truly,

Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Your Australian Department of Foreign Affairs Team
Country President Xavier Griffith
Vice President Molly Jo
Minister of Foreign Affairs (General) Majester
Minister of Foreign Affairs (Asia-Pacific) Binda33
Minister of Foreign Affairs (Americas) witherd1
Minister of Foreign Affairs (Europe, Middle East, Africa) argi the eliminator
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs roboz
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Louise Brooks
Director of Ambassadors James Rellori

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C P ENRIQUE Day 1,897, 03:01

I think the Argentines DEPRESS HAVE STICK.

Binda33 Day 1,897, 04:54

I would like to see some mediation with ALL parties attending.

Hernu said this game is dead
Hernu said this game is dead Day 1,897, 04:56

Jajajaja too cowards. Australia stop crying and fight for your freedom and nation, shame of you if you dont fight for your country and honor.

Amalia Pertiwi
Amalia Pertiwi Day 1,897, 05:29

Australia stop crying... jajajaaa

Minino. Day 1,897, 05:33

Pillo sitio.

invaluable Day 1,897, 05:34

Look who's talking, lol, the turkentinians who are changing alliances right after they get wiped off the map, blaming the rest for their own mistakes. Go back to your holes, rats!

Arcelven Day 1,897, 05:35

Cry me baby.

Stolch Day 1,897, 05:57

This is in stark contrast to the previous article..... which leaves me puzzled, the hole month your CP has been beating the ar drums and taking an incisively agressive position towards CoT and now you ask for it to mediate.....

The only question is hat do you hope to achieve, get allies fighting each other or really are seeking mediation. Hopefully it is the latter and not the former as has been all month long.

Kucing Imut
Kucing Imut Day 1,897, 06:27

well you guys better hurry, or....

Majester Day 1,897, 07:49

Australia have disputes with Chile's adherence to the Treaty.
Chile have disputes with Australia's adherence to the Treaty.

Australia accept that the validity of disputes is not ours to decide unilaterally. When one-on-one meetings keep failing, we take it to the mediators. This we have done twice now. This is exactly why we agreed to have CoT, Brazil and USA appointed as mediators. Neither Chile nor Australia are in a position to arbitrate a dispute justly because we are personally involved.

The question is, do Chile accept the rule of law or not? Their recent articles imply they are not. Their reputation is not ours to impinge. We can only leave justice resolution to the mediators now.

Majester Day 1,897, 07:58

If CoT did give Indonesia permission, then Australia can only be disappointed and assume Chile also gave Indonesia permission to invade in contravention of the Treaty. We hate to think that a moderator of the Treaty would force a signatory to violate it. The implications are disturbing for the alliance a the respect for law breaks down.

If CoT did not give Indonesia permission, then it is up to them to deal with an errant member who is publicly undermining their authority and violating the CoT Charter.

a h a s r a p
a h a s r a p Day 1,897, 08:52

it's hard to live in this world.
poor eAustralia.

Sir Algaroth
Sir Algaroth Day 1,897, 08:53

Jajajajajaja Majester fail again.

Good move again 😃. You sell ur country, leave ur friends behind and blame them for ur fails and now ur paying for ur arrogance.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,897, 13:25

Australia has friends??

Maybe Greece & South Africa. I cannot remember us selling them

Majester Day 1,897, 13:53

Which friends would that be, Sir Algaroth? The guys who deliberately trapped a country 16x our size within our borders and laughed while we were slaughtered?

PsyCokenin Day 1,897, 14:12

It's an option

Icetek Day 1,897, 15:30

No country will help eAUS as long as i have a say in it. Let me know when your figure out who i am.

WageSlave Day 1,897, 15:54

^a child?

Stolch Day 1,897, 17:32


I understand you might have been used to an alliance where the HQ orders the member around as before leaving EDEN that was the only alliance Australia was a part of. Cot is not like that.

Furthermore, do please be busy with analyzing your own countries position and diplomatic stance and conduct and do not perceive yourself in the position to tell the members of an alliance you have no association to how they should act internally, interpret their own charter and conduct their military campaigns.

It might come as a big surprise to your bloated ego, however any war with Australia does not fall into the "major campaign" column and each country withint CoT has the right to engage in military operations as they see fit.

The fact that Chile and CoT in general actually did not support an aggressive move by Indonesia in the past was entirely out of good faith on their part and not due to any obligation to holy australia.

By the way Australia was the one and only dominated country in this game that got a deal which was going to lead to it's full freedom, all others are in a very much precarious situation, yet the choice of your CP and government was to be hostile and attempt to provoke first Indonesia and then Chile in the hope of driving a wedge between CoT and USA and Brazil so that USA and Brazil would side with you to beat up on CoT.

Clever plan with entertaining execution however non the less a complete bust.

When you try to spin everyone into a web, usually you fall into your own web at the end. Even Romper found that out, so I'm still incredulous what made you people think you can do it and actually succeed and get away with it.

Now instead of continuing to dig yourself deeper and deeper, so that successive governments will not be able to dig you out, better face reality. The alliance you're so blatantly attacking has 3 countries bordering you directly and 1 indirectly and your only other border is Brazil, this is the wrong move....

Manrod78 Day 1,897, 18:42

eAustralia... it's too late to apologize.... tooooo laaaaaate!

Majester Day 1,897, 22:33

How is being prepared to write off Qld, NSW, Vic, WA and possibly Tas permanently so that CoT can have good bonuses undermining? Our requests to Chile have has not been about sacrificing regions to an alliance we have worked hard to join (we grudgingly accept the price for the common good) -- but rather how to optimise the distribution of resources so that everyone gains and Australia isn't unneccesarily disadvantaged to no purpose. The proposals have extended to include sharing our bounty with Indonesia (and even New Zealand) to increase CoT's total effectiveness. All we get back is resistance and "it not possible".
There is no point in Australia joining CoT unless we can also contribute and be proud of it. How is that wrong?

We have been met by empathy and enthusiasm on one level and rebutted then a wall for distrust, demand diplomacy, and closed communication at the next. Its perplexing and confusing.

We lost the war. We adjusted our expectations. We embraced a CoT future which growing enthusiasm as the potential sunk in. But now we are expected to accept being a scapegoat for ills and interference not of our doing? How does that help Australia integrate into an alliance we share so much common experience with? How is that home?

When we signed the treaty we had nothing to lose. CoT offered a common future with previous rivals. The prospect was more than a little exciting to not be constantly bombarded from all sides by enemies avaricious of our resources. We dropped all our objectionable EDEN MPPs and tried movin our stack... only to be refused MPPs out of fear. We now stand accused of not having enough CoT MPPs.

Frankly, our biggest mistake is embracing the change faster than our new allies can adjust to the new paradigm. Its slow. Its frustrating. Our neighbours clearly need time to see the bright future we pursue with them -- and we are clearly impatient to get there. We will persevere because it is ultimately a good thing.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,898, 06:13

All else fails we just go back to bankrupting countries. Hell lets be honest, that's a lot more fun.

Majester Day 1,898, 08:06

Its easy to forget why Aus was considered for CoT after a month of Chile dominating Arg.

Valentyme Day 1,898, 12:40

And if Australia is found guilty of breaking the treaty Australia admit that it is in the wrong?

stump1100 Day 1,898, 12:42

We should just stop trying to cosy up to anyone and forget alliances - fat lot of good they have done so far! How about just withdrawing to eAus and concentrate on being an absolute pain in the arse defender and give anyone who wants our land a hard time. We may not win but we will have some integrity - which is more than I can say now.

Icetek Day 1,898, 15:38

eAustralia will never admit there wrong. Its one of the perks of being a selfish country.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,898, 17:21

valentyme, are you expecting a unbiased arbitration?

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,899, 00:17

"And if Australia is found guilty of breaking the treaty Australia admit that it is in the wrong? "

LOL of course it was in the wrong. A senior eAus cabinet member leaked logs to one of the main signatories shortly into the term exposing cabinet officials inflaming eIndonesia and trying to tie the eIndonesian situation to eChile as a way to get signatories to intervene on eIndo and CoT.

Friends my foot!

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