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CAF War Effort - Additional Supplies

Day 1,913, 11:27 Published in Canada USA by Michael 23

It’s a hard time now during eSpain’s occupation of eCanada. Our resource bonuses are not there, production is low and so are salaries. This coupled with drying government reserves leaves less for supplies and a greater need for additional war efforts. With generous donations from many CAF veterans and myself we are bringing you additional supply in the form of 20 Q7 tanks and 2000 energy. Please fill in the form below to receive your 20 Q7 tanks and 2000 energy. CAF soldiers only.

You can re-apply at least once a week since we don’t know how many people will be requesting supplies but please do since I have lots of tanks and food to give away both from my own supply and from the generous donations of our donors. I really urge you all who need supplies to please fill out the form. On top of that you can always send me a PM from time to time and I’ll send you 10 Q7 tanks. Both the additional supplies offer and the PM for additional tanks applies to CAF soldiers only.

Please fill in the form here for more supplies:

As a note even though government reserves have dried up somewhat along with MU Funding the CAF should know that we will continue supplying our soldiers. I will make sure that supplies go out even if I need to cover them during my term at my post. We need to bridge this difficult period until we return to the map once again.

Note: All tank and food rewards are for CAF soldiers only.

Note: BH as well as kill count rewards are still active for the next two months in the article:

Note: Our food and tanks rewards are courtesy of the generous donations by Xyzal666, Archangel, Jsboutinand Technician.



masterplaster24 Day 1,913, 13:32


George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,913, 13:56

Props to the donors!

bgc_fan Day 1,913, 15:30

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Zordacz Day 1,914, 11:23

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Unum Day 1,914, 12:41

Thanks guys!

vnathanahl Day 1,924, 09:32

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