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Cabinet, Sutler, Final thoughts, Beer, everything a title needs.

Day 1,872, 12:35 Published in Canada Canada by chewytaz

Written in Shyriiwook (Wookiee-speak) which translates into “I think my arm has been pulled out of the socket, I can't reach that.”
For those who don’t get the joke wookiees can pull off arms. Beware.

Big thanks to Wally who made this graphic I you!

*NOTe* The title lies I dont have beer, but instead I have nearly naked women and the other stuff.

I never do music to set in the mood. But deciding on this gem was a no-brainer. A blue tiger was my old avatar, title of the newspaper is Eye of the Tiger. Of course this has to be the song for the article

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

So I was going to create a clever and witty acronym or abbreviation, but so far nothing, so I'll think about it but nothing yet.

*EDIT just need to come up with a good word that starts with "N" since nothing doesn’t really fit in my plan fit and actio doesn’t sound cool.



So my previous article provided my stance on alliances which I'll briefly recap here.

So I reviewed the pros and cons of each Alliance, and with this comes the age-old question of should we go with new allies who are stronger, or older longtime friends who we consider "traditional" allies. Of course even some of the most traditional allies were our enemies before. If I remember correctly Germany and France were not on our side, but Poland and Spain were. Alliances change but with them change who the eWorld views the nation. After leaving EDEN how were Poland and Spain treated as by us EDENers? As traitors. How about the UK, how many times have they changed allegiances? Me? My personal preference would be to take it slowly and preview each alliance, review them carefully and whichever one the country and congress is leaning towards, make arrangements for a trial membership so we can find out the alliance structure, what we should expect from them and what is expected of us. If we like what we see then we settle in. Problem with this process is that we're left exposed, without an alliance so should war come we would have to brave through it ourselves, and what friends we had. So my plan with this while we're deciding to join an alliance is to build not only relationships with neighbouring countries, traditional friends and countries in position to ally with us, but build strong relationships, increase communications and build friendships, so that we have someone that we can trust and someone who trusts us back. Alliances are built off of this, so essentially through a group of allies who are close to us can we not attempt to persuade them to join the alliance we're join them. Worth a shot isn't it? What do we lose from doing this? Absolutely nothing, but we get gains of a strong relationship with an ally.


So you must have been waiting for the cabinet. And this one I created would make Adam Sutler drool over it with awe. Without further ado here is my Cabinet.

VP - Wally Cleaver

Someone who is rather famous (or infamous) in Canada, this one may come as a shock to some of you. But despite his shenanigans, I know Wally Cleaver and whenever I spoke to him he was always kind, polite, hardworking and rather cheerful to me and that's what gained my respect of him. He brings a wealth of experience to the table including two (rather quiet) terms as CP. He knows how tough the job of CP and I for me he's the man I want to be beside me when/if I get elected. With the wealth of experience of the game he knows what he's doing, he's one of the few people that I can say without a doubt with absolute certainly if I met him IRL I'm sure I'd trust him and he'd make a great friend. Coming from me that is pretty much the highest praise I can give someone, and I'm sure he is well deserving of the praise. And would stand by decision no matter what. I expect an honest effort from him and I know he'll pull whatever weight he can. I can honestly say if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be sitting here writing this. No he's not the one who inspired me to run, but I meant I probably wouldn't be playing at all if it wasn't for him. Yeah I admit it I get depressed and suicidal I won't keep it a secret. With three suicide attempts (Unsuccessful probably : P ) and counting since my mother died three years ago on Christmas Morning it probably might have been more hadn't I been on IRC and Wally comforted me. With that I feel I really owe him for despite it being a small gesture it meant a lot to me. So because I roll my own way,
/me drops on one knee

Wally will you marry me?

/me wipes tear from eye.

With that done you now have the potential to elect a potential couple (if he accepts) into the CP chair. Perhaps we can arrange a honeymoon somewhere exotic after a nice war : P

*EdIT damn Mary did you have to steal my thunder? : P I wish I didn’t wait and posted this sooner.

MoD - Klop123
dMoD – Zappie

Klop is the one who gave me the chance at a deputy MoD position and I can say I learned a lot from him. Despite not knowing him for long, he works hard and did a great job as MoD under Foxfire, if elected I decided to keep him at his job. Klop left me with one condition, Zappie is his co-MoD. Now what worked even more in his favour was a recommendation from Homer J Simpson for Zappie for the Minister of Education position. So I'll post the praises from both
Klop "he did a lot for eCan this month and deserves some recognition."
Homer "Zappie is an absolute champion. I'd highly recommend him, either way is a win for you"
With such high praises I let Zappie decide and he decided he liked the military aspect part of the game more, so either way we got a hard worker for this month and I'm confident he'll do an amazing job.

MoFA – Ardikus
vMoFA - Shoi

Ardikus joked with me why the order was reversed (at least I think it was a joke...). I've considered both to be MoFA and I had trouble choosing one. Well I've known Ardikus for now well over a year. And we've remained in the same party pretty much the whole time. Despite a lot of arguments, I can honestly say if I was asked to trust someone with my life (perhaps not worth much considering I'm suicidal) in this game Ardikus would be probably one of the first two names to come in my mind. But I didn't select him because of friendship, he's spent the term in Foxfire's cabinet as head MoFA, and restarted the Ambassador Corps and is the head of it. Good list of experience I feel that he deserves the position. About Shoi what can I say? He's tremendous in the work, to put it in footballing terms (or as you north 'mericans inappropriately call it "soccer") he works like a horse or an ox, The engine that keeps the team going. In terms of work I doubt there are many players world-wide who do more work than him. I never got to speak to him directly before asking him but I'm sure with this All-star team of Shoi and Ardikus I am certain we'll be having a success in foreign affairs.

MoF - Bryan Alexander

Previous terms as MoF, he knows what he's doing, for this I decided to get the one with lots of experience and since he's been MoF this term with Foxfire. I really don't have too much to say about the position but other than that I'm sure he'd do a great job.

MoE - Exalted Druid

Current governor, 6 congress terms, he got recommended to me by Homer for this position. As head of the Boomer Academy i take Homer's word for it and with his experience I don't think anything can go wrong here.


Adam Sutler,

This is truly enough said.

Yeah done.


So as I said earlier i revealed that I'm somewhat suicidal and depressed so I feel greater coming into the elections without any secrets that you should know.
So I found myself in an interesting conversation last night at around midnight (unfortunately since it was late I had to quit before the convo ended). Anyway Rylde's comments for the other candidates being "lesser" and yet when the topic came to me the only comment he stated along the lines of this "[He] wouldn't feel comfortable letting a RL Pole leading the country" (off of memory since I didn't grab logs). So the argument turned into a battle when I tanked for Poland and I got a ban from the Independent Legion for it. I overreacted and burned some bridges that day. So I admit it, I was rather pissed for being banned for a rule that they enacted after it was done and punished me for breaking that rule. Honestly I would have backed off had they said something along the lines of "here is a new rule in regards of what you've done and if you break it there will be consequences." I'd have even taken a week of no supplies. But instead I received the boot and a month of no supplies. So I quit the slave pits, and i overreacted and since you can only kick someone after 3 days I posted flame and left after 2 days to return. I admit it I was immature I expected to simply return after a month and act like nothing happened, and that's exactly what I did. So after that I never heard of it again. So here it is I apologize to Nosyt, MacubeX and Venerable for my overreaction to the banning and posting flaming (and since I can't remember i apologize if I posted insults). Perhaps I should explain why I did the action. After fighting in a UK - Canada war I put down about 4 million damage in one of the final battles to help push the battle in our favour. I was winning the CH medal until Ralph Kline came in the final battle and threw 6 million to try to reverse a lost cause, but it was to no avail. So after that, I decided my next BH to be for Poland in an important battle. Sure enough Russia attacked Mazovia and with the mini battles at 7-7 I blew a load of around 3 million to tip the final battle in Poland’s favour. Was I happy with what I done? hell yeah, I got a nice sense of patriotism. I didn't value Russia as an ally at the time (no chances of that happening in RL but in game no qualms about them). So I thought for me no harm done. Well yeah probably made the mistake of shouting it repeatedly. So yeah I fought for Poland in that battle. I've never fought against Canada, or against Poland as part of a patriotic creed that I made for myself. So when Poland and Canada fight I abstain from the battle and fight for other allies. Yell, insult, criticize or do whatever to me for what I've done there. Doesn't really matter to me. (on a completely unrelated side note I found it hilariously ironic that Rylde for Sweden how many times? and how many times was it against us?). Yeah if you’re basing the elections on the past actions then I doubt many deserve to win. Perhaps I left it unclear but by RL Pole I mean both parents were Polish and immigrated to Canada where I was born. I've lived here all my life and visit my country occasionally; I bet a lot of you have other backgrounds and would perhaps consider joining the other country I don't know. I've only held Polish CS briefly back when Poland was still in EDEN but since then no Polish CS.

Have fun with the entire paragraph however you want eat off what you want, base my potential on that one incident. But then again I can return that judgment of you the exact same way. No one’s perfect.


What can this portion of the article mean? As president I plan to keep the public updated with what we're doing and not let the public be left uninformed. Of course I can't reveal Closed Door Congress Secrets but I expect to be transparent and inform the public whenever possible. Daily articles seem pointless, but I'm shooting for one every 4-7 days.


Of course the cabinet and CP have to be organized to do their job effectively. I plan for the month and to get the necessary work done, good and without much delay. Don’t want to push it towards the end of the term, and look like I did nothing. Part of the Organization fits in with all of the above points so it sort of unifies the concept of alliances, cabinet, transparency, and Information. It pretty much is the opposite of Nothing which is currently my last acronym.


So far just filling space so the acronym makes sense. Still thinking of an “n” word any ideas? Not attempting any attempts at foreshadowing my term nor am I trying to describe what I plan to do in the term. So nothing refers to the blankness of a “n” word that is pulling my hair out at the moment.

For those who enjoy reading picture books of nearly naked women here it is. (But you may need to find a new hobby : P )

Us wookiees tend to avoid random, clumsy weapons such as blaster and prefer more accurate and deadly weapons such as swords, switchblades, and the powerful Wookiee bowcaster, which no ordinary human can operate with breaking his own bones



chewytaz Day 1,872, 12:37

Reserved 1st for myself discuss : )

Shoi12 Day 1,872, 12:40

Ardy, be my slave again 😑

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,872, 12:47


Your cabinet looks VERY familiar 😛

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,872, 12:49

"So I admit it, I was rather pissed for being banned for a rule that they enacted after it was done and punished me for breaking that rule."

If I had a gold for every time this happens in this game I would be Addy rich.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,872, 12:52


I have never been your slave before... we can be equals though 😛

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,872, 13:04

Chewy, Rylde's been waiting for a over a year now. You've been waiting for a couple days, weeks perhaps to pop the question or to get an answer.

Nice block of text for transparency, I think it's only relevant if past history is significant in determining the citizens' votes. It wouldn't matter to a citizen who's only focus is on the present.

stpolar Day 1,872, 13:14

All the best Chewytaz, nice graphics.

NoobPower Day 1,872, 13:54

Good work Chewy...good luck 😉

TheBurningMan Day 1,872, 14:05

Good Luck!

chewytaz Day 1,872, 19:21

"You've been waiting for a couple days, weeks perhaps to pop the question or to get an answer."

shows how much you know about me. A couple of weeks ago you say, a couple of weeks ago I was in an emergency room with doctor's trying to figure out what's not broken in my left arm. A couple of months ago was probably the last time I went on IRC regularly, co-incidentally the last time I spoke to Wally before the elections. The moment I was referring to was well over a year ago so with popping the question came for waiting the right moment... How many times has Rylde or you ran for CP I'm interested to hear why now, not earlier?

TemujinBC Day 1,872, 19:28

Voted for Adam Sutler

Venerable Day 1,872, 19:40

I don't give two shits about your personal life. Leave it out of politics.

Venerable Day 1,872, 19:49

If anyone is persuaded to vote for Chewy because you pity her, shame on you.

Dark Secret
Dark Secret Day 1,872, 19:57

Sounds like someone is hiding many Dark Secrets...

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,872, 20:03

@Chewy: Sorry for not clarifying my comment, it was in response to stealing your thunder-- I meant the proposal, not the presidency.

chewytaz Day 1,872, 20:36

@ Mary, my response (sorry if it was vague) was also referring to the proposal, I didn't think it made any sense in any regard for Rylde to wait over a year to run for CP. For the last part I meant I'm interested to hear why the proposal came during this pre-election period and not any others that you or Rylde participated in.

@ Dark Secret, No secrets I'm rather an open book so I happily reveal anything within a reasonable moral limit (not revealing pics of myself, boobs or very personal info, would you?)

@ Prophet (Leo comes to mind but I think he changed his name to something similar).
So I don't give any shits about your two shits about my personal life. I'm all for constructive criticism but I don't think that's what you're trying to accomplish. So I admitted I'm suicidal perhaps a voter would like to know that I might hang myself mid-term, think whatever you want.
Pity me? For what the apology? Or the mention of suicide? I put that in there because it's part of what influenced me to choose Wally not because I was looking for a pity vote. Honestly if someone told me they're suicidal and told me they're running for CP I'd probably think they can't handle it then, since they just admitted they're weak. I don't give a flying monkey F*&% if you like it or not, I can't go around pleasing everyone's demands, so I simply ignore the unreasonable.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,872, 21:03


On the Prophet note. I think Light of Palaero or something is Leo and Prophet is Venerable.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,872, 21:16

It was nearing an anniversary of an idea associated with eMarrying me, which dated January 4th, 2012. I have an article mentioning it (& outlining my backstories associated with it) announcing the engagement coming up after the election-- I'm still working on it, which is why I asked in his Q&A article rather than release a half-finished article.
(TV tropes have snared me too many times >< " Rylde & I will make an effing awesome Battle Couple.)

Tbh, we've thought of the engagement before, but it never went through. Something about him getting me 3 CHs (historically in 4 days) got in the way. (more backstory in the article)

To sum it up: I didn't accept Rylde yet/multiple rejections, Rylde proved himself in his own way, finally my acceptance, looked through logs for article, found something in particular that he said on January 4th, I decided that 'tis the season.


Prophet = Venerable. Light = Leo

chewytaz Day 1,872, 21:24

Ah that makes a lot more sense now, I just thought Rylde was keeping you captive and forcing you to write that. I was considering calling in the military for a rescue : P

Anyway since I didn't say it before, congrats to you two then! Have fun I guess ; )

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,872, 21:39

"I was considering calling in the military for a rescue"

In most cases, Rylde IS the military here.

chewytaz Day 1,872, 21:46

Gh0strr Day 1,872, 22:14

i like it and good words too 🙂

Venerable Day 1,872, 22:17

"I'm all for constructive criticism but I don't think that's what you're trying to accomplish."

What? I didn't sling mud or insult you. Nor did I say anything about your actual platform. I just stated that people shouldn't vote for you out of pity. I also never stated you were trying for a pity vote. But as we all know, in eCan we have the Moral Police, and they like to vote for people for silly things that don't relate to politics. Then again, they also frown on cursing. But you never know.

I consider this very constructive. You're trying to win CP, and posting your final platform article to do so against someone who has been releasing articles and trying to make things happen for weeks. But you come out talking about personal issues that serve to make people feel awkward. It just isn't very compelling.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,873, 06:04

Rylde's merc military > eCanada's MU military
btw, he's drunk right now, but still.. d'aww Rylde

Rylde to Mary Chan | 25 minutes ago
I'm drunk but i wanna go to bed

Rylde to Mary Chan | 25 minutes ago
i wish i could hold u and pass out

chewytaz Day 1,873, 10:38

Just would want to say that I was referring to the RL Canadian Armed Forces.

Mochan Drust
Mochan Drust Day 1,873, 12:42

Many of us are not RL Canadians and of cours we fight for our countries. You don't have to apologize for that to anyone.

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