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Cabinet [October 2012] [PK]

Day 1,786, 13:09 Published in Pakistan Poland by Mohammad Bilal

Dear ePakistanis,


Everyone had a chance to apply for position of their choice, Link of application was provided on Nation IRC channel (#ePakistan).
Here is the list of Cabinet members of this month.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Chaudary Muhammad Azwar has been appointed.

Head Of Ambassadors: Tahir Awan has been appointed he will serve as member of a cabinet and will be incharge for appointment of Ambassadors and will monitor their progress in appointed country. He will work as Part of the Foreign Affairs team.

Minister Of Finance: St0l3n1 will continue on this position. We will try our best to rise from financial problem.

Minister Of Education: Kismat has been appointed, he will publish educational articles and help new players.

Minister Of Media and Culture: Muz1 has been appointed as MoM&C.

Minister Of Interior: Wehshigujjar is picked for Interior Ministry, He will be doing the ATO team work. Congress members will only accept Citizenship request that are accepted By Interior Ministry. Scorpion King will be Deputy Interior Minister.

Note: There will be some changes later.


Best Regards,


LogicIsEveryWhere Day 1,786, 18:37

I demand a Ministry of "2-clickers".

Abuzar Aslam5
Abuzar Aslam5 Day 1,786, 20:12

lol......... 😃

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