Cabinet Oct 2010 (Resistance Government)

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True Citizens of eSouth Africa,

I would like to give thanks to everyone who came out to vote for a free eSouth Africa. The ongoing support has been amazing. The ads, the articles and everyone’s positive comments have been uplifting for us all. It really makes me feel good to see we have grown and have shown character in the face of this PTO. Thank you to the TCO and SAC who have sent people to assist with ATO efforts.

I am truly proud to lead our country & resistance once more. We shall continue to fight and not lose faith. I trust that we will all be working extra hard on making more headway and progress to our freedom. Let’s not lose hope. We have come a long way and our community has become more active and driven.


Cabinet applications for the resistance government for October 2010 are now closed. There are some positions left, should you feel you are the right person for the job pm me with your cv and profile link. I am looking for people that are pro-active and don't leave things for the last minute - these are the type of people we need in cabinet.

President: Grimstone
Vice-President: Fhaemita Malodorous
Chief Minister of State: Champinator

Minister of Finance: Lazer Fazer
Deputy Minister of Finance:
Director of Trade:
Director of Government Companies: Tronyx

Minister of Information: Bobady Zoo
Deputy Minister of Information:
Director of WIKI: Jan Baykara

Minister of Security: Wingfield
Deputy Minister of Security: chucker71
Director of Immigration: Lord Gunrae

Minister of Defense: CyberWitch
Deputy Minister of Defense: Allen Webster

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Seisan
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: Issues

Minister of Social Development: Samgibz
Deputy Minister of Social Development: SuperSlax
Director of Mentorship: Golgavar
Director of Education:
Director of Fun: Joseph Rich

Minister of Internal Affairs: Nickerball
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs: Micheal Dell

Minister of IRC: Krimpiekat

Advisors to the president:
Mark Morcom
Ines Shumacher

The following three appointments are not made by the president:
Reserve Bank Governor: Lazer Fazer
Chief of Staff: Tronyx
Deputy Chief of Staff: Merle Corey

Congratulations to all the appointees and best of luck with the term ahead.

eSAAF is also currently recruiting and anyone interested in joining the eSAAF military please follow the link below:

Join the eSAAF: Click Here.

Best regards

President of eSouth Africa