Cabinet Jan 2011

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Cabinet - January 2011

Citizens of eSA,

Herewith the cabinet announcement for January 2011.

Country President - Grimstone
Vice President – Bobady zoo

Ministry of Defence

Minister of Defence – CyberWitch
Deputy Minister of Defence –Chubbzilla

Ministry of Finance

Minister of Finance – Lazer Fazer
Deputy Minister of Finance – Rexdeus
Director of Government Companies – Grimstone

Ministry of Security

Minister of Security – Chucker71
Deputy Minister of Security – Seisan
Director of Immigration – Tenshibo
Director of Intel – Mark Morcom
Intel Officers - Lord Gunrae, Venetia Carlton, Nick Jones

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Dreamer_KF
Deputy Minister of Foreign affairs – Enbaros

Ministry of Domestic Affairs

Minister of Domestic Affairs – Fhaemita Malodorous
Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs - Vanessa1309
Director of Education - Superslax
Director of Wiki - Jan Baykara
Director of Mentorship - Matt Le ROux
Director of Fun - Oprah Winfrey
Director of Information - Tpex
Director of Population Development - To be Confirmed (Contact Fhaemita Malodorous if you are interested, Real life South African wanted)

Advisors to the Presidency –

Zamrg, Enoch Root, Champinator and Krimpiekat


Mr. Wet - Ministry of Domestic Affairs
JeTTseTTeR - Ministry not specified.
Isaac Ether - Ministry of Domestic affairs
fiquei duro Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence
Joseph Rich- Ministry of Domestic Affairs

Positions not selected by the President:

Governor of the Reserve Bank – Lazer Fazer
Chief of Staff – Tronyx
Deputy Chief of Staff – Merle Corey

Hail eSouth Africa!
Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika!

Onwards in Unity and Solidarity!

President of eSouth Africa