Day 1,004, 06:23 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Daniel Parker

I played on the V2 battlefield today...
even though the fighttimes are shorter, still it basically sucks bigtime.
Cost me lotta gold and hardly gained any experience.
Out of the 10 battles I won the half and gained only 40 points, despite me having a a Q5 weapon.
For me to grow from General to Field Marshall from 3200 to 5000 and only gaining 40 points in one of the very sparse battles this country has been involved last months, I deem this game to be doomed and total waste of my time.

The game had totally no improvements on the political side in V2, which is mainly the biggest reason people play at all.

So hereby I quit all my duties once again, and thank the admins for these great improvements to the game!

I´m sorry to let down all the friends I made here, but I´m just facing facts here: the game sucks, it bores me more and more, I can do better things with my time, so can you.

p.s. I donated everything I got (about 40 gold + org & comp) to the Dutch state (except for some petty cash which I sent to a friend of mine)