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Day 1,919, 07:36 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by howdyho

Bello it's Badonde Brian Badonde with the batest bews from here New Era HQ .

Memberships numbers are soaring which is a great boost for the New Era Group , shares will be set up tomorrow so watch this space.
Sir Winston has giving us his congress report here and it a good read.
that follows our beloved PP policy up date here.
Its been a busy week in New Era HQ and we would like to seen a big Brian Badonde welcome to you all , here is my own story i released last night, I will keep my lovely viewers with their lovely bung holes updated on all the latest news in my regular slot , oh ohhh I can taste the bung holes already.

Much love to you all ill make sure to touch all the bung holes I can bandonde over and out

Brian x


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,919, 07:41


Bwaaah Mr Bedonde

Bardokva Day 1,919, 07:58

Comment deleted

Alphabethis Day 1,919, 08:05


Bardokva Day 1,919, 08:15

Comment deleted

Bardokva Day 1,919, 08:19

Put armor! About Mr Bedonde should be careful not to get some sexual surprises! Do not lean over it! )))

howdyho Day 1,919, 09:52

Thats looks so good:)

Alphabethis Day 1,919, 13:39

great character, more funny than Keith Lemon.

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Day 1,919, 14:48

I had no idea who Brian Badonde is, so I went on youtube.

And now I know, he is a man who loves cock.

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