Building for the Future

Day 2,474, 16:25 Published in USA USA by Tyler Bubblar

The 1930s as a decade were a perfect storm of awful. The world was wracked by drought, depression, and the rise of Fascism. The United States government in an effort to combat the economic downturn launched an unprecedented public works campaign. The greatest and most recognizable of which is the Hoover Dam. The dam itself was built to last. It was built to be as tough as the canyon walls which surround it. A total of 3,250,000 cubic yards of concrete was poured to create the dam. That’s enough to build a monument 100 feet square and 2 1/2 miles high. This attention to longevity has paid off. It is speculated by scientists that if humanity were to disappear tomorrow, the Hoover Dam would still be standing and recognizable more than 10,000 years from now. With regular maintenance this modern marvel will be a source of energy for the Western United States with no end in sight.

Similarly Mount Rushmore also a public works project during the depression (though this one is a holdover from the Coolidge administration) was also built to last. Gutzon Borglum the sculptor of the monument, would frequently remark that George Washington’s nose was 1 inch too long and that in 10,000 years it would be made perfect by weathering. The right kind of granite combined with the proper care in the shaping and maintaining can last virtually forever. Again with regular maintenance our descendants can look forward to tourist visits to South Dakota for thousands of years. Things can be built to last. It requires a good design, careful planning, and solid execution.

We have a lot of domestic programs in the eUSA. Education and Interior work selflessly to help new players learn the ropes and find their way here in the eUSA. The various parties of this great nation do so as well. Community involvement has long been my bread and butter. I have often said that for many (myself included) the community is why they continue to log into this game. I benefitted a great deal by the mentorship of many experienced player and the opportunity to get involved at the party level, in Congress, and eventually at the national level. I did not return to this game with grand designs of the Presidency or even serving in Congress it just kind of naturally happened. That is the type of growth pattern I would love to see available for new players, 2 clickers, or anyone with a desire to make a difference and contribute to their Nation/Party/MU.

There is only so much a CP can do to make that happen. As I have said apathy and attrition are strong forces in this game. They serve as strong currents in a maelstrom steadily and implacably draining our great community of its vibrancy, depth, and color. Nearly a year ago Josh Frost campaigned on more than military victory. He campaigned on changing the culture of our nation. He wanted to make our nation “physically and spiritually whole” a look at the map will show a nation physically whole. We enjoy high bonuses, full coffers, strong allies, and secure borders. We have elected capable people to lead us over the last year or so.

There is much that can be done to restore the energy and enthusiasm into the soul of our nation. However, as President I would not have an easy button to push that would instantly change everything. I do not possess a magic mouse or qwerty keyboard that would affect sweeping and lasting changes in our nation. Nor do I have a Barry Whitesque voice that will charm the faithful listeners of the newly returned eNPR into doing exactly what I want. I am not a horribly photoshopped Superman, nor am I a Mark Wahlberg sidekick.

What the executive can do is set the tone, put in policies aimed at strengthening the culture, and make sure opportunities are available to those wanting to serve.In my last article I posted this link ( along with a request that you fill out the form if you are looking for a chance to serve in my administration. I would ask those of you who have not done so yet to go ahead and fill it out. Those of you who have already filled out the form I thank you and I will be contacting you shortly. My simple and franks message to anyone who wants to be involved in government is please contact me or fill the form out so you can…..

In recent months the Education department has begun working with the parties on getting people to work. An area has been set aside for daily press releases to give the populace a look at what the executive is up to. These are very good developments and will continue under my administration. DMJ and his predecessors have set the bar high in many ways, and I will not seek to miss with programs that have a proven success, unless it is to expand them or better advertise them. However, I do have some exciting new things in mind as part of my domestic team and agenda. I will unveil all of that in my next article. As always I thank you for taking the time to read one of my articles. I very much want to be your next President, not for my own self aggrandizement, but because I very much believe that I have something to offer this nation.

“The philosophy I have proposed to you has been tried before and it worked in a little place called Pakistan. An entire nation based on community where everyone worked together for the common good and the greater glory of the country. I can’t force you to do these things. I can’t legislate them into existence. What I am doing is challenging you to think on the nature of the game and the way we have played it. The Presidency is about more than policy, it’s about leadership and using the office as a bully pulpit to see the social change necessary to make us a better nation. I want to challenge you to think and I want to challenge you all to be better. We need to reassess our actions and our game philosophy. I’m advocating a change in the way we play the game to ensure our survival as a people and to allow us to work together as a team. I’m not here to present myself as a savior, I am here to help lead the way to a new America that can save itself now and in the future.” -Josh Frost September 2013

In so many ways we have achieved and become what Frost challenged us to be. Yet history in this game and in rl has shown that constant diligence and effort is required to stay on the path to success. A department or party that once ran like a well oiled machine just a month or two ago can quickly fall into shambles if complacency and stagnation set in. The nation as a whole is not exempt from that, and is likely even more susceptible to such a fate. This is both the attraction and downfall of this game in my opinion. The work is never really done. There are always new players to find, mentor, and put on the path to success. There are always going to be battles to fight and supply. There will always be Departments and MUs to shuffle and reload. Parties will always be looking for fresh talent if they want to survive. The work can never be done as long as this world grinds on. So let’s get to work together and build our own Hoover Dam, lets carve out our own Mount Rushmore. Once more unto the breach my friends!