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Day 1,844, 03:50 Published in Belgium Belgium by

Dear eBelgians,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you as your President, whether you voted for me or not, I’ll be representing you all in the interest of our beautiful country.

Firstly, we have several issues to address. We need to deal with the current Financial situation and a possible PTO thread. These issues and many more need, we can solve them if we work together become the Union is strenght.

Let me also pay tribute to our former CP, Lily Jayne Summers,I want to thank her for the work that she has done over the last month, and I hope she gets a well deserved rest.

Here is my Cabinet for December 2012:

President: BrunoCND
Vice President: Kiyonori Dragnier
Minister of Foreign Affairs: MCKitKat
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: Djonydjo
Ministers of Defence: MCKitkat
Vice Minister of Defence: BelgiumGeneral
Minister of Finance: SX80
Vice Minister of Finance: JdlF
Ministers of Home Affairs: Yannis de Leeuw
Vice Minister of Home Affairs: Stijn Puttemans
Minister of Immigration: Kiyonori Dragnier
Minister of National Security : Kylero

I know this Government will provide us with the activity, experience and transparency, while at the same time, giving new players the opportunity to be in the cabinet. We are here to serve you and to serve the interests and wishes of eBelgium.

If you would like to help out in Government, in any way, please PM one of these lovely ministers, or if you prefer you can send me it instead!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your President, I promise I will not let any of you down.

Long life to eBelgium!
eBelgian Country President.



Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,844, 03:53

Good luck this month Bruno

BrunoCND Day 1,844, 03:57

Thank you Fhaemita

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,844, 04:00

good luck!

Nova.Navid Day 1,844, 04:02


boer jan
boer jan Day 1,844, 04:05

good luck, and if something does not turn out as you wish, you can always count on the BNA to suppress those ....... 😛

Hoso Day 1,844, 04:54

Minister of National Security : Kylero

Welcome in eBE wersion of McCarthyism...

Ely.nea Day 1,844, 05:09

Good luck for this team !

ikikere Day 1,844, 05:16

good luck

Rexdeus Day 1,844, 05:31

Good luck!

Helviro Day 1,844, 06:56

good luck!
but, no minister of fun? 🙁

BrunoCND Day 1,844, 08:38

The only MoFUN that i trust is cooke and he retired from politics 🙁

DarkoDimovski1 Day 1,844, 10:58

Good luck bro 🙂

Kylero Day 1,844, 11:14

*puts Hoso on the list

Red Duck
Red Duck Day 1,844, 11:21


Hoso Day 1,844, 11:21

Kylero it's strange that so far I was not on the list 😉

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,844, 11:55

Congrats !

norme.kk Day 1,844, 12:27


Kylero Day 1,844, 12:31

Hoso...or were you muahaha

Kaad Day 1,844, 13:59

Good luck and I hope good job!

lin0leum Day 1,844, 19:24

who's the pto threat this time?^^

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