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Brief History of NZ Foreign Policy

Day 1,789, 04:58 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by naxhi26

Foregin Policy is basically the connections one nation has with the rest of the world. New Zealand's has one that has been up, down, and all around. But in order to understand, you gotta go back in time, to the year 2010.

Two years ago to this month, Aotearoa was formed. Up until this point, New Zealand was at a Neutral standing, being a new country and all, it didn't want to get involved with the major alliances of the world. Aotearoa changed all that. This party was made up of Serbians whom wanted a smaller place to live. NZ begain to become friends with Serbia. Then One formed, and NZ begain to make friends with those guys, but still had a neutral standing, and didn't try to affiliate themselves with ONE. Then WWV broke out in 2011. New Zealand's neutrality prevented most countries to attack it, except one. In South America, Argentina was forming an empire, already conquering Peru, Paraguay, parts of Brazil, and columbia. It wanted to expand to another continent though, so it took to war, and we were its first target.

May 13, 2011, the Argentinian congress had a vote. It was a natural enemy vote, and the majority was yes. The enemy? Us. This day changed not only how we viewed the world, but It ended our Neutrality, we were at war. The Argentinian-New Zealnd War was fought for 7 days, and some say our conflict with them now is an extension of that war. This war also changed our Foregin Policy, we were also now incorporated into ONE. We win this war in the end, and this caused mass revolts across Argentinas South American Empire, but we were now fighting the battles ONE was fighting.

We also end up co founding an alliance called END. Now with ONE gone, and the only thing holding these countries together is an agreement to fight with each other still, we needed to fill in that gap. So we created the Circle of Trust, and here we are today, our foreign policy still fighting against Terra and Eden



Valentyme Day 1,789, 05:51

Bro hate to say it, but you are way off on a lot of stuff. I believe the alliance was called EPIC not end. Terra no longer exists. CTRL is the new power alliance. COT is one the biggest alliances now, and if Macedonia and Indonesia join they will have over 6 billion influence. Who knows how long EDEN will last now that Turkey has turned on Iran.

McGinty.dc Day 1,789, 06:32

You want NZ to be neutral again?

naxhi26 Day 1,789, 09:04

Well I've been gone for a while, sorry if I didn't know some things
And no this isn't some propaganda thing for neutrality

Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom Day 1,789, 22:18

Yeah it was called EPIC not END. Several of the countries that were in EPIC are now CoT.

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