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Bras and Knickers - Just Because

Day 1,439, 17:33 Published in USA USA by Iamnameless

The snow's piling up outside - inorite? It's not even Halloween yet!
Must be what's got me thinking of warmer weather... and hotties in skimpy outfits...

Mission Statement: There will always be at least TWO hotties in every issue.
Hope you like this issue, and check out some of our back issues too!

Welcome back dear readers!

Looks like Plato didn't like the first version of this issue...
I think it might've been the opening Halloween outfit, but who knows?

This is why it's good to keep a copy of your articles...
I'll just get rid of that image and try, try again!

Look, I'm not even going to pretend I have anything to say here.
Let the pics of hotties speak for themselves, that's my theory.

The water's fine.


Dressed for success.

This one's for our subscribers who prefer their hotties with headphones.
We know you're out there.

Look, a stowaway!

Version 1 of this issue generated a comment by a concerned reader whose um... enjoyment
of the article was interrupted by the next image, so if well-built guys freak you out, avert your eyes...

and scroll down a screen or two now.

Here's one for those readers who might define "hottie" differently than I do.

I don't think the the eRepublik rules governing the use of pictures in articles say anything
about guys having to be in bras and knickers, do they?


Oh my.

Sometimes I cba to even try to come up with a witty caption.

Then again, so what? I'm pretty sure nobody's here for the stellar writing.

If you think a blonde doing a little bump-and-grind might offend you
don't watch this video.

That's it for this issue - hope you enjoyed it - please vote and sub!

Subs make me so happy I could bust!

Until next time, as always,

Go eUSA!

The end.


Iamnameless Day 1,439, 17:33

Banned by Plato! Both he and "First!" DENIED.

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 1,439, 17:44

Man I love chix with tats

Chavo Ellison
Chavo Ellison Day 1,439, 18:00

Faptacular, v&s

Chae Dee
Chae Dee Day 1,439, 18:21


Augustus J Gobbee III Esq
Augustus J Gobbee III Esq Day 1,439, 18:38

Putting up an article about Mini-tr**pers'll get you that point you want lol

Iamnameless Day 1,439, 20:12

@Gobbee I already got it for v1 of this issue - this is v2 (minus the "filth" lol).

At least, I think I got rid of the image that was too much for Plato. Technically, she may not have been wearing knickers if you don't count the body paint...

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,440, 06:10

Uhm, I've seen yesterday the first article. You've changed only the first pic. I don't remember anything "too much".

s0beit Day 1,440, 13:38

Just because?

Can't argue with that logic

Animis Day 1,440, 13:46

I'm a chick and even I approve.... good taste, actually pretty girls, they even seem like the soles of their feet might not be filthy!

Now guys, get out there and go finds girls instead of rotting your brains playing games inside!

Hurry, get going!

Iamnameless Day 1,440, 16:48


Thanks, I appreciate that - it bugs me to get "Law Infringements" for "filth" when I have nothing but respect for women - it's good to enjoy the beauty in each other, isn't it?

I think that's good advice you gave there btw 😉

Rockwell 88
Rockwell 88 Day 1,440, 21:11

Hey, I have the same headphones : )

Jon Malcom
Jon Malcom Day 1,441, 09:34

Can't. Stop. Masturbating.

Wyborowa Day 1,443, 11:41


V+S from former eUSA citizen/soldier, now ePolska and GROM soldier 😃

Pavepode Day 1,454, 10:59

Sub (201) and vote (36) given.

And nice girls by the way 😃

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