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Blockers Needed | MoS

Day 1,854, 06:28 Published in South Africa Belgium by OKayOK

We have Congressional Elections coming up. Apart from that, we seem to have a threat at hand from a Macedonian source. If you don't know, the party known as R.I.S.E was almost PTO'ed. We now have at least 12 people in this country that have our worst interests at heart.

eMacedonian Citizenship applications are to be auto rejected as of now!

For now, we need to get a list of blockers that would be able to help us push the threat off the radar. Blockers are people who have little interest in becoming congressman, but will take the chance of maybe becoming one (even if their activity is low) in order to stop a threat.

If you are interested in performing this patriotic duty, then sign up with the form below
Link to Form



Alfredo The Sauce
Alfredo The Sauce Day 1,854, 06:49


Locutus Day 1,854, 06:58


Badger06 Day 1,854, 08:29

I will help with this threat, as I feel obliged to end this trouble and get RISE to be dissolved, hopefully be back in DB soon enough.

Badger06 Day 1,854, 08:44

I hope these scumbags read this...

Get out our Party and our land, you're not wanted or needed here

Ejdatful Day 1,854, 10:44


Uber kiko
Uber kiko Day 1,854, 11:06

Voted, you don't belong here Shark trash.

kiwifire1 Day 1,854, 11:33

Yep, I'll step down form congress and become a blocker this time around.

Vroteier9 Day 1,854, 12:33

ready to block

baglamas Day 1,854, 12:44

You are doing them a favour by calling the eMacedonians btw...

Mashaka Kulala
Mashaka Kulala Day 1,854, 12:47

I'll block, any party. Send me an in-game PM with instructions, if you need me - I very rarely hit up the forums.

Rexdeus Day 1,854, 12:54


Grimstone Day 1,854, 13:39

voted, good work Mark and the MoS team

kuckuck Day 1,854, 14:08


nick jones
nick jones Day 1,854, 16:15

Aren't you a little old to be still doing this?

Rexdeus Day 1,854, 16:21

Hey Nick, good to see you still alive man !!


nick jones
nick jones Day 1,854, 16:24

Barely alive, but yeah and looks like i am severely underleveled.

atrawall Day 1,854, 19:10

Nick Jones AND Entiche2Ribeiro in the same week?!?

I thought I killed you in the last mortal kombat?

Mr. Wet
Mr. Wet Day 1,854, 20:25

ricky is back? wheres!

Kumabibihako Day 1,855, 00:19


HobbesZA Day 1,855, 01:19

Happy to help... wasn't planning on running at all.

Constantine Sophotatos
Constantine Sophotatos Day 1,855, 18:10

Baglamas is correct, they are eFYROMs. Let me know if you need me to be a blocker.

Champinator Day 1,855, 19:47

I'm back too!

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 1,856, 03:35


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