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Binksy for Congress

Day 1,367, 17:49 Published in Canada Ireland by binksy

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Binksy

I am currently a Corporal in the Tco 10th Hounds of Chulann
And i have been in Canada roughly 3 Months

I am an 12 term Congressman and 4 time Party President of Independent voices (A very very old political party in Ireland which is sady no longer there).

For those of you who have supported me throughout my tenure in Congress and those who voted last time you have my sincere thanks and gratitude.

With this, my 13th campaign I would like to outline a few key points to my constituency in regards to my record.

- I have served four cabinets holding three ministry's and three deputy positions.

- I am active in the media, forums (both party and public) and will continue to carry your concerns to the Dáil and beyond.

I have achieved a great deal in my eLife and I am humbled by the fact that none of it would have been possible without your support. You are the key to my continued success and it is my honor to serve and if you will have me, I would like nothing more than to continue that service.

You will see no campaign promises here. It is my firm belief that a true servant of the people does not make mere promises; they make commitments. My commitment to you is to represent you in voice, action and leadership by example.

I’m a man of few words but I am committed to representing your concerns as strongly and loud as need be to make sure you are heard over the din of political static.

I know your time is valuable so I will close by saying it would be my honour to earn your vote.

A helpful extract for some background:

1. So Binksy how did you find eRepublik.

i found erep by random chance looking for games while bored.
i checked it out and here i am 7 months later.

2. Why did you join eIreland?

well being irish i figured i would go with what i know and i seem to have made the right choice so far.

3. What kept you in the game?

the community of the place keept me here and im usually holding 4-5 positions anyway so it keeps me going.

4. What were you first days like

my first days were interesting as i spent alot of time talking to igot thunderbrow and a few others.

5. Who were your first friends?

my first friends were nith and igor and the like they really gave me a head start knowledgewise.

6. How did they influence you?

well they got me into politics and igor talked me into joining IUP .after which another friend of mine talked me into ISRP now named ISD and now Indepentent Voices.

7. What was your first campaign run like?

My first campaign run was for congress a month after i joined and i was the only one elected with no votes ha ha.
i think thats another record i hold .

8. How do you think you have be elected into congress 6 times

i would say this is so because i like to help people and im always on hand to help.
i am experienced and friendly to all and i know alot of people well
and as grainne has said i tend to built close e-personal relationships with all i come across.

9. What is it like being leader of Independent Voices?

its a source of great pride to be honest.
and the face that there is alot of very talented and up and comming people like dovonan thomas to name just one re-electing me is great.

10. Do you have any tips for new congressmen or people who plan to run?

get your name known and associated with trust.
sure you will get the odd random vote here and there but that is not enough to get in every time.
write articles or something but get yourself known.

11. What are you main political views?

To be quite honest i no longer feel they are relivant to me anymore i have tryed many partys but i feel neutrality suits me .

12. What was it like being MoNC?

that was great fun ha ha.
it was my first appointment and i was still learning the ropes as it were but it help me make alot more contacts .
and it introduced me to a friend of mine ian arbuckle who along with manni tryed to impeach me ha ha.
good times.

13. How far do you see your political career going?

well to be perfectly honest i didnt think id get this far so its all good as far as i can see
so il let everyone judge my sucess for themselves .

14. Would you like to say anything else?

thats for all you new people
get involved or you will get bored but once your in your stuck (evil laugh)





John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,367, 18:01

Good luck!

binksy Day 1,367, 18:01

thanks man

same to yourself if you running in Ireland

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,367, 18:45

Good luck Binksy

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,368, 05:09


crisfire Day 1,368, 21:49

Good Luck Binksy

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