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Being small country in a huge World

Day 2,186, 01:49 Published in Ireland Ireland by Bad BIue Boys

I wanted to write article such is this one for ages, but I never find inspiration to do it though. I have enough free time this morning so let’s start. Recently, I returned to place I lived most of my eLife - eIreland. It’s a small country, with not large community, not strong economy and definatly not huge influence in the eWorld. I’ll try to share some of my thoughts how it feels to be a citizen in a small country like my eIreland.

I think this can be used for any smaller country in eWorld and not just eIreland. There’s many problems a small countries have. One and definatly the most dangerous for small communities such as ours is boredom. As citizen of a smaller country or even a President you can’t do much to change things not only in eWorld, but also in your own country. There’s no much place to manouver, you can do your best and it probably still won’t be enough. Small country depends on the bigger ones. You can just hope to find someone dedicated enough to rely on...

Some of the problems are:
1. Economy
2. Population
3. Military and tactics
4. Influnce on foreign affairs

Economy module of eRepublik gave power only to Governments of big countries and everything a smaller country can do is just adjust taxes so you can maximise your income. Of course that income isn’t enough almost for anything a country need except MPP’s and maybe funding a national unit. It used to be different when we had that buybot, it bought products from smaller markets and a country could make a lot of money that way. Today you can’t find many citizens of Ireland in this case who are buying products from our market. Prices are more expensive and they just decide to buy it from bigger countries who are able to have smaller prices. That’s expected. What we can do is encourage them to have faith and give a piece of their budget to the country by buying products off the Irish market. It’s hard to make them do it and most of citizens isn’t doing it. There’s not much place to manouver, tank producers don’t have possibility to put tanks for smaller prices and those who buy can’t afford to buy expensive weapons. That’s a circle without winners expect one - bigger countries. This all means smaller countries except being small can’t even make money to get a chance to win some battle or to do something.

Population of course it the core of all problems. When you have only 100 active people in the country they buy less, they spend less, country recieve less and that goes in circle. When it comes to battles it’s normal that citizens of Ireland fights stronger for eIreland, but when there’s only 100 of us we can’t win battles alone, it’s hard even to win one round alone. That’s why eIreland and I guess all other smaller countries depend on their friends, especially on those who are bigger countries, in this case Croatia and USA. Population as core problem have to be the main task for smaller countries to improve and I’m encouraged by recent tries given by some of our citizens who are working hard to change it. But, to do it we need a lot of luck, money and motivation, when we manage to change it we’ll grow and all other problems will become smaller and smaller.

Military and tactics are probably the most entertaining part of this game and smaller countries can’t play much with it. We just don’t have strenght to do it. We can’t say “Oh let’s make great plan and reach some X country in Y region”. No matter how good our plan is we can’t afford to do it. We don’t have enough money like stated in Economy problems and we don’t have enough soldiers to achieve our plan alone. Once again, we have to rely on some stronger country. Problems start when you’re part of “weaker” side of eWorld.

Influence on foreign affairs is one of the ways to change the fortune of your country. But, as smaller country you can’t just decide to found an alliance or even to join one because most of todays bigger countries see smaller ones only as a problem or someone to protect. It wasn’t like this few years ago when this game was different, but today is obviously in fashion to trade friendship for damage and if your country is proud enough not to do it then you stuck where you are - nowhere.


Those were the reason that made me leave eIreland once, but I kinda miss being a member of a smaller country and I hope we can change those things, even if it’s hard and it’s almost impossible to do something like that I believe that Irish players have the quality to do it.

In a smaller country individuals are very important, they are the one who should use their knowledge, influence and resources to do everything it takes to improve eIreland in this case and do something to change things. Even though UK is Irish biggest enemy I have to admire their individuals. UK is the smaller country which perfectly adjusted and maximised their position in the world. It’s firstly because of their individuals who were motivated enough to success. UK have influence in foreign affairs, they are member of TWO for a long long time, their citizens and leaders are in HQ’s for ages and admirable. They succeed only because of those individuals who used their knowledge to perfectly do things in a small country. When there’s a lack of people and resources you have to rely on what you got and organise things perfectly to catch up with others.

That’s exactly what I’m asking from Irish citizens who I know that have the strenght to do it, not only strenght, but also knowledge, we just have to act as one, organise ourselves and maximise everything we can. Each one of us have a lot of contacts, each one of us have knowledge to do something, we just have to give everyone a duty and a goal. Goal is pretty obvious, to put eIreland where we once was - to restore our influence in eWorld.

Most of our allies know that Irish soldiers are probably the most loyal ones in the eWorld, we never give up from our friends, we’re always in the fight (which is also moto of Irish Army), we’re always supporting our allies and most of the time they don’t realise that sometimes our 300M we do somewhere in some battles means more then 2 bilions damage from some bigger country. Yeah, that sounds a bit strange, but if you look and search your friends only through numbers you’ll finish without friends. We give our heart, not only damage. Therefor I’m asking bigger countries to respect the smaller ones, it’s hard to be small in huge eWorld, it’s hard to fight with 100 soldiers against an army of 3000, give smaller countries congress, give them chance to change things, have mercy. eIreland have congress most of the time only thanks to our NAP with UK, but we must not stop on that. It’s not enough, we must not say “Okay, we’re in good situation, let’s enjoy it now”. We must do everything to develop ourselves, we’ll never be big country, but we can be at least medium one. I’m asking our allies, our most loyal allies - Croatia, USA, Bulgaria and others not to forget us when it comes to alliance talks, we’ve been loyal to you, we’ve stood by your side for a long time and we will always do that.

What eIreland have to work on first is baby boom. Let’s find strenght between us to do it. Just imagine eIreland with 2000 citizens, just imagine that...I hope that’s enough motivation. Another thing that each one of us have to do is write articles, be active in community, let all others hear about us, let’s be bigger then we are, let’s be louder then we can be. When there’s 1000 people who are silent, you’ll hear those 10 who are loud between them, we must be those 10 loud guys and let everyone hear our voice.

I’m also still hoping Admin will do something in order to help smaller communities, afterall they have bigger potentional to grow, those big countries already used theirs.



Bhane Day 2,186, 01:50

United we stand.

Pedrito is Dark Side
Pedrito is Dark Side Day 2,186, 01:54

Fighting for Spain, dont help you too much. My 5 cents.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,186, 01:57

Hey hey, don't mix my personal revenge with what Ireland does. eIreland is completely loyal to Portugal, I just did it from my personal reasons and it's probably the last time I fought against Portugal now when I'm eIrish again.

I don't like the way Portugal tried to get in TWO and as Croatian who helped Portugal a lot of times I hated your MPP with Serbia. Now I got my satisfaction. Good luck to Portugal, especially to MEK!

Bhane Day 2,186, 02:02

Ignore Don's fighting there... Ireland still loves ya, Portugal.
Our national strike last week was aimed against Spain to fight for you. I can't count the number of Port RWs I've fought in.

A n iT h r o X C z V
A n iT h r o X C z V Day 2,186, 01:55

I just, I love that photo with Babyes 😳

Uljanov Day 2,186, 01:59

Great article!

BeIIenus Day 2,186, 02:04

v+ <o

eMacedon Day 2,186, 02:06

Megavote ! o/

C O D A 9 9 8 9
C O D A 9 9 8 9 Day 2,186, 02:09


Ton4io Day 2,186, 02:15


n e v e r C G
n e v e r C G Day 2,186, 02:26

This is a global problem, not only for eIreland. Except the top5 or maybe top10 countries in the eWorld, this pretty much describes every other country out there. This should be sent as a ticket, not published as an article 😃 o/

Chirika Day 2,186, 02:53


BOUD1CCA Day 2,186, 02:58

An excellent article.
What you say rings so true, can just as easily be Australia you are talking about.
Yet being in a big country is it any better overall?
I would suspect that the "government" of big countries is firmly tied up between competing groups & that ordinary citizens have no idea what is going on & little power - would be even more boring than in small countries.
Anyway V & S, keep your articles coming \o/

Dr.You Day 2,186, 03:41


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,186, 03:43

Population? Baby-boom? Your multi's alone solve that.

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,186, 03:46

I'll need help Grainne 😕

You know I didn't had single multi except those I used to troll for like 2-3 years? 🙁

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,186, 04:39

its mufc grianne not some new male you can drag into your cave. Behave woman BEHAVE!

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 2,186, 13:33

Again with the sexual comments against Grainne? Seriously you need to stop.

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 2,186, 14:52

he's simply not used to woman, you know what i mean xdxd

Hristodoulos Day 2,186, 03:47

Pa i Tajland je mala zemlja ali pred njom su svi veliki pali na ispitu,
znaci kako zene kazu velicina nije bitna i kvalitet nadmasuje kvantitet 🙂

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,186, 03:51

Tajland ima jednog mnogo jakog saveznika i jako dobru i aktivnu ekipu. Oduvijek se i divim Thaiu 😃

Ghost of Styx
Ghost of Styx Day 2,186, 06:58


e da ja mislim da su pali radi vasu jacinu 🙂🙂

DeltaJuliet SFO
DeltaJuliet SFO Day 2,186, 03:57


Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,186, 04:37

Damnit Don Cretin when I received your cretinary for the day I didnt think you article would be so long and reach its points who Knossos where. Whats your point?

KapiRadom Day 2,186, 05:55

hello Don Croata. 🙂

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,186, 07:21

Hello mate 🙂

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,186, 05:57

Read it to the end lets summarize : we are small(hurrah mufc on picking this up), we must follow mufc because he is good leader and have great plan, we must join alliance of mufc choosing , we must be wiped again for months until new cp is appointed. The Order of Cretin.

Hurrah to the new order of Cretins that will soon rule this country,

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,186, 07:22

You're unable to summarise haiku song mate, don't even bother summarising long articles. Go troll something..

M Osijek
M Osijek Day 2,186, 06:01

done rasturas 🙂

eHajduk Split
eHajduk Split Day 2,186, 06:14


Severrus Snape
Severrus Snape Day 2,186, 06:21

Interesting thing to read. I think eIreland has not yet used their RL potential for a BabyBoom, so we have chances for one, if the ones responsible for that work really hard promoting eIreland in their native country.
The thing I like about Irish military (Irish Army) is that it keeps bringing the community together.Though small army, every Sunday we have National Strike, where we all gather together and have the last thing they can't take away from us, some fun, which was not the case when I was in Macedonia (a larger community) this was very rare, we only gathered on channels for bigger wars..
So, eIreland, be proud! Our military is organized, as much as it depends on the commanders, representatives. They try very hard, because of them eIreland deserves success!!

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,186, 07:21

I agree, our military reached its maximum, but we have to work on propaganda after those strikes, there's still much place to improve there...our allies must know we're here, not many people follow battles anymore (I guess it's because they are so interested).

Zyber007 Day 2,186, 07:39


Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 2,186, 07:41

Nice article, eIreland is a great nation and it will always have my personal support.

I think Portugal, Ireland and France are nations with the same problems and should try to fix them together.
Doing things together is always better than trying alone

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,186, 07:43

I'd say we WAS in same situation, Portugal done great job getting new players, same as France did, we still haven't solved that "core" problem.

Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 2,186, 07:49

Portugal is 4 times smaller than Spain, Ireland is many times smaller than the UK and France is even in a worst position since Poland might be the strongest nation on eRep.

All 3 nations need to do a babyboom, Portugal had 6000 citizens in March and has been loosing citizens since then.
We just have good d1 and d2 thanks to our MUs that are top MUs worldwide in training players.

Like I said we can all learn from each other and help each other in everyway.

Those 3 countries fighting with organization can take down any country for some time.
Portugal "alone" managed to take the Spanish bonus for a longe time, and won all battles for a week, imagine if all 3 countries were fighting "as 1"

MBoro Day 2,186, 07:42

v 78

gospodin_haso Day 2,186, 07:43

CrΩmega is with you Ireland!

Blamzus Day 2,186, 07:50

CrΩmega is with you Ireland!

eHajduk Split
eHajduk Split Day 2,186, 07:52

CrΩmega is with you Ireland!

Punistick Day 2,186, 07:55

CrΩmega is with you Ireland!

T1nk3r Day 2,186, 07:56

I used my penis on my touchpad to vote this article.

M Osijek
M Osijek Day 2,186, 08:00

CrΩmega is with you Ireland!

Samodinamo1986 Day 2,186, 08:01

CrΩmega is with you Ireland!

Bela Rakosi
Bela Rakosi Day 2,186, 08:11

Well Don Croata is a provo with a beret and a gun
I haven't seen him lately he's always on the run
he looks so really trendy With his shoes and DM boots
Far cooler than those other leaders In ties and shirts and

The Brits and police all ask me Each time that I go out
They ask me if i've seen me Don and if he's been about
I say mind your own business Just leave me alone
You shower are only jealous You've no leader of your

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,186, 08:14


I never knew you have such good hidden skill. Use it more often please!

Bela Rakosi
Bela Rakosi Day 2,186, 08:18

Don't worry I know all from "The Star of Country Down" to "Foggy Dew"

Bad BIue Boys
Bad BIue Boys Day 2,186, 08:19

Foggy Dew is such an epic song..

I like Fields of Anthenry though

Bela Rakosi
Bela Rakosi Day 2,187, 00:01

Here is another one that has connection with 1916.

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