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Day 1,891, 07:49 Published in Pakistan Austria by Almandro
Hello ePakistan

After reading a welcome letter from your Country President, you should look around and get familiar with the game interface. Or even better, you should catch up with that along the way, while you are completing your missions. The mission icons are situated on the left side of the screen.

By clicking the icon, you will see requirements for completing each mission. After completing the requirements, by clicking on a mission icon once again, you will receive a reward. Go step by step and you are going to do it without any trouble. Lets do it with me…

Mission “become an adult” will be accomplished in a few days, when you reach 50 strength. You need to be an adult citizen in order to sell your goods on the market, use monetary market, vote etc. So leave it for now…

You could go to training grounds either through this link marked in red, or via MY PLACES, and after that you click TRAINING GROUNDS

Here is where you select/deselect training. Click on train and you are done.

Click on train and you are done.

And now you can complete your first mission

These are your next two missions

Instead of clicking GO TO MILITARY CAMPAIGNS or FIGHT, you could access battles by clicking WARS in the game menu. Then you will find yourself at screen showing all active campaigns. Click FIGHT button at any of them

And you are in the battle screen. This picture explains it the best

Fight and defeat 5 enemies. In the meanwhile you will get notifications about military rank up and level up

When you reach higher military rank you are rewarded with one energy bar and 5% bonus on your attack strength.

When you reach level up, you will get full energy refill, higher energy maximum and 1 gold. DO NOT SPEND THAT GOLD! You will need it later and it is not going to be given to you so often. Some levels will give you some new options, like joining parties etc.

This is not my work all credits goes to

I used his work because it was so well made better than what I could make as my job is to educate people of ePakistan this is a good article for starters.This is not the complete guide you can find that on this website

Thank you


CNA alekbarovic
CNA alekbarovic Day 1,891, 07:53

Nice tutorial! VOTE !

M.N.A Day 1,891, 08:11


Radenko Montana
Radenko Montana Day 1,891, 08:30


Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Day 1,891, 08:32

awesome o/

Waruda Day 1,891, 08:42


Axpaaz Day 1,891, 13:59

Voted o/

Cold Assassin
Cold Assassin Day 1,891, 21:36


Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,893, 02:35


St0L3n1 Day 1,893, 07:29

Totaly impressive work

Krushers Day 1,926, 11:14

good ... helped me alot

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