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BeachBunny in Kansas for Congress

Day 1,766, 21:38 Published in USA USA by BeachBunny

Who am I you may ask?

I am the current Congress Women to the great State of Kansas and i would like your vote again. I am a new recruit in the amazing MU ST6. I am also a Quarter Master for C4 MU as well as being the Quarter Master in the TU2RU Government Program. I am also the Quarter Master to the Political Party CvPP's food program.. I am also a eAmbassador to India. So i am very much involved in this game. I think that proves that i will take this privilege of congress very seriously.

I will always stand up to corruption. We have seen a lot of congressman this term using there power for evil. Letting in citizens from countries that we have deemed enemies of the country. We have had congressman diliberatly making it hard for the country to run by putting up stupid proposals and not allowing the country to get the money it needs to run its day to day operations. Now that wasn't all congressman of course only a select few. I promise to take this very seriously and with the utmost respect and Honor.
We have also had Congress Men and Women putting up rouge NE's which is unacceptable and could have caused many problems. Not just here in the eUSA but may have ruined relations with out allies. So Vote BeachBunny in Kansas on the 25th of September in the AMP and take a stand against corruption!

- I promise that I will serve the citizens and soldiers of Kansas with honor.
- I promise that I will remain active and will always be there to answer questions or with anything you may need to help further your eRep lives.
- I Promise that I will serve the eUSA with her best interests at heart.
- I promise to take a stand against the corrupt and wicked!

How is it you can help you ask?

Take a stand with me Citizens of the eUSA. Its time we take this country back. By voting for the AMP in the coming election you make my chances of being elected that much greater. So please vote AMP on September 25th. Our Country depends on it!




Candor Day 1,766, 22:05

This is a great Congress member and loyalist eAmurican!

Good luck BB!

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,766, 22:36

She is an awesome ambassador, active, friendly and a great representative of USA. Go BB!

ArawnLives Day 1,766, 23:07

eIndia endorses this bunny's bid for Congress. xD

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,766, 23:13

Good luck Beach Bunny! The people of ePakistan support you and wish you the best of luck and success in every endeavor of life! We support you!

ShockWavve Day 1,767, 01:39

eIndia requests to vote for Beachbunny

BugsBunnyz Day 1,767, 06:50

I fully support Beachbunny!!!!

She is a Awesome Congresswoman!!

UncIeDeD Day 1,767, 07:31

I will vote for you.

adrjo Day 1,767, 09:01


ChewChewShoe Day 1,767, 09:03

Excellent candidate, you have my full support.

o Gravy
o Gravy Day 1,767, 10:36

mmm kansas, GL 😛

Lonqu Day 1,767, 11:26

Heh. Full support. o7

hazelh Day 1,767, 16:10


Robo.Cop Day 1,770, 04:45

Got my vote BB once a fan always a Fan!

skatolo Day 1,770, 21:12

you have my vote beachbunny 😃

Feathaz Day 1,770, 23:19

You have my vote as well BeachBunny!

GamerWar Day 1,771, 01:11


BlackCherryDeath Day 1,794, 13:00

Uhhhhhh OOOk IM gonna vote fooooorrrrrr you.......mabey 😛

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