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Day 1,772, 20:33 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Shin Gouki

This article right here focuses on "Shodapan". I'm sure anyone who has lived closer to Lahore or urban and rural Punjab knows what a "SHODA" is. For those who don't, a "SHODA" is someone who speaks too highly of himself. Who tries to show off, whether it be by announcing his/her wealth, achievements or qualities. A "SHODA" is basically a show off who tries to take too much credit, basically all the credit. In RL Pakistani politics there have been alot of such characters. I, personally in my opinion, hate "SHODAGIRI". Why? primarily because i've been taught by my elders to work hard and let others be the judge and praise you. If you're too busy praising yourself and claiming glory, your work gets affected.

My Brothers and Sisters, this isn't an attempt to troll someone. There are a few people I can point this article towards, but this is an article which was written to remind us all to keep away from such a bad habit. Most of our ePakistanis comprise of the youth. You have a long way to go, you have a responsibility towards ePakistan and a far greater on towards RL Pakistan. Alot of expectations ride on our shoulders and we need to fulfill them.

Coming back to the topic at hand. Ask your self a simple question. Would it be more fun if you and only you praise yourself all day while others mock you for being too "SHODA" or would you want everyone to love you and praise you while you are humble and modest? I personally believe our role model in this game and the most humble and modest person in the game is raao bhai. I am deeply fond of his personality and I wish others follow him and learn from him. He doesn't need any introduction at all. Everyone knows him and respects him greatly. Why do we do so? Its because raao bhai is a great hero, a national treasure and an amazing person. He knows he is one and doesn't have inferiority complexes to start praising himself. Instead the world praises, respects and loves him. To all my "SHODA" ePakistanis, I'm sure you have done this and that and bla bla bla bla bla. I'm sure you have climbed mount Everest and a lot more. It doesn't matter because you're the only one praising your self and its not us. Don't feed your ego, strive towards excellence and let us praise you.

Pakistan Zindabad!



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Jazy28 Day 1,773, 09:39

lool Voted !!

Jugg3rnaut Day 1,774, 09:16

Great article..... Voted !!!!

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another nice article dude Voted

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