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Battlefield 101: How To Fight

Day 793, 00:01 Published in USA New Zealand by WahooBob
Battlefield 101: How To Fight in eRepublik
by wahooBob

Note: A few hours after I published this article, Admin also discussed some information and tips for new players here .

War is a very important thing in eRepublik. It helps people gain levels, it keeps the economy rolling, and it keeps people entertained.

To fight: you must be at least level 5, have at least 40 wellness, and there must be an active battle. To see if there are any active battles in our nation, just go to the "Military Information" page:

Here, you will see wars broken down into two types:

The first are regular wars. These happen when one nation attacks another nation. The country president is the only person who can make his nation attack. Sometimes you will see a battle in which the US is directly attacking or defending. Sometimes we will be fighting with an allied nation. You can fight from any state in the nation.

The second type are known as resistance wars. These occur when a citizen moves to a region and, for the right price, starts the battle. Resistance wars can only be started in regions that are not normally part of your nation. For example, a resistance war could be started in Karnataka because it was initially Indian; whereas one could not be started in Ohio. Citizens fight Green to "defend" the region, which would mean no change in the region's owner, or Red for "resistance" to return the region to the nation it belongs in.

Don't start a resistance war unless you have support in both cash and troops from a large government. You will just waste all your hard-earned money, like this crazy man.

Sometimes there are more than one battle open to fight in. It can be confusing to decide which battle most needs your damage. The government has established a Department of Citizen Orders which provides information on which battles are most important. If you are unsure which battle to fight in, you can find the Citizen Orders here:
You can hit subscribe to make it easy to find next time.

Once you are on the battle screen, you will see a small illustration in the middle with numbers, words, and a large red bar. This is collectively called "the wall" and it shows the status of the battle. Additionally, you will see a clock counting down the amount of time left in the battle, and buttons to fight. There will be one fight button in a regular war, and two (Green for defend, Red to resist) in a Resistance war.

The numbers along the side of the middle section are landmarks to indicate the height of the initial wall. The number in the middle on the red bar indicates the current state of the battle. If the number is above the middle section, it is positive and the defender is winning. If it below the "underground" line the number is negitave and the attacking nation is winning. When the clock hits zero, the position above or below the middle determines the final result.

But wait! What if the battle is in the middle when time is up? The battle then goes into a sudden death overtime. At the moment the red bar goes above the "secure" point or below the "underground" the battle is over. This can go on for hours until one side gains the advantage, or it could be over in moments with a strong final push.

To fight, simply click the large Fight button. Make sure to fight for the correct side if the battle is a resistance war. You will be taken to a page where you can see how much damage you did in the battle. Fighting will take away 10 wellness each time you fight. It will also use up one weapon from your inventory. Using weapons causes you to do more damage. The higher the quality level, the higher the damage. But, beware: the increase from no weapon to Q1 is much higher than Q1 to Q2. Q2 to Q3 is an even smaller increase! Q1 weapons are the most cost effective way to increase damage, and thus are the best choice for most fighters.

Click on the comic to see a larger version

You can get your wellness back by visiting a hospital. In the US we have three: Florida, California, and Karnataka. There will be a link to the hospital from the battle screen. To be able to use the hospital, you must reside in the region where the hospital has been built. A hospital will give 10 wellness for each quality level it is, so a Q5 hospital gives 50 wellness. You can only use a hospital once per day, and you can only use it after fighting at least once that day. Because high wellness is important to work productivity and battle damage, you should aim to use the hospital to bring your wellness close to 100. If you start at 100 wellness, you can fight five times (to 50 wellness) then heal back up to 100 before going to click work and train. If your wellness is, for example, 69, then fight two times (to 49 wellness) then heal back up to 99.


"I am below 40 wellness, how do i get more if I can't fight to heal?"
> You need someone to send you a gift to raise your wellness. Ask your friends, or contact this government organization:

"I don't see any active battles."
> Sometimes that happens. Be patient. Check back later in the day, someone may decide to attack then. If not, there's always tomorrow.

"I want to fight, but I can't afford weapons"
> You don't need to have a weapon to fight, they only increase the damage you do.

"But I want to do a lot of damage. Can I get a free weapon?"
> Ususally, no. Sometimes during important battles the government hands out free weapons on the US Forums:
You can also meet lots of interesting people and learn much more about the game there.

"I can't find the link to the hospital."
> The hospital is located on your region page. To get there, go to your profile and click on the name of your region. If you are in the US, but not in Californina, Florida, or Karnataka, you have no hospital. Contact the Welcoming Committee for a moving ticket.

"But I like my state better."
> Oh well. Hospitals are expensive, and having all the people in just a few states makes them easier to protect in an emergency.

"I can protect myself."
> Thats not a question, and neither were the last two. And no, you can't possibly defend your region all by yourself. You don't have a hospital.

"But I have a house. Will I lose that when I move?"
> Nope! You get to keep everything you owned, minus 2 wellness, when you move.

"Okay, fine. I moved to Karnawhatever. I forgot that first thing you said on fighting though."
> Still not a question, but check out this helpful guide:


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HELP FOR POLAND! Also we need your help in our RW !!!
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&quot;I can't find the link to the hospital.&quot;

See:- real life in the good ol' USA.

Kyle321n Day 793, 10:10

Another How to Fight article?

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 793, 11:21

Where did you get my photo?

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Nice job, WahooBob 😃

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Good stuff. Thanks.

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this is the best artacle ive read.good job you.

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Thanks for the useful info. 🙂

deutschermex Day 1,531, 10:45

Can somebody explain why I cant fight! I´m German, Bavaria is held by Poland right now, but I can´t participate in the battle field to attack Poland!! It says that I have to switch locations.

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