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Battle Orders Day 1872 [Unofficial]

Day 1,872, 06:18 Published in Canada Canada by chriswen

Introducing the unofficial Canadian Battle Orders.

It includes only MPP battles.

Fight for Turkey in Mediterranean Coast of Turkey

This is the second battle against turkey mainland. First was from the north attacking black sea coast of turkey. This is attacking force is coming south to take Mediterranean coast of turkey.

Other Battles (They're lost battles)

"No point in fighting lost battles except to finish your DO."
-Mary Chan

"Save your food and weapons"

India in Northern India

I think they're going to lose badly.

Fight for Ireland in Northern Ireland

78-21 They lost
86-24 (but it might have been a training war)

Argentina in Argentine Northwest

66-11 They lost

Turkey in Ha'il

1. It's a useless territory. (not connected to capital)
2. It's also not part of their main force.
3. They'll probably lose like every other MPP battle.

P.S (3 might apply for the other turkey battle)



Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,872, 06:25

No point in fighting lost battles except to finish your DO.

chriswen Day 1,872, 06:36

Good Point.

Added your quote.

stpolar Day 1,872, 06:49

I think Ireland was suppose to loose Northern Ireland, it's a training war.

TheSmoke Day 1,872, 08:58

So is it official, that this is unofficial?

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,873, 08:00

officially unofficial?

TheSmoke Day 1,873, 22:41


Chochi Day 1,874, 10:41

Things have looked so hopeless lately that rather than waste my damage on lost causes I've been trying to get my first merc medal. Getting close now.

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