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Battle for Congress KSA

Day 1,888, 15:32 Published in Saudi Arabia Israel by Venrick von Lucia

This is an update of our general situation and actions as well as a call to arms for the Citizens of eSaudi Arabia.

There is a very important campaign happening right now, and we need to win it so that we can have a congress this month.

This month we didn't have a PTO attempt in the Party President elections for the first time that i can remember, but i would like to remind everyone to always vote for the official candidate that is sponsored by our Arab government in Party Presidential elections. Ah Chuy Kak is still around and he wants to steal the office of Country President for the medal. He wants to win Party President so that he can nominate himself for Country President, but in our 1 party system, that basically means he would win Country President by winning Party President.

The Mentor Program is running, not to 100% yet but it's running, and the Baby Supply program has been supplying many new players. here are the records

As of today the baby supply program is on hold due to the fact that eGov hasn't loaded new stats in 4 days. but if you are in D1 and you want supplies just contact me and ask. The weapons for Warriors program is still there to supply D2,3 and 4 players who use Q7 weapons. Take screenshots before durring and after, in the way that this article says

I-G-D is running the weapons for warriors program so contact him for Q7 weapons, and again FIGHT HERE

Ah Chuy Kak has released a guide for new players that is basically a rip off of my guide you can see both here. here is mine:
and this is his:
Daniel Quayle says he coppied the middle part from eUSA. Ah Chuy Kak is probably the most dangerous and worst player in eSaudi Arabia right now, he is only releasing this copy of my article to try to get points with the young players. NEVER VOTE for Ah Chuy Kak. ONLY VOTE for the real candidate that our government supports. it is very important.

Right now we have a campaign that could give us a congress. Both eBulgaria and eSerbia will support us in this campaign and we need to make sure we win it so that we get a congress and show our strength.

I will try to get an Arabic translation of this article as soon as possible



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