Day 4,746, 00:53 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
You probably already know what this article is about. In anticipation for Plato’s birthday many of us stocked up on supplies, marked our calendars and prepared for a fun week. We were ready to tank to 60k, just like last year. We expected that Plato would offer some sweet new skins and lots of nice treats. Give the players something to celebrate as Plato turns 13. It’s his birthday after all and this community looks forward to a special weekly events. It’s what keeps the game fun and refreshing. It’s what they did last year.

Last year, we got this for the week of Plato’s birthday. It was fun, new and different. Some people thought it was a pride fest, but it didn’t matter. Few if any complained.

This year, we got this.

Plato we are disappointed, your community is disappointed in you. Our expectations are pretty low, this is a browser game; where you charge too much for packs, and promise features you never deliver.

Do you no longer care about the game? Could you not even bother to copy over last year’s weekly for the anniversary week?

Plato turns 13 on November 20th. This year we didn’t get a weekly, but at the very least, try and give something to celebrate on the 20th of November.