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Bad Jokes #1: Science

Day 1,836, 18:13 Published in Canada Canada by Internet Republik

This is mainly because I'm bored. I will be PERIODICALLY making new list of jokes to share. This time it will be science jokes, so enjoy them. If you find them BORON, don't get mad at me, all the good ones ARGON.

What do you do with dead chemists? YOU BARIUM!

Why are chemists great at solving problems? They have all the SOLUTIONS!

What does Uranium-238 say when he leaves the party? I GOTTA SPLIT!

Two atoms are walking down the street.
"I think I've lost an electron!" says the first.
"Are you sure?" asks the second.
"Yeah, I'm POSITIVE!"

That's all for this article, don't forget to keep your ION my newspaper for more articles.



TheBurningMan Day 1,836, 18:38

Is it bad that I found these funny?

Internet Republik
Internet Republik Day 1,837, 05:14

Well, they might be so bad that it makes them funny. 😛

Internet Republik
Internet Republik Day 1,837, 05:29

Hey, don't worry, it was a mistake.

Le Chatelier
Le Chatelier Day 1,837, 08:27

I am a chemist and I approve this.

chewytaz Day 1,837, 09:01

What do you do with a sick chemist?
If you can't helium, you can't Curium you barium ; )

Internet Republik
Internet Republik Day 1,837, 10:20

Nice one Chewy 😛

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,837, 11:37

Did you hear the one about the broken Pencil?

Nevermind, it's Pointless

Screw Science Jokes. 😛

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,837, 13:15

Needs moar nerd.

BattleSir12 Day 1,837, 18:16


Catapult Day 1,837, 22:13

A chemist, a physicist, and a biologist go to the beach. The physicist is intrigued by the waves, walks into the ocean to examine them and drowns.

The biologist is intrigued by the various forms of life, walks into the ocean to study them, and drowns.

The chemist is sitting on the beach with a lab notebook and writes “Biologists and physicists are soluble in water.”

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