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Hello to everyone, I read an article in the Hungarian press where they accuse romanian players/gov knew about future changes, and this was not the first one, I remember the one about the coup started right before the change from 200k cc cost to 1kk cc cost. I personally don't know about the coup, but I was one of those who create the plan for this resource event, and I want to state something, because I'm tired to see people accusing Romania of cheating just because we have good planners, diplomats and strategists (not telling about programmers stuff's).

This is the article, for those who didn't read it yet:

I like how hungarians do scenarios about admins and romanian players, in fact they are our historical enemy. 🙂 I personally made the plans how to set the new resources in core, because ro gov asked me to do so, I did the plans for the last resource event. Didn't had time to participate in the event very active, had time only to coordinate romanian army for 1 rare resource. The way how I choosed to set the resources it was a pure military strategy move, to set and have 2 regions, 4 very rare and 4 rare, in the middle of Romania, because less enemy borders, harder to be conquered.

Romania managed to get only 4 rare, without those 4 very rare. I found about the pollution forum post after the event started (I was not so active last month), we didn't modify anything in the initial plan, we tought Plato can't be so stupid to cut 50% from the base productivity with this pollution move, but maybe to cut the bonus region, so I guessed at that time would be maximum -15% pollution, regardless of the method of determining that tax named by Plato 'pollution'.

I know now, after 7 years in the game, Romania will be accused for cheating with admins everytime when they will make a good move (economicaly or militarly). At the time when Romania was erased for months, maybe for an entire year in EDEN alliance, erased between Serbia-Poland-Hungary, nobody accused Romania for cheats.

I know how administrators are reluctant in giving information at least to people that should respond to tickets in the Game Support department (I mean, neither moderators don't know such details). Also I bet future changes will change the new changes 😉

And as a last 'word', in my humble oppinion and from what I've seen in my last inactive month, this event was a random resource shuffle made by citizens, not by Plato 🙂 And shame you Romania for you good decisions and congrats for your bad ones.

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