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B-Labs - Pollution, Romania and Admins - my2c

Day 3,141, 12:56 Published in Romania Romania by elbandido

Hello to everyone, I read an article in the Hungarian press where they accuse romanian players/gov knew about future changes, and this was not the first one, I remember the one about the coup started right before the change from 200k cc cost to 1kk cc cost. I personally don't know about the coup, but I was one of those who create the plan for this resource event, and I want to state something, because I'm tired to see people accusing Romania of cheating just because we have good planners, diplomats and strategists (not telling about programmers stuff's).

This is the article, for those who didn't read it yet:

I like how hungarians do scenarios about admins and romanian players, in fact they are our historical enemy. 🙂 I personally made the plans how to set the new resources in core, because ro gov asked me to do so, I did the plans for the last resource event. Didn't had time to participate in the event very active, had time only to coordinate romanian army for 1 rare resource. The way how I choosed to set the resources it was a pure military strategy move, to set and have 2 regions, 4 very rare and 4 rare, in the middle of Romania, because less enemy borders, harder to be conquered.

Romania managed to get only 4 rare, without those 4 very rare. I found about the pollution forum post after the event started (I was not so active last month), we didn't modify anything in the initial plan, we tought Plato can't be so stupid to cut 50% from the base productivity with this pollution move, but maybe to cut the bonus region, so I guessed at that time would be maximum -15% pollution, regardless of the method of determining that tax named by Plato 'pollution'.

I know now, after 7 years in the game, Romania will be accused for cheating with admins everytime when they will make a good move (economicaly or militarly). At the time when Romania was erased for months, maybe for an entire year in EDEN alliance, erased between Serbia-Poland-Hungary, nobody accused Romania for cheats.

I know how administrators are reluctant in giving information at least to people that should respond to tickets in the Game Support department (I mean, neither moderators don't know such details). Also I bet future changes will change the new changes 😉

And as a last 'word', in my humble oppinion and from what I've seen in my last inactive month, this event was a random resource shuffle made by citizens, not by Plato 🙂 And shame you Romania for you good decisions and congrats for your bad ones.

Former XYZ'anything you want

Organize, dont't agonize! o7


Master_rg Day 3,141, 13:02


DacianI Day 3,141, 21:01

Fungary, cry me a river: mommyyy, Romanians took my toys !

Infatulus Day 3,143, 08:50

Ria Ria Gonorrhea!

Yellow in Budapest

I n f 0 r m e r
I n f 0 r m e r Day 3,141, 13:02


BLAGULA Day 3,141, 13:03

I see Hungary in Bucharest soon xD

Cipriannnnn Day 3,141, 13:24

cleaning toilets?

Flying Cangaroo Day 3,142, 00:50

Comment deleted

elodian Day 3,141, 13:31

no balls. just barking...

priviticeruI numa praz
priviticeruI numa praz Day 3,141, 13:04

Great article again


Flying Cangaroo
Flying Cangaroo Day 3,142, 00:49

perfect lies

Didei Day 3,142, 05:20

Oh I remember you ... another hungarian lowlife ❤

Mentalist de Bucovina
Mentalist de Bucovina Day 3,141, 13:05

Daca era pe inselatorie, le-am fi luat cele 4 foarte rare.

Sa fi vazut atunci ce spume la gura faceau :}

Soimu Patriei
Soimu Patriei Day 3,141, 13:06


Cipriannnnn Day 3,141, 13:06


Bogi Day 3,141, 13:06

"I know how administrators are reluctant in giving information at least to people that should respond to tickets in the Game Support department (I mean, neither moderators don't know such details)."

True story.

n0s3 Day 3,141, 13:55

Bogi. ♥

Murlockij Day 3,141, 21:47

Let's talk about the price of Moving Tickets;
The price was about 10-20 CC constant, in very long term since start. Until day of ~3060

The price is jumped to 30 twenty days *before* the announcement of Resource Wars event.
Again, the price is tripled weeks before the promise of change.
After the price is ~50 since

I can prove this, the logs are researchable the price history. The admins denied the accusation.

BUT This is pure evident of information leaked from the designers to the tiny group of players.
The coup's price changed to 100k ->1M same time of announcement.

Only one group started their coup in eWorld 10 mins before the changing in old less price.
Was in eSingapur, old dominion of romanian players.

Like you.

You said that was an accident.
You said we are not use leaked informations for better positions for Resources war, just you are frikkin pros.

Everybody was idiot, just you take bet to the better side regardless the official forum's misinformation


vladb Day 3,141, 22:07

As far as I remember ticket prices grew after a fb post by er and I think mist of the people thought that the new industry will create tickets so why not buy the finish product then.FB is available in most countries.

Joz76 Day 3,141, 22:18

You have wrong remember, the FB post have the 2nd price jump! But what is the first, before the FB post?

Murlockij Day 3,141, 22:33

No. Please visit the FB posts. Tha price jumped Before the posts FB, Twitter or anything.

And they announced a picture about Titanium. And the ticket price is changed. Logic, right. Ohh no.

Today we know, for the produce of anything need to travel between new Holdings. For this need a dozen of tickets, the consuption is triple.
Are you serious; the genius super players can make a conclusion ticket consumption from a picture of Titan?

VampireA Day 3,141, 13:09


szeku Day 3,141, 13:10

nem mosakszik, aki nem sáros 🙂

elbandido Day 3,141, 13:12

You know me, I know you. You know I don't know hungarian language, but you still write me in your language, this is lack of respect 🙂

Eheslo Day 3,141, 23:13

Ellenben te szolgálod őúket kápó, a nyomorult júdáspénzedért, töretlenül a sok sok általad vádelmezett jeticsicskával kéz a kézben.
Ezért, amikor a gazdáid ilyen tőlük is szokatlanul aljasan csalnak, nem pedig sunyiban, illene kushadnod és a bicskás haverjaid spamjait irtanod inkább.

A kutya nem hisz neked kápó.

BaKaRaS Day 3,141, 13:13


manasel Day 3,141, 13:13

yellow in budapest!

rubno Day 3,141, 13:17

"... we tought Plato can't be so stupid to cut 50% from the base productivity with this polution move..." - you said it all.

Yamisuke Day 3,141, 13:18

y u so cheater, adminland elbandido V:

luka III
luka III Day 3,141, 13:18

there were admin leaks over resorce wars, i dont know just how much was leaked

Jordic69 Day 3,141, 13:27

There have been tons and tons of leaks over the time. People who knew before the rest of the world that an event was coming, battles doing weird things with the bars and the percentages...

But hey, they had to say their part obv.

Raul Doru
Raul Doru Day 3,141, 13:50

... and because it doesn't suit you, it has to be false...
how about USA, who'll have 200% bonuses?! also cheaters?! because of USA - Romania good relations in RL?!

Jordic69 Day 3,141, 13:54

@Raul Doru , I don't care if you are cheating or not, I'm just not buying a word of what's written here. I base my decision on passed experiences. You should not care of what my opinion is.

I don't know what are you talking about the US. They have a huge amount of regions, I don't see it as something fair, but I'm not gonna make an article out of it.

Raul Doru
Raul Doru Day 3,141, 14:26

you don't know, you don't care... but you hurry to blame others, for what you don't know and don't care... just because it suit you. based of an troll article. good job!

Jordic69 Day 3,141, 14:28

@Raul me not caring does not make it less obvious. As said, u can say whatever u want, I'm just not buying your cheap arguments we all have seen enough world to believe those stupid things xD

PeVall Day 3,141, 13:20


Comisarul Moldovan
Comisarul Moldovan Day 3,141, 13:21


o7 banditu'

MrBogdan Day 3,141, 13:39

Yellow in Budapest!

Zamolxe din Dacia
Zamolxe din Dacia Day 3,141, 13:40


TTAUS Day 3,141, 13:41

" In el bandido we trust. " o/

Flying Cangaroo
Flying Cangaroo Day 3,142, 00:15

because he knows every leaks on time!

King Trito Fisher
King Trito Fisher Day 3,141, 13:46

am votat

totMarius Day 3,141, 13:55

Comment deleted

Arrlo Day 3,141, 14:05


Black Panther II
Black Panther II Day 3,141, 14:06

I will come back in 2 days check if Plato endorsed your article with 50 golds

let's see xD

Dacnemuritor Day 3,141, 14:13

iar ne-a facut jocul Plato , ne-a pus ungurii vecini !

Nicolae Crefelean
Nicolae Crefelean Day 3,141, 14:35

I don't care about suspicions, accusations and whatever else. What I do care is that after such a long time, Plato still can't do these apparently simple things:
1. define and publish the rules in time, so the people can plan properly;
2. DON'T change the rules soon after they've been published, affecting all the planning!

This resource battle event was something with a very high impact in the game. Playing with something as important as this, it no longer matters if ANY country gets an advantage. What's clear is this still happens and it will (very) likely happen again.

"This sucks more than anything that's ever sucked before."

Complaining about some players and their country doesn't fix the real problem, which is eRepublik Labs.

Nicolae Crefelean
Nicolae Crefelean Day 3,141, 14:36

By the way, if they actually leaked the information, it's still their fault. So stop complaining about anything else than the root of the problem.

The5thElement Day 3,141, 14:46

Adminlandia FTW!

`nuff said. 😉

Prophet009 Day 3,141, 15:00

You don't have any of the 4x very rare resources that's true. If I would cheat I would take all 4 of them at once. Why to bother with cr*p 😛

Ah. i forgot. Thanks for correcting our 2 mistakes with neodymium and wolfram. Who would know that RO will help PL 😉

ionutzd Day 3,142, 01:26

there are 2 countries I would hate to have very rare resources 😁) and you're not one of them 😁

That's what I repeat over and over again... RO made a plan to put 2 very rare and 2 rare resources in only 2 regions inside Romania, to be able to protect them much easier ... we got 0 very rare.

All the "inside info" helped us give very rare resources to Pakistan, Georgia and Ukraine ... pretty stupid cheaters 😁))

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