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aVegan for CP

Day 1,929, 09:41 Published in Belgium Egypt by A Vegan

Hello everyone!

For the last time (never say never) I will run for CP of our glorious eNation.
So it's now or never! That is why I ask all of you to give my dream of a united eBe a chance.
Lets stop pointing the finger to each other and instead learn to work together.

Lets create a warm community again and stop the exclusion. This game should be fun for everyone!

More information:

My introduction
My goals
Some examples
My government



BelgiumGeneral Day 1,929, 09:45

Good luck : )

Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Day 1,929, 09:48

Voted ! Good work

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,929, 11:16

not voted

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Day 1,929, 12:16

So, your last time but you also say never say never..I`m not following you...Sorry

Kaad Day 1,929, 12:47

There's no work here, you are using past articles...

Not serious enough to become CP

Kaad Day 1,929, 12:47

However good luck

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,929, 12:48

serious enough to re-use well thought ideas

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,929, 12:47

You never know. For now it is the last time but who knows maybe next year i change my mind. Don't know what's hard to understand about that..

Kaad Day 1,929, 12:49

Your mind shouldn't change but the country sitution yes

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,929, 12:57

everyone can change their mind, no shame in that i would call it normal. as a rule i don't trust people who think absolute..

Kaad Day 1,929, 13:02

So than we agree 😉

Aries Sun
Aries Sun Day 1,929, 12:57


SwaqqCoryn Day 1,929, 13:48

Good luck ! You have our support.

Genesis X
Genesis X Day 1,929, 13:51


boer jan
boer jan Day 1,929, 16:07

voted, good luck

Kylero Day 1,929, 18:17

I support A Vegan, H.O.P.E., and its allies. A Vegan for CP!

Gatsby18 Day 1,929, 21:55

Good job. We are with you !

Jofroi Day 1,929, 22:53

Good luck.

Olv007 Day 1,930, 01:42

I'll vote for Boer Jan

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,930, 03:16

Good luck ! You have our support.

shadowukcs Day 1,930, 03:21

Good luck, I vote AV!

Jammy17 Day 1,930, 05:15

Good luck you have my vote !

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,930, 05:41

Lazy candidate and a candidate that is found by the supreme court as a PTO threat.

Avegan is not president material. Vote AVegan if you support a PTO of the country.

shadowukcs Day 1,930, 06:55

The above poster, Konrad Neumann, is a german Congressman and enemy of CoT. Surely if the enemy says this candidate is bad, he must be super good.

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,930, 07:00

Are you a foreign policy noob or something, most of German MPP's are with CoT members and Germany is a pro CoT country. So continue your lies and your lust to destroy the eBE forum and constitution.

Taking about enemy's of CoT, maybe you should ask HOPE members like lin0lium about his views of CoT...

shadowukcs Day 1,930, 07:07

why must foreign congressmen continue to meddle in our eBelgian affairs? Isn't it strange and sad at the same time how foreign officials try to influence our NATIONAL election

Nohjis Day 1,930, 14:00

Fear, makes you retort to insulting people for having another nationality ? Just when I figured you couldn't sink any lower

shadowukcs Day 1,931, 06:55

oh look, it's another foreigner coming to interfere in our national election

Olv007 Day 1,930, 12:31

Just one comment. This "foreign" person did more for eBelgium in a couple of months then aVegan in his entire elife. Just saying...

Tensa Zangetsu san
Tensa Zangetsu san Day 1,930, 05:47

Voted. This is H.O.P.E.

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,930, 07:33

despite what you think, please do not throw mud, let's keep this campaign clean

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,930, 08:25

no vote

SwaqqCoryn Day 1,930, 08:53

Comment deleted

SwaqqCoryn Day 1,930, 08:54

You already said that... There is no need to repeat such pointless comment as "voted" or "no vote".

tommot Day 1,930, 10:29

Comment deleted

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,931, 04:23

This "deleted" display is really troubling^^

O.d.i.h.n.i.t.o.r.u.l Day 1,930, 09:55

I will vote for Boer Jan...way better choice for the welfare of all eBelgium. Think about it, this is the same guy that said that hes gonna be the last time he runs for CP , but he also said that never said never... And also he always state that the forum has no role in this game...He will rule this country alone , without taking in consideration any other opinion. A live under communism...I believe in the people of Belgium, I believe that they gonna take the right decision. Anyone who will vote for this guy will regret. Babyboom...take care about what you want...The gold comes and go.

lin0leum Day 1,932, 02:52

nihil the prophet!
libertarian communism for every household and neigborhood!

lin0leum Day 1,932, 02:51

do not vote paras' clique. do vote a vegan!

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