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Aunt Ariyan is here! "Interview" with the special one!

Day 1,802, 12:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Thomas765

Hello there, eUK!
Okay, so the next interview is a bit of light-hearted humour from the one and only Ariyan, aka Fagyan. He is currently the CP of Iran, a country which is currently facing EDEN member Turkey.

Our relationship with Iran...
For the past five or so months, we have not been in the same alliance as Iran after Iran ejected itself from ONE earlier this year and decided to join forces with EDEN. Prior to that, however, we were allied with Iran for many years, with members of their community coming over to ours to settle, such as Prince of Persia at one point and recently fagyan. They joined ONE in December 2011 at the same time as us and faced the same, perpetual wipe from a former ally that we had to endure.

On the map: Iran

Let’s get the “interview” going!

How are you on this wonderful night, bro?
I was a bit mad because of something happened in game, went out , banged 2 girls to calm myself ! guess what ? it didnt work ! came back home and start screaming at everyone i could 😃 you are lucky you werent around 😛

What's your opinion on EDEN, as you've had to get deep within them lately?
They arent bady bady guys ! you can find some kewl ppl there . They care about sth i personally dont give a shit .
sth like CPs decision. its above everything ! i’m wonder wtf is HQ for 😑

What's your opinion on China, a country who is helping you out right now?
They have a kewl CP, atra in short. he is decent guy, He will be my favorite CP if he changes side :3

What do you think of Iran's shift to pro-EDEN earlier this year?
Tbh, i dont like changing side ! but the question is , what do you play this crap for ? grief or pleasure ?
What do you fight for ? own virtual interest or have fun with friends ?
I personally dont even care about virtual stuff ! why should i do ? will Taina comes out for a dinner with me if i conquer the whole eworld ?

What is your opinion on CTRL?
Self trolling alliance xD

Do you feel that the next tranch of alliances will finally moved to 3 blocks, or are we doomed to polarisation?
I guess Turkey will change side again, Since they are not accepted in the other side , they will try to build a new alliance with USA ( they always wanted to rule an alliance and always failed in that ) and they will fail again .
3rd alliance will never comes around . I tried that after PHX died and realised it wont happen at all .

Who would you say are the greatest eRepublik players ever?
Hard to answer But i’d point at real BattalGazi (not this new owner) Kistru , LcfR , Clueless , Arrlo (His loyalty to EDEN is worth more than any award is ) , romool , keks-n, chebbba and Keers .
I should mention Jazar too, we together gave trolling dignity .
If trolling is an art you should call us antonio da vinci and ariyan van gugh !
These new trolls are pain in da ass, they dont even know the basics -.-

What was the best moment in eRepublik history in your opinion?
Traditional answer to this question should be sth like “ my marriage “ .
the awkward moment when you realised i got married like 5447862834 times xD

What do you think of the UK?
uUu TUP uUu

Who do you admire on eRep?
eRep economy advisor! He makes money out of nothing! Gives you some pixel and number as gold and get your real money and by take a quick look at ingame economy to understand his/her knowledge of economy, you can easily say my grandma is pure genius!

Cider, Beer or Vodka?

Tea or Coffee?
Tea and cake? SUX
May i get hot chocolate?

Favourite place in the UK?

Favourite colour?

Iain Keers or Dan Moir?
I see what you did there

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Interview with ariyan!

Coming up soon!
A short interview with former Polish CP, Marvin!

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Thank you for reading!



Persia Guard
Persia Guard Day 1,802, 12:58


fagyan Day 1,802, 12:58

uUu TUP uUu

Ooops, wrong article

I n f 0 r m e r
I n f 0 r m e r Day 1,802, 13:11


GregoryG Day 1,802, 14:36

Ariyan \o/

Niemand Day 1,802, 14:45

Rakija & black indeed.

Iran please join the dark side. (;


Arrlo Day 1,802, 15:14

This ariyan is cool guy.

little baby
little baby Day 1,802, 15:33


Nenya Day 1,802, 15:33

i'm here to biatch on all arround ariyan : P

you didn't get that for now hahahha

BIagota Day 1,803, 02:59

Wtf??? he didn't mention me at the greatest eRepublik players ever?
This is fake interview :😁

I n f 0 r m e r
I n f 0 r m e r Day 1,803, 03:01

o7 😃

AMIRKABIR72 Day 1,803, 03:09


ChewChewShoe Day 1,803, 05:40


_Taina_ Day 1,803, 05:45

Very nice interview , I've enjoyed it a lot 🙂

FARZAD SAGHAR Day 1,803, 06:10


PersianEzrail Day 1,803, 06:17


Fronteira suI
Fronteira suI Day 1,803, 06:26

the best place in UK shetland of course:)))

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,803, 07:13

I like reading these interviews, keep it up! : )

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,803, 07:59

huhu Fagyan ^^ missed the old good time too 🙁(( so much 😕

(ps: ready for a FB poke's fight??? ^^ )

fagyan Day 1,803, 08:32

i'm always ready for that war mom

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,803, 09:00


Persian Apex
Persian Apex Day 1,803, 09:02


fagyan Day 1,803, 09:04

shure woldy , pink is !
i shall call you the queen from now on 😑

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,803, 09:06

fine by me~~~~

megahack Day 1,803, 09:19

interesting :‌P

Majid.esf Day 1,803, 09:27

V & S

RogerCrew Day 1,803, 11:04

lool , ariyan seems to be a cool guy!! well im a newbie and just trying to figure stuffs out and what is happening 😛


antrak Day 1,803, 12:32


satyricon27 Day 1,803, 12:35


pejmaaan Day 1,803, 12:35


DIABLORD Day 1,803, 12:36

بابا ول کنین این مصاحبه ها دیگه خز شده!

Hossein M
Hossein M Day 1,803, 13:29

hey Ariyan \o

Durruti Day 1,803, 15:12

No mention, no vote : x

fagyan Day 1,803, 15:14

why on earth should i mention a bought account ?

Durruti Day 1,803, 15:16

So true. You win : $

Thomas765 Day 1,803, 15:17


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,803, 15:23

tsss mine is a pure virginal account and u didn't mentionned me too :'( ..... tss i'm sure Jazar paid u !!!

fagyan Day 1,803, 15:26

you are my mom , you dont need to be mentioned ! all i have is belong to you

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,803, 15:51

:3333333333 i can kissnutt' u then without making my efag ebrazilian ehubby angry xDDDD

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