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Attention Independant Voices !!!!!!

Day 763, 07:28 Published in Ireland Ireland by binksy

Hi All

Now firstly edena sorry about this but it needs to be said.
And while im here congrats ur doin a great job 🙂 .

Now to the point.

I notice there are very very few of us running for congress.
I would like that to change today.
Ask any congress member it is not rocket science just voting and helping ireland when you get right down to it.
There is nothing to be afraid of lads and ladys.
And i know personaly there are ALOT of you that would be great in congress.

So plz sign up help your country to grow help your party to be heard.

<a href="http://"><a href="http://">

All the best



Edana Savage
Edana Savage Day 763, 07:33

Sometimes it needs to be said more than once. No offense, Binks. 🙂

binksy Day 763, 07:44

<a href=";feature=related" target="_blank">[..]ated</a>

this was menan to be in there bit it wont let me

Darragh O Faolain
Darragh O Faolain Day 763, 07:50

As a confederation of independents I always depend on the IV line-up as a store of talent and activity (with a few exceptions, as always). Therefore, I don't think how many that runs is important, to what I concieve the IV philosophy to be.

Teutorix Aleria
Teutorix Aleria Day 763, 07:53


I was missing you, thought you left.

Harrilal Day 763, 07:59

I'll be getting on my feet after Christmas (new job and such). So, I decided not to run this month just in case it is a heavier workload than expected.

However, by mid January, things will have fallen into routine. So you'll see me running in the next congressional elections. I just don't want to run when there is even a small possibility that I have to resign. Just isn't fair to the people and fellow congressmen/women.

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